How to use Instagram Branded Content Tools for Your Business

Jan 12,2021 by Admin

With over 500+ million daily active users, Instagram is the crown ruler of social media platforms. 

But wait, what about Facebook?

Well, true, Facebook has the numbers, but Instagram has quality and engagement. 

Also, Instagram is one platform amalgamating influencers and marketing together, forming a fierce social media marketing weapon in the digital market, Influencer Marketing.

It has the unrivaled attention of users today, and that is why the platform is growing immensely. Moreover, the engagement rate achieved on Instagram by influencers averages 1.67%, the highest of all. 

Hence, for digital marketers, investing in Instagram branded content tools is imperative for brand awareness and customer pool expansion. 

So, what is Branded Content?

Before we talk about branded content tools on Instagram, you need to know what Branded Content means. 

You’ve seen your favorite influencers posting images or videos that say, In paid partnership with XYZ brand. Well, in layman’s terms, that is called Branded Content. 

Instagram describes Branded Content as “A creator or publisher’s content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value (for example, where the business partner has paid the creator or publisher).”

The brand compensates the creator for brand endorsement, disclosing the brand-influencer partnership publicly through Branded Content. 

Simply put., any post published by an influencer or a creator commissioned, sponsored, or paid by the brand is branded content. 

Branded Content for Jaspers Market Instagram

For example, the above post is a Branded Content for Jaspers Market. Any sponsored post in your feed is a classic illustration of Instagram branded content. 

However, you need to note that Instagram requires creators and publishers to tag the business partner/brand in their branded content posts if there occurs an exchange of business value. Tagging business partners ensures transparency when influencers and brands collaborate.

Moreover, it is necessary for marketers to understand the difference between Branded Content and paid posts. At this time, Instagram doesn’t allow creators to promote Branded Content. 

But business partners can promote a creator’s post, and it falls within Instagram’s ad format requirements., the latter can set up an account via the Ads Manager. 

What are the benefits of Branded Content?

So, why do brands invest in Branded Content?

The answer is because such posts naturalize their products and services for a wider audience pool. 

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When brands invest in Branded Content, they want users to experience it. Such posts upscale product knowledge within the follower group, starting a chain effect. While influencer marketing relies on the trust and belief users have in their creator, Branded Content extends beyond it., getting your product in the feed of people who don’t even follow that influencer. 

Then comes targeting! 

Every product has a target audience (age, gender, interests, and geography). Now, it is unlikely that all the followers of an influencer match your target audience demographics. That means your posts aren’t only limited in their reach but goals too. With Branded Content, you can target a particular audience group, reach more people, facilitate more conversions, and boost sales. Brands, along with influencers, can create the best promotional posts that garner unlimited customer attention.

Then comes a frictionless shopping experience. Social e-commerce buying allows users to buy products as and when they like on social media, making shopping an easy and hassle-free process. Branded Content functions as shoppable tags, ensuring a seamless and smooth buying experience for all users. 

What is Instagram branded content tools?

Since social media buying holds a promising potential for brand sales, Instagram, to help make brand-creator partnerships more flexible, have created tagging features while offering deep insights about such posts on the platform through Instagram branded content tools. For influencers, paid partnerships are a huge advantage to their authenticity and social image, thereby expanding their brand portfolio. 

Instagram provides brands and creators an opportunity to work together and gather attention to its products/services. This symbiotic relationship between a brand and a creator ensures product marketing in an affordable and mellow way. 

With Instagram branded content tools, it becomes easier for general users to know when a particular influencer post is in partnership with a brand. Such tools allow creators to tag the brand, work as brand ambassadors, and solidify their reputation in the market. 

All in all, branded content tools from Instagram add clarity and efficiency to online collaborations between brands and influencers. It assists both brands and creators, promoting a win-win concept. 

Who all are eligible to use Instagram Branded Content Tools?

Not every Instagram account is allowed to use branded content tools. 

To get started with Instagram branded content tools, you will first have to meet its eligibility standards. 

