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Cyfuture stands out as a premier provider of Business Process Services, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique business requirements. As a leading BPO company based in India, we excel in delivering a range of business process outsourcing services including back-office solutions, finance and accounting, multichannel customer services, research and analysis, business process services consulting, e-commerce support services, training and development, and human resource outsourcing.

Our expertise in Business Process Services is evident in our ability to handle tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complex operations of your business. We leverage our proficiency across various domains to enhance revenue, reduce costs, and drive growth through innovative solutions.

Cyfuture specializes in Business Process Outsourcing services, employing cloud computing and automation to streamline your back-end operations, thereby reducing manual processes and labor costs. Our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness, benefiting diverse institutions including financial bodies and wealth managers.

Outsourcing with Cyfuture not only optimizes your back-office processes but also paves the way for future expansion, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency. Our customizable BPO outsourcing services are designed to deliver exceptional solutions and tangible results, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking effective business process management services.

IVY Edge

IVY edge business process services

I - Introspection

Analyzing your business processes in depth is crucial for enhancing efficiency. This involves listing and defining each part of your system to evaluate pros and cons, a crucial step for BPO companies like us. We specialize in Business Process Services in India, focusing on tailored solutions and continuous improvement. Our expertise in business process management helps optimize workflows and drive productivity, making us a top BPS company committed to delivering value-driven solutions.

Key highlights:
  • Consumer insight gleaning from feedback databases

    Consumer insight gleaning from feedback databases

  • Transaction status & order fulfilment tracking in real-time

    Transaction status & order fulfilment tracking in real-time

  • Service delivery quality & cost trade-off analysis

    Service delivery quality & cost trade-off analysis

  • Financial metrics observation & routine reporting

    Financial metrics observation & routine reporting

  • Asset management & infrastructure maintenance

    Asset management & infrastructure maintenance


Cyfuture's focus on enhancing Business Process Services in India extends to improving or replacing legacy processes that may have become outdated. This approach is central to our BPaaS offerings, aimed at reducing operational costs while boosting efficiency. Through consolidation, streamlining, and automation, Cyfuture adds value to business processes, making us a top choice among Business Process Services providers in India. Our expertise in business process management services ensures that your workflows are optimized and aligned with industry best practices, driving continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Key highlights:
  • Better customer retention with faster service provision

    Better customer retention with faster service provision

  • Increased security for business-critical information

    Increased security for business-critical information

  • Higher returns from investments in infrastructure

    Higher returns from investments in infrastructure

  • Improved profits through leaner system architectures

    Improved profits through leaner system architectures

Y - Yield

At Cyfuture, we leverage improved systems to enhance your business's ROI and financial metrics, elevating service quality based on the proven successes of the IVY process. As a well-established BPO company in India, we prioritize business continuity by meticulously analyzing each process. This approach allows us to pinpoint bottlenecks, eliminate redundancies, and address shortcomings, ultimately maximizing yield and delivering accelerated service, cost reductions, and improved customer satisfaction. Our expertise in Business Process Services and management ensures sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Key highlights:
  • Updating processes in line with latest industry outlooks

    Updating processes in line with latest industry outlooks

  • Emulating best practices adapted to your unique business

    Emulating best practices adapted to your unique business

  • Setting up a strong platform for future growth & diversification

    Setting up a strong platform for future growth & diversification

Cyfuture's Business Process Services not only ensure immediate process efficiency but also drive long-term improvements through advanced algorithms and intellectual insights. With deep domain knowledge, consulting expertise, and industry-specific focus, we empower enterprises to thrive in dynamic environments. Our strategic alignment of BPS with your business goals fosters growth, while our global service delivery network (onshore, near-shore, and offshore) optimizes costs and enhances revenues.

We understand the challenges of enhancing customer experiences while optimizing costs and increasing revenues. That's why we collaborate with clients to develop innovative solutions, driving efficiencies and delivering sustainable value. As a leading BPS company in India, Cyfuture combines functional expertise with a client-centric approach to achieve shared success.

Back-Office BPO services for transformative business solutions

As a premier BPO service provider in the country, we help you reimagine back-office BPO solutions in a digital setting, driving performance, and securing process gaps between customers, suppliers, partners with automation. We employ business insights to improve process platforms.

