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Indigenously Built

The first-ever enterprise-grade video-conferencing application built completely in India. Leverage Cyfuture's robust resources, secured with the latest Firewall and Antivirus for advanced protection.

Seamless Streaming

Multiple ISPs make it easier to seamlessly deliver content to end users. With data centers at multiple locations, you are guaranteed high-quality, seamless streaming at all times.

Meet From Anywhere

Bringing together professionals from all around the world, Cyfuture's global network makes it easier to connect with people, irrespective of where they are located. A working internet connection is all it takes to setup work desk.

Special Host Control

Suspicious your meetings are being spied upon? Now with special host controls, choose who gets to participate and who doesn't. Alternatively, mute audio, video, add and kick unwanted elements out from meetings.

One Tap Join and Leave

With Cyfuture Team Meetings, tap into the unutilized resources. The entire application is web-based, so meetings turn out just fine, without needing any extraneous applications on your phone or computer. One-click sharable link adds to the convenience of inviting members.

Host Events, Invite, Educate, and Train
One-stop solution to all your problems.

Group Video Conferencing

Unlimited Webinars
With Cyfuture team meetings, your webinars won't end abruptly in the midst. Keeping in mind our commitment to deliver excellence, we have not capped streams with disconcerting time limits. You can continue hosting webinars until it meets all its intended objectives.

Individual Video Conferencing

Raise/Lower Hands
We know how annoying it might get with people constantly barging in the middle. Having faced ourselves, such petty problems, we decided to incorporate raising, lowering hands to make meetings more amenable. The host can then cater to such requests as and when required.

Video Conferencing Screen

Unlimited Participants
Not only is there unlimited session time, but also unlimited participants. Now you would no longer need to merge two different sessions because the meeting exceeded the allowed number of participants. Even with a large audience, events are extremely easy to manage.

Individual Video Conferencing

Adjust Video Quality
We found out the meeting could do with adjustable video quality provided at the end of the participants. Hosts should generally stream video of high quality to ensure the contents delivered are clear and easily perceived. The not-so-active members or members with slower internet connection can reduce upstream quality to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available to run stream.

Inbuilt Chats
Resolve Problems Faster. Get Instant Feedback. Moderate Events.

To make notes accessible to all members, Cyfuture Team Meetings has an inbuilt chat screen. Chat comes handy when hosting events with a large number of participants.

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