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The following points detail whether you’re eligible for such tools. 

  • Creators who have a public business or publisher account
  • Content creators who have a significant following and an authentic presence on the channel
  • Content creators who comply with Instagram’s guidelines
  • Creators who aren’t government officials
  • Creators who don’t have any stacked-up policy violations associated with their page
  • Creators who have genuine followers 
  • Creators who share reliable and accurate information

Once you meet all the above-stated guidelines, setting up your account to use branded content tools from Instagram will be a cakewalk. 

How to set up Instagram Branded Content Tools for Creators?

For influencers and content creators, the following steps will help tag businesses in branded content posts.

branded content tools

Step 1: Accessing branded content tools on Instagram

  • On Instagram app, tap Menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Branded Content Tools.
  • Select Get Tools.

Step 2: Tagging brands in your branded posts

tagging brands in branded posts

Once you added branded content tools to your account., tagging brands in your post doesn’t require much brainstorming.

After editing & uploading the image and scripting a caption for it, go to the Advanced Setting on the app. Select Tag Business Partner, enter the name of the business you want to tag in the search box, select the business name, and voila! 

Now, brands or business partners can also promote your post in their toggle switch. 

Always remember that only business partners pages approved by Instagram flash in the search box. If the page isn’t in verse with the channel’s guidelines, you cannot tag them. Once the creator has added the brand, they receive a notification and can review post-performance insights. 

How can brands use Branded content tools from Instagram? 

For brands and business partners, using Instagram branded content tools is a little tedious process. First, they need to apply and then follow some simple steps to start using these tools. 

Step 1: Apply for Facebook Brand Collabs Manager 

For reviewing post insights, brands need to set up Brand Collabs Manager account. This tool from Instagram allows business partners to review post tags, search for content creators in their niche, and create branded content ads on Instagram from the tagged posts.

Facebook brand collabs manager

Brands and creators can apply for Brands Collabs Manager too. Post page submission, Facebook will review your business account. Once approved, the brand is added to its Brand Collabs list.

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As mentioned before, the Brand Collabs Manager details insights and performance of all creator tagged posts. Select insights from the left menu and review metrics like impressions, engagement, reach, and demographics. For branded content stories, view actions as taps forward, taps backward, and story exits.

brand collabs manager

These insights help decipher whether your collaboration was a success or not. You can know more about the target audience, their residence, age-group, and use these results to market products/services to those customers. 

Step 2: Find Branded content tools on Instagram 

  • Go to Menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Business 
  • Click on Branded Content Approvals

Step 3: Review of Branded Content Tags 

Business partners can allow, remove, and view branded content tags in their settings at any time. Moreover, brands can select between manual approval or automatic tagging as well.  

list of partners branded content

In your branded content settings, you can see a list of approved business partners. Tap on the approved creators’ list to search or add more profiles.

Step 4: Remove Branded Content tags from a post

removing branded content tags

If you want to remove any business partner tag, then follow the steps:

  • Go to your Activity Page 
  • Click on Branded Content
  • Select the post by clicking on the three dots on the right 
  • Select Remove Tag
  • Confirm Tag removal 

Step 5: Promoting Branded Content as Ads 

Follow these steps to promote Branded Content as sponsored ads on your page. 

  • Go to Facebook Ads Manager > Ads Manager > Create an Ad 
  • Pick an objective for your ad- brand awareness, improved reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales, and store traffic. 

promoting brand with facebook ads

  • Choose the target audience, placements, budget, & schedule.
  • Click Use Existing Post> Branded Content.

creating ad for instagram

  • Preview your ad and click on Confirm.


Ever thought why Branded Content does so well in the market?

Because it encompasses a natural setting, showing life-like people, endorsing and naturalizing the product for real customers. Such endorsement ideas, along with Instagram branded content tools, work wonders for creators and brands.

With the growing prominence of influencer marketing, more and more brands will invest in Branded Content., connecting with macro, micro, and nano influencers depending on their target demographics.

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