Optimizing your Back-Office Efficiencies:

When your back-office operations are secured, you can deliver a better front-end experience. We are one of the best business process outsourcing companies, helping businesses to offer industry-leading client experiences and forging their reputation in the market.

Improved Agility and Scalability:

When you outsource your BPO services to us, you need not worry about system integration. We have ample experience in the domain to have been functional in a competitive environment for quite some time. That said, being one of the high end BPO companies, we provide you with the right expertise and native automation so that you can scale your business into new markets with better solutions, innovative answers, faster operations, and friction-free navigation.

Specialized Services and Expert Insights:

We commit ourselves thoroughly to study your business and deliver better margins. Our dedicated team takes control of your business process, evaluate, optimize, and perform better than before. Our core activity knowledge and reputed clientele is one reason why Cyfuture is a renowned and primal name amongst the top BPO companies in India. Our assistance will chart your course on the path of success and profitability.

Data-Driven BPO services that deliver better outcomes

Being one of the leading BPO companies, Cyfuture offers BPO services powered by cutting-edge technology and expertise. Our business process services are all about efficiency through a streamlined process and implementation of new technology. As your BPO call center, we will conduct a business process analysis, identify the pain points, bottlenecks, and wasteful steps, and apply industry-proven automation technologies and labor-saving enterprise management skills.

Out high-end approach is one reason why we are a well-known leader in the list of the top BPO companies in India. We’ve helped small, medium, and large business to lower operational costs and increase productivity by offering highly skilled, highly motivated, and high performance staff, furthering our mission beyond staffing.

Back-Office Solutions

Our BPO outsourcing solutions help can efficiently manage a surplus amount of data and transactions without committing any errors. We offer a holistic array of back-office support BPO services with our data prowess, knowledge about leading technologies, and solution boosters to ensure profitable and positive business results.

Our back office BPO services include:

Sustaining an impressive and unshakable business growth depends on précised and systematized data. Despite the Paramountcy, keeping a measurable track of your data is not only tiresome but also a costly affair. Data processing is tedious and any delay in it may profoundly cutback your business revenue and impact your customer loyalty adversely. Hence, business owners are now opting to outsource data entry services to a proficient and renowned vendor.

Cyfuture, a leading data entry service provider, helps your business to make apprized decisions, escalate overall productivity, and in particular, save data entry expense. Our data entry solutions are incomparable, timely, and accurate that help your business in accomplishing elevated customer retention, accelerated customer loyalty, upheaved long-haul revenues, and upheld growth.

The wide range of data entry services offered by us include online, offline, logistic, image, manual, copy paste, document, document management, directory, invoice & billing, product, and application form solutions.

For any business, the process of data mining is extremely crucial. This never ending function of exploration and apprehension digs out the meaningful arrangement in the clutter of data available to your business. Recognizing the hidden patterns and analyzing the relatable implications help a business to unfold prevalent market trends, forecast future opportunities, drive revenue, and trim the operational cost. For this, businesses across the world look to outsource data mining solutions.

Cyfuture, being one of the preeminent data mining companies, offers an extensive array of:

  • Web data mining
  • Image data mining
  • Word and Excel data mining
  • PDF and Open Source data mining
  • SQL data mining
  • Social media data mining
  • Data mining consulting
  • B2B database creation and list building
  • Contact information data mining
  • Email list data mining

Our competent experts would develop a firm correlation between factors like competition, customer demographics, economic parameters, product positioning price, etc and would determine their impact on your business objective, sales figures, and customer experience. So, if you are in the pursuit of standard and precise data mining outsourcing, Cyfuture is where your search ends.

With every purchase, inquiry, social media post, and customer engagement, loads of data pour in that need to be managed in an orderly manner. Not just handling, but businesses also require to analyze and generate useful information out of the data to make a nimble action plan. Handling the data management practice at an in-house facility requires recruitment of qualified, experienced, and skilled experts that would cost you a good capital investment. So, availing data mining solutions from an illustrious vendor is what a wise business owner looks for.

