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The dynamic and erratic technological environment today has compelled businesses to innovate continuously in order to remain competitive. They need to evolve continuously in order to future-proof their business while sustaining profitability in a competitive world. Digital innovation, customer experience, distributed platforms, and the need for automation characterize the need in today’s scenario.

All this can be made possible with an experienced and innovative partner that not only understands the nuances of industry and your business but also helps provide customized solutions which can leverage new technologies and methodologies for win-win relationship. Cyfuture provides solutions to the sophisticated business challenges by amending the technological panorama in conformation with the latest market trends.


The cyfuture edge

We understand the need for customized solutions suiting businesses and hence we strive to deliver customized, scalable and agile applications loaded with latest technological advancements and seamless integration capabilities.

Cyfuture brings in depth experience of developing, maintaining applications across enterprises including Fortune 500 companies and offers innovative, scalable, robust end to end custom solutions. Our robust IT strategy initiatives and technology expertise backed by deep industry knowledge help you achieve the competitive advantage.

Cyfuture has been serving businesses across several sectors by doing a thorough analysis of the project, testing & checking the implementation and performing the integration of the systems. Business-centric software such as Java and Microsoft are the base for our business application services. We have a team of deft professionals that provide stable, flexible, and highly sensitive business applications that are boosted with a robust architecture and coherent integration competence. All this is done keeping the latest technological frame in mind.

What's the impact

Businesses that availed our application services leverage on trimmed operational costs, mitigated risk, enhanced ROI, and swifter response. All these merits will set the course for your business towards the attainment of profitability and enhanced customer, employee and partner experiences.

Our Services

Application Development Services

No business craves for a pure-play application today. Instead, what businesses seek today is an application that has enhanced personalization, real-time customization, and superior connectivity.

The entire scenario of application development has taken a steep turn and that has cast an impact over the manner in which businesses select their IT partner. Today, technologies such as open source tools, automation, packaged solutions, and SMAC are playing vital roles in fulfilling the wish chart for the businesses of every industry.

Cyfuture, by understanding the complex business requirements of our clients, offers next-generation enterprise applications that keep them ahead of the competitors in the market. We help organizations achieve efficiency, effectiveness and experience from our approach in building and managing custom applications on variety of technologies including Open Source, Microsoft, Java etc., using multiple platforms like native, hybrid, cross platforms using multiple languages, CMS, frameworks.

Key Differentiators

  • Comprehensive Application development Services
  • Deep Domain Knowledge and Industry Expertise
  • Better and quicker business value
  • Exceptional cost optimization

Our gamut of application development service includes

Application Support and Maintenance Service

Did you know that approximately 15-20 % of the cost incurred in application development is spent on the maintenance of the software?”

So, you definitely do not want to spend separately on the maintenance of software. Cyfuture understands the pain of business owners and hence strives to provide exceptional Application Support and Maintenance Service. Our diligent professionals collaborate with you to understand your business, processes and applications and offer your business an uninterrupted maintenance and support by curtailing the operational costs via our onsite-offshore models. Our application support and maintenance services help enhance application stability, lowering support costs and trigger continuous service and quality improvements.

Cyfuture has garnered prowess in rendering consistent patches and systematic assessment that prevents any possibility of application downtime.

Key Differentiators

  • Lower maintenance cost and increased performance
  • Deep Domain Knowledge and Industry Expertise
  • Results driven

Our stack of application support and maintenance services include

  • Application Monitoring
    & Maintenance

  • Application &
    Product Support

  • Production

  • Development &

Application Modernisation

With Innovation and rapid adoption of technologies that steer digital disruption in modern day enterprises, the time tested application logic and capabilities need to undergo modernization to enable seamless user experience and streamlined processes. The legacy applications will fail to deliver the KPIs of modern businesses and hence change becomes imperative.

Application modernization at Cyfuture reengineers business processes, making them more responsive and agile and that too at a reduced cost. We help you make the most of the legacy applications by improving its usability, longevity and accessibility.

Our Application modernization services address the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business. Our greatest strength is our ability to address problems of multiple technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, unsupported systems and Web capabilities inherent in the legacy systems keeping the business philosophy intact.

Key Differentiators

  • Dependable outcomes that help you get more out of existing systems
  • Increased agility and profitability
  • Improve processes over long-term by cutting costs and disruptions.
  • Retain customers and create new markets.

Our proprietary tools and methodologies carefully assess your application portfolio to decipher the best approach.
Our application modernization services include

  • Legacy

  • Cloud Assessment
    & Migration

  • Application Portfolio
    Optimization (APO)

  • Enterprise Intelligence
    Hub using Big Data

Application Testing

Cyfuture provides assurance to the businesses that their systems, applications, platforms, and products perform as per the specifications.

Our testing services spread across the depth and breadth and span through a variety of applications, digital technologies and industries delivered to help increase business performance and enhance productivity. Our innovative testing services coupled with deep industry knowledge help reduce costs and maximize the ROI from QA and testing.

In house capabilities and specialized testing expertise at Cyfuture include functional /non-functional, specialized testing and test automation across mobile, web and cloud that helps customers achieve edge over traditional approach.

Key Differentiators

  • Improve time-to-market by following a structured testing process
  • Lower costs by leveraging economies of scale
  • Better insights and lower risks
  • Higher overall end-user satisfaction

Why Us?

  • Ensuring business continuity boosted with digital innovation
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Industry Standard Methodologies
  • Result Oriented

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