Hosting Your First Instagram Live: 9 Tips to Guarantee Success

Apr 29,2020 by Admin
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If you are planning to go live on Instagram anytime soon, then you need to learn how to do that well so you can feel good about it. Using the tips below will help you make sure your Instagram Live is the best it can be. It helps in promoting your brand in a definite way through Instagram marketing. Feeling confident about your Live is key.

Hosting Your First Instagram Live: 9 Tips to Guarantee Success

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Why You Need A Live Streaming Strategy

In the age of video, having a video strategy is the key to success. But more important than just posting a video on YouTube or Facebook, is live streaming. Why? Live streaming is the best way to create engagement and build more personal connections with your followers. When followers tune in, they get to see the real, unedited version of your brand. They can ask questions and get them answered in real time. It’s a simple and effective way to connect with your followers.

Here are a Few Tips to get Started with Your Instagram Live-

1- Prep Prep and More Prep

Before you go live, one of the Instagram live tips you need to use is to think about what you are going to discuss. Make lists of all of the things that you want to talk about and prepare for it as much as possible. Plan your topic and the format you will use, and you will feel ready to go live.

Think about what your followers want to see and try to give them something that is applicable to them. Learn more about the followers before you pick the topic and format, such as how old they are and whether the majority of them are male or female, and then go into the live with them in mind.

2- Promote Your Live

Promote Your Live

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The point of going live on Instagram is for people to see it, and you need to promote the live well ahead of time so your followers will know when to be on the app. Post promos in your Instagram stories and on your page. Share a bit about what the topic will be for your Live and get people excited about it.

Start promoting the Live as far as a week or two in advance and keep reminding your followers that it is coming up so they will get excited about it. Try to make the promos as attractive as possible so people will want to make time in their day to watch the Live. Plan the Live for the right day and the right time, as well, so that your followers will be free to watch it.

3- Get Familiar with the App

It is good to familiarize yourself with the app and how it works before you do the live. You can learn by watching other people do live videos on Instagram or by exploring the app on your own. You can read up on how to use the app and what features there are in the live videos, and you will want to research this as much as possible so you will be prepared when you start the live. Make sure you know how to use it well so that you won’t make any mistakes when you are live and so you won’t be nervous about doing it.

4- Nailing the Live-  Be Clear About the Purpose of your Live

Be Clear About the Purpose of your Live

Source: Techionix

You need to do several things during the event to make it successful, and one of the first things to do is to pin the video title. This way your viewers will know the purpose of the video in case they join late.

5- Address your Viewers

Being friendly and welcoming to all of those who tune in to the video will make it feel more personal. Personalization is the key. Welcome them to the live, by name if possible, and give the viewers a shoutout. A great way to do this is by shouting them out when they ask a question. Don’t forget to thank you viewers for tuning in as well!

6- Keep the Content Coming

Make sure you have some good content ready to share with the viewers and keep things going once you get started with the video. Make sure they stay engaged by putting as much information and good content in the video as possible.

7- Appear Relaxed and Confident

Stay  relaxed during the live session. People will be able to tell if you are stressed out, so loosen up and have some fun as you are doing the live to make everyone feel good about tuning in to it. It’s hard but sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it!

8- Include a CTA

Another thing that you need to do during the live is to have a good call to action, and you need to figure out how to insert that without making it too obvious. You can thank the viewers for tuning in at the end of the Live and then exit it.

9- Save Your Live

The last thing that you need to do is to save your Live session when you are finished with it. You will want to be able to look back on it, and your viewers can watch it after it is over, as well. You can feel good that you made it through at this point, save it, and then plan for your next Live.

Going live on Instagram is a great way to promote your brand, and you just need to know how to do it well so you will make a good impression on your viewers. When you are careful about what content you put out there during the live and are very engaged with the viewers, you will make a good impression on everyone. You might even enjoy doing the Live and look forward to the next one.

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