Cyfuture offers you an unmatched data management outsourcing service that would help you to effectively handle data, develop & manage precise reports, create dashboards, and handle alerts to cater to the diverse requirements that range from regulatory compliance reporting to MIS reporting. Being one of the premier data management companies, we process and administer raw data on a regular basis so that you can get your focus back on mission-critical business functions.

In this world of advancing technology and swiftly transforming business models, every company has to be extra cautious about its supply chain management. Ultra-modern tech has empowered the customers of today to select from a plethora of order and delivery platforms. In addition, the sophistication of global supply chains and increasing expectation from every phase of the order process have compelled the businesses to avail the custom order management service.

Cyfuture is a notable name in providing order management solutions to businesses of various industries. Our order management services help businesses to streamline their supply chain and order delivery channel and also aid in enhancing the sales cycle and elevate the revenue accordingly. We provide custom eCommerce order management to companies that look to accomplish cost-effectiveness, timely deliverance, increased customer engagement, trimmed error occurrence, and superb decision-making.

Digitalization has moved the world from paper to PC, laptops, and smartphones. Our document digitization service helps your business to go completely paperless and fully digital. We have competent and dedicated experts who will digitize your business’s data of audio, textual, image, periodicals, books, card, and video forms into any preferred format that can be stored on any platform or media.

Back Office Solution Services
Finance and Accounting Services

Finance and Accounting

Our BPS finance and accounting services cover all sorts of traditional and non-traditional financial services. We incorporate high-end technologies like RPA, AI, and analytics to solve all your finance and accounts related woes. We strive to deliver optimum and qualitative results that spread the good word about your business. Our BPO services cater to the confused customers of yours and provide them with the necessary details and solutions.

We carefully partner with businesses to improve their financial performance through:

Cyfuture offers the best Invoice processing services to clients ensuring frictionless and paperless management. Our superior solutions eradicate the need of manual and paper-based invoice processing and trim the number of touches per transaction. You won’t require to re-key the information as all the documents can be routed automatically between departments.

Whether it’s about offering an unparalleled IT support to your employees or providing uninterrupted assistance to your offshore team, Cyfuture delivers an impeccable and an ace level of help desk solutions. Businesses require a proficient team, up-to-date technology, and vast experience in the domain to provide the high end IT support to their employees. Help desk outsourcing enables a company to do all this at an affordable price range.

Cyfuture hires, trains, and retains the best professionals in the industry to bring the scalability issue of our clients to its knee. Additionally, we utilize up-to-the-minute technology to offer hassle-free and swift assistance to your employees through all the available channels. Our diligent agents ensure to record data from each conversation in order to make the process better and increase the saving for your business.

Contracts are not just the passive documents of your business. Actually, contracts are the assets using which your business trims risk, attains adherence, make better revenue, and digs out opportunities. The sophistication level may differ from contracts to contracts. Some of them might be simple while others may too complex and interlinked with other contracts. Handling such crucial documents and updating them is a professional job that every business looks to do perfectly.

Cyfuture, a renowned contractor management company, offers 360-degree assistance and vision of your contract portfolio. Clients avail contractor management services from us owing to our proficiency and dexterity in the domain.

Your company’s data is invaluable. A few minutes of disruption in your company’s data could end up like a million dollar loss for you. Security, accessibility, analysis, etc are some of the major issues that get the business owners to look for an efficient database management company. At Cyfuture, we believe in offering cost-effective solutions to our clients 24*7*365. We have certified database administrators that have far-out domain expertise and prowess in Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server.

Optimization of routine services like vendor management, catalogue management, negotiations, contracting, day to day purchasing etc.

The management of vendors (in multiple or a single location) becomes an arduous task. However, this should stop the business owners like you to expand your operations. Vendor management services are the facilities that businesses avail to improve their efficiencies and smoothen their expansion plan.

Cyfuture provides you with comprehensive end-to-end vendor management solutions right from the selection of qualified vendors in the local area while keeping a single point-of-contact

Customers are the reason you are in business. Once acquired, it becomes even more significant to nourish and take special care of your customers. Acquiring a new customer is always more tiring and costlier than retaining an existing one. This is why enhancing the customer experience through a progression of strategies so as to increase the engagement level and lifetime value becomes such an essential element for your business.

