There is no doubt that the technological evolution in the last few years have made it extremely difficult for the e-commerce and retail sector to predict the swiftly changing customer expectations. Along with this, new technology advancements have given birth to a number of digital firms posing competition in the market. Today’s customers crave personalized, integrated, and a holistic shopping experience and they are not going for anything less. There are no favorites for customers today. The company that offers a stupendous service level threaded with high-end technology and advanced solutions is going to win the customers ultimately.

It won’t be wrong to say that the retail and e-commerce industry is on the verge of a major operational shift and every business owner is looking to jump on this digital wagon as soon as possible. Other aspects such as the burst of data and connected devices, cloud-backed service, digital channels, and state-of-art software made infrastructure are also sliding retail sector towards a transformational phase.

Many e-commerce businesses today require effective business models, advanced applications, flexibility, and eco-system driven approach. Cyfuture’s extensive retail prowess and vast experience help the e-commerce and retail businesses to win back customers, experience high customer loyalty, fight off competition & price sensitivity, eradicate frictions and elevate customer satisfaction to the maximum. Cyfuture redefines your consumers’ shopping experience, whether online or in-store, with digital technologies, and by integrating social data with market intelligence and carrying out specific analytics to provide rich, contextual insights.

The unique Cyfuture touch that percolates all the way down to the point of purchase cultivates brand loyalty and streamlines operations.


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Digital and analytics

Cyfuture provides a comprehensive set of products and solutions that help e-commerce and retail companies to sustain growth with the adoption of advanced technology and dynamic customer needs. With our digital & analytics services, we plan and create elementary channel components of businesses’ digital technology that boosts their transformational process and helps them become next-generation ecommerce and retail players.

Application Services

We ensure to provide an unparalleled array of application and development services that ease and smoothen the digital-led business transformation of e-commerce and retail enterprises. Our services are provided by experienced engineers with stupendous expertise in empowering digital transformation of companies. From marketing to customer engagement to business process, efficiency and customization, our solutions encapsulate everything associated with your digital transformation journey.

Infrastructure Services

There is a humongous gap between present-day IT and IT a few years back. With so much digitalization infused, customers are now strong and have quite high expectations from business’s IT division. Cyfuture’s infrastructure services help the retail businesses to become safer, resilient, service-driven, and provide an impeccable level of customer experience.

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Business Process Services

Conventional business models are of no use today. They just limit the companies’ ability to adapt to the changes that are happening around. To sustain in the dynamic technology environment and offer excellent performance, Cyfuture’s business process service will come handy. Our remarkable Business Process Services accelerate clients’ move towards operational excellence and excellent SLAs and aid real-time decision making. We help our clients to predict business outcomes and manage risks, and offer them best-in-class end-user experiences.

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Finance and Accounting (F&A)

Leveraging our talented pool of F&A specialists, Cyfuture smoothly manages the millions of invoices generated in retail businesses, and streamlines accounting and compliance reporting.

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For a productive and effective running of business processes, Cyfuture offers technology such as cloud bases SaaS (software as a service), process-centric services like mobile & high-end visualizations, along with remote infrastructure handling, and customer computing assistance.


Cyfuture’s cloud solutions help the e-commerce businesses to run cost-effective operations, attain flexibility & scalability, offer an excellent shopping experience to the customers, enhance POS (point of sale) and maintain a perfect communication between the departments.

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