One of the most crunching and paramount strategies a business has to make is while migrating the workloads to the cloud environment. Cyfuture takes cloud migration as a roadmap (technologically lit) between our client’s present and desired state. Our time tested migration solution utilizes the best mix of rich and vast experience, tools and processes to ensure a cost effective and risk free transition with minimal business impact.

While you may be considering delegating your workloads to our cloud environment (public, private, or hybrid) there are aspects such as risk downtime and cost that need attention. Any business before migration has to be assured of a time-tested and methodical path to the cloud environment. Cyfuture provides you with the latest technology and tools that are created to ease the process and save ample of your time & efforts.

By availing our resilient and highly scalable cloud migration services, you can migrate your business workloads (virtually of course) from any source you desire. This will enable your business to start enjoying the benefits that are associated with hybrid cloud within no time. Our and application expertise and infrastructure coupled with automation eases out the entire migration process and helps you achieve the desired ROI rapidly.

The salient features of our cloud migration service include:

  • # Automated tools to ease the migration
  • # Reliable on tight migration windows
  • # Design and migration best practices
  • # Trimmed downtime
  • # Reduction in operational costs by 40%
  • # Structured migration of physical and virtual workloads
  • # Security setup and documentation covering the change

Why us?


Non-Disruptive Cloud Migration

Zero disruption migration services by Cyfuture ensure smooth running of business. This is facilitated by our proactive and vigilant migration services that happen within an approved maintenance window.


Flexibility and Scalability

We deftly adapt to the business conditions of the client to ensure that the change management is smooth and the migration is hassle free with requisite flexibility and desired scalability intact.


Innovation Focus enterprise

Our agile and experienced cloud experts help you adopt the cloud faster. You can focus on innovation and maximizing your competitive capabilities

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