Cyfuture’s customer retention services optimize the tactics to involve your customers in a lasting relationship with your business. Our wide range of customer retention solutions includes up-selling, cross-selling, analytics, consulting, social media strategy, omnichannel assistance, promotion, etc.

BPO Call Center Services for Customers

Rewarding and remarkable customer experience is what we excel in. We offer unparalleled customer service across multiple platforms, growing and improving their experience about your business. Our multichannel customer services and efficient customer experience management assists in your business growth, increasing your sales and revenue figures, improving sales funnel, and escalating revenue quotient.

Our customer service solutions include:

Customer Experience, nowadays, is a key differentiator that defines a company’s success. With our comprehensive suite of customer experience services, we help you to enrich your customers’ experience.

Cyfuture’s process outsourcing teams are keenly adept at web-enabled processes: - Order management
- Billing query handling
- Email support
- Chat support
- Market research
- Product promotion campaigns

Our innovative advisory, global operational delivery capabilities and contact center technology help to optimize contact center operations and thereby facilitate better customer engagement.

Our multichannel Customer Interaction services helps businesses earn loyal and happy customers. Call center services at Cyfuture are an intelligent mix of integrated domain knowledge, analytics and transformational technological solutions that enable effective customer engagement and build everlasting relationships.

Across both sides of the communication channel, Cyfuture has established its credentials in handling inbound processes professionally:

  • Customer support
  • Technical help desks
  • Inquiry handling
  • Call answering
  • Toll free services
  • Product information requests

In addition to the gamut of BPO call center services above, we offer end-to-end multichannel services across communication methods like voice, e-mail, chat, social media, SMS, Virtual Assistant, IVR, fax, website, mobile etc.

By adopting the Cyfuture IVY approach to increase the rate of customer acquisition and retention, our clients experience unprecedented customer base growth and capitalize on improved sales processes that enable cross-selling and up-selling to established as well as newly systematically targeted customer bases.

Our veteran customer service processes cover all facets of traditional BPO:

  • appointment scheduling
  • information verification
  • soft lead generation
  • customer surveys
  • telemarketing
  • third-party verification

Customers are the reason you are in business. Once acquired, it becomes even more significant to nourish and take special care of your customers. Acquiring a new customer is always more tiring and costlier than retaining an existing one. This is why enhancing the customer experience through a progression of strategies so as to increase the engagement level and lifetime value becomes such an essential element for your business.

Cyfuture’s customer retention services optimize the tactics to involve your customers in a lasting relationship with your business. Our wide range of customer retention solutions includes up-selling, cross-selling, analytics, consulting, social media strategy, omnichannel assistance, promotion, etc.

Multichannel Customer Service Solutions
Research and Analytics Services

Research and Analytics

Two things that drive business is research and analytics. We devise new ideas and resources to enhance your business operations and achieve an edge over competitors. Our years of expertise in the domain enhances your BPO services beyond comparison. Our analysts help in identifying the key areas that need revamps.

Business process services consulting: Being one of the renowned business process outsourcing companies, we can handle every minute and huge business operations while you can focus on the core responsibilities. Rather than getting stuck with repetitive tasks and functions that are slowing your business, turn to an adept BPO outsourcing company to help you overcome the obstacles you face. We can address every issue with your system and replace them with efficient and supportive elements.

Our focused analytics address existing concerns or explore new areas for expansion through:

  • Data accumulationData accumulation
  • Comprehensive researchComprehensive research
  • Latest analytic toolsLatest analytic tools
  • Value chain insightsValue chain insights
Delve deeper into Data Analytics here

BPO Call Center Services for E-Commerce Support

Our innovative methodology can take your e-commerce business to new heights. We can handle the back-end operations and customer support portals for your e-commerce business so that you can handle noteworthy procedures. As one of the top BPO companies, we are more than trained to handle all sorts of customers in a streamlined and satisfactory manner.

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Business Process Services Consulting
Ecommerce Support Services

Ecommerce Support Services

Add panache to your ecommerce business with the innovative Cyfuture IVY methodology that analyzes, appends and improves your existing processes to make them streamlined and ever more profitable. Cyfuture business process services expand your footprint and increase steadfast customers by delivering vital differentiators in the ecommerce industry.

