With robust business growth expected to continue for the travel & hospitality sector, several travel brands who want to seize the new opportunities opened up by social media proliferation are investing in rising technologies. Cyfuture excels at providing these rising technologies in expertly curated solutions that have resulted in rejuvenating customer experiences for our clients, thus increasing repeat business and propagating excellent word-of-mouth publicity.

To put the tremendous opportunities in perspective, global travel business gross bookings reached $1.6 trillion in 2017, qualifying this as one of the most important and quickest growing sectors with a global presence. A strengthening world economy lies at the center of this humongous business growth in travel & hospitality. Each year, the worldwide ‘wanderlust’ pool of people is flooded with many new economically affluent citizens from emerging as well as developed markets, which is understandable due to rising disposable incomes.

This spells a boon for hotels, airlines, restaurants, and service providers within the travel & tourism industry. The digital technologies that are shaping the sector’s outlook encourage healthy customer experiences so that companies can shore up their returning customer base. Cyfuture delivers tailor-made digitization solutions to every client so that they meet challenges and opportunities head-on, driving innovation and exploring new prospects around the world!


Digital and analytics

Although Travel companies understand the relevance of flexibility and innovation that comes with digital transformation, these firms find it tough to respond to the dynamic technology environment. With our valuable insights, expert advice, and robust tools, we help business organizations to sustain the IT modernization with ease and affordability.

Application Services

Our application and development services help travel and hospitality companies with simplified and hassle-free digital-led business transformation. Cyfuture holds a team of deft engineers who ease the digital transformation process by taking care of business process, customization, performance, and marketing tasks.

Infrastructure Services

Technological evolution has completely changed the way IT operations used to be handled a decade back and today. Travel organizations require to get abreast with the transformation and also cater to the swiftly changing expectations of the customers with accuracy. With our service, travel and hospitality enterprises become much secure, agile, service-oriented, and capable of offering unmatched customers experience.

Business Process Services

The travel organizations need to overcome the shadow of traditional business models. The older and conventional business models do nothing but challenge the firm’s competency to response to the technological transformations. Cyfuture presents an unmatched range of business process services that maintain the performance and persuasiveness of business in the uncertain technology climate, and also offer an impeccable customer experience.

Finance and Accounting (F&A)

It is not easy to look after the thousands of invoices and other funds when your company is fighting or trying to cope with the digital transformation. Cyfuture with the help of diligent experts offer you a comprehensive range of financial and accounting solutions.


To ensure that the travel and hospitality companies remain efficient and persuasive, Cyfuture provides state-of-the-art technology like cloud-based SaaS (software as a service), services such as high-end visualizations, and remote infrastructure management solutions.


Cloud technology makes data accessibility extremely conveniently to the end users. For the travel and hospitality industry, offering user-friendliness and stupendous customer experience is a must. For this, Cyfuture’s cloud solutions not only maintain a perfect communication between the departments but also offer a consistent security of data.

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