Our IVY approach helps to:

  • Maintain marginsMaintain margins
  • Boost profitsBoost profits
  • Garner new customer basesGarner new customer bases
  • Improve aftermarket servicesImprove aftermarket services
  • Provide after sales supportProvide after sales support
  • Induce repeat businessInduce repeat business

Get the first-string Ecommerce Support Service from us today!

Training and Development Services

Our business process services include knowledge programs that mold employees into executives and persuasive dealmakers. Our professionals can conduct training for employee on-boarding, bolster their talents, and impart our valuable insights to become better problem-solvers. Our development programs cater to the needs of all sorts of employees, empowering them to become better professionals.

Training and Development Services
Human Resources HR Outsourcing

Human Resources Outsourcing

Being one of the prominent BPO companies in town, we understand that the business process is not a one-time exercise, it requires regular attention. Our goal is to continually work on processes and workflows, and identify the steps that need improvement. We spread a synergistic partnership to all your employees. From technical engineers and programmers to back-office staff, we can take charge of all the steps, monitor the results of the new process, manage workflows, and incorporate technology where it will be most effective.

Our business process solutions offer benefits like continuous improvement, increased efficiency, increased effectiveness, and reduce operating costs.

  • Ensuring adherence to employment laws
  • Branding your business as a modern employer
  • Incepting a tested and technology-backed HR program
  • Handling Payroll
  • HR Administration

The people in your company can make or break your brand image, so it is quintessential that you keep a special watch on who you are recruiting. Generally, business owners get involved in hiring so much that they get distracted from the mission-critical tasks of the company. On the other hand, ignoring the talent acquisition process can also lead to low productivity.

The sweet spot to this dilemma is hiring a competent vendor who can help you get the exact candidates you are looking for. Cyfuture, with its astounding performance record and complete know-how of the domain, identify, attract, and bring top talent for your company. We also provide a pay-for-use option and a dozen other tailor-made solutions that would meet your diverse business demands perfectly.

Cyfuture has deft law and business professionals who along with their in-depth knowledge, vast expertise, and sound skills provide an unparalleled policy formation and enforcement solutions to our clients.

If you want to conduct frictionless seminars or want to verse your workforce with esteemed certifications or just want to conduct regular training sessions to hone the skills of your experts, contact Cyfuture. We have a first-string track record in providing the best assistance to the businesses of all sizes in arranging and managing training schedules, certifications, and seminars.

There is a heap of efforts laden on the HR or accounts department to execute the Payroll process without a glitch. A minute error in the payroll process can create a vast complication in your business finance. Now, an in-house facility can take care of the payroll process but due to other works in-hand, this business function is sometimes overlooked or done casually. This is where payroll outsourcing companies step in.

Payroll outsourcing is done by a majority of businesses due to the convenience, saving, and stress-free environment it offers to the owners. Cyfuture is one such company that has gained immense prominence in providing impeccable payroll assistance to the businesses. Our solutions are offered in direct adherence to the tax and labor laws.

In the world where ambiguity is the second name for doing business, you simply cannot leave the most critical aspect of your company, recruitment, casually. Getting the right person at the right price is itself a tedious task and organizations often look down to recruitment process outsourcing companies for a helping hand.

Of course, you can do it internally too, but the stress and pressure of interviewing and shortlisting so many candidates may become frustrating and expensive for you. When you outsource recruitment process to an eminent name like Cyfuture, you can relax and concentrate on your core tasks. We have vast industry experience in providing the best talent to the businesses as per their customized needs.

If you still are not able to find the service you need, reach us and we’ll help you create an altogether customised and mutually profitable offering.

Redefine Operations with one of the best Business Process Outsourcing Companies

Cyfuture is a highly lured BPO service provider in the country, recognized for its intelligent automation solutions that offers clients with smarter implementations and helps achieve key business benefits.

We follow a systemic approach to optimize business processes so that it runs smoother, be more productive, and achieve more in less time. We capture the essence of your business and implement processes focused in that direction only.

  • Implement the best business practicesImplement the best business practices
  • Enhance the overall operations and expand into different marketsEnhance the overall operations and expand into different markets
  • Keeps costs low by optimizing processes for higher productivityKeeps costs low by optimizing processes for higher productivity
  • Introduces solutions that allow you to keep a track of employeesIntroduces solutions that allow you to keep a track of employees
  • Incorporate customer feedback into service deliveryIncorporate customer feedback into service delivery
  • Networking onshore and offshore centers for better communicationNetworking onshore and offshore centers for better communication

A BPO service provider that helps make better business decision, faster!

Cyfuture is a Cohesive Confluence of Capabilities

Key Differentiators business process services

Our Vertical Landscape

We offer companies with expert and professional BPO call center services. Our splendid experience in a multitude of sectors makes us the perfect fit for your business.

Banking and Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services

- Cyfuture aids your financial services business in meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding customer expectations at the same time

- Throughout the value chain of financial services, Cyfuture contributes to maintaining stable and dependable operations with robust back-end and front-end systems

- Our contact center management provides customer support across varied functions like retail banking, Know Your Customer processes, and credit line tracking

- We enable end-to-end consumer lending procedures from borrowers’ eligibility verification to foreclosure & bankruptcy proceedings

- Cyfuture aggregates a wide range of BFSI process tools that can be applied in varying configurations to strengthen your position vis-a-vis your competition.

telecom services


- Cyfuture communications management delivers improvements in user experience with adaptive service delivery channels

- Our back-end fortification assures dependable uptimes of networks and focused dissemination of value-added services

- We enable companies to increase their scope of telecom services to capitalize on new opportunities like content delivery

- Cyfuture leverages experience of customer lifecycle management to retain as well as attract customers to our clients’ fold

- Cyfuture is also well-positioned to elevate the performance of your business’s operations through next-gen cloud migration

healthcare services


- Cyfuture deploys tried and tested platforms that healthcare technologies run on, to help your business keep ahead of the times

- Our holistic approach discards redundancies and incorporates smoother workflows for reducing client costs without compromising quality

- We weigh the pros and cons of applying machine learning to healthcare systems so they can deliver more emphatic patient care

- The automation of repetitive processes enables our clients to reduce overheads and speed up patient-care provider interactions

- Cyfuture brings together technological components and human understanding & intuition to create efficient healthcare systems

insurance processing services


- Cyfuture excels in managing vast amounts of data that needs to be processed with innovative automated processes

- We introduce faster processing in place of legacy systems of our clients to reduce claim processing & settlement costs

- Our forward-focused procedures are continually made more efficient through sector trends analysis and forecasting

- All our efforts are made to ensure that clients’ insurance products comply with extant regulations before market introduction

- Cyfuture makes use of data analytics to increase the relevance of clients’ insurance products to their target demographics

ecommerce and retail services

Ecommerce and Retail

- Cyfuture’s automated transaction processing tools maintain inventories & purchase orders, and monitor supply & demand trends

- Our state-of-the-art outlet management solutions aim to slash overheads and increase margins as well as streamline on-ground operations

- We improve logistics, sales channels, SKU placement and product stock storage by building flexible retail management systems

- Through market research and analysis, we enable product information-driven sales and marketing to selective target markets

- Cyfuture attracts repeat customers with efficient loyalty program management & customer-centric service diversification

travel and hospitality services

Travel & Hospitality

- Cyfuture services aid our clients in optimizing fulfilment of customer services and adding value by driving up the quality of experience

- Our suite of technical tools allow for preferential services and individualized attention on the basis of user information & feedback

- Cyfuture enhances loyalty from customers by helping our clients in delivering personalized experiences to their clientele

Public sector and government services

Public sector and government

Exemplary customer service is expected from government departments also apart from the private sectors. We, at Cyfuture, enable government departments to streamline their citizen interactions across inbound and outbound communications and help them deliver optimized and cost-effective customer service.

Manufacturing and Hi-Tech

Manufacturing and Hi-Tech

In today’s challenging business scenario intelligent business process services can provide a competitive edge and ensure excellent service. Our customized and innovative solutions for manufacturing and Hi Tech industries help them streamline processes, cut costs, improve efficiency.

other business process outsourcing services


Cyfuture is home to expert teams who have intricate practical knowledge of versatile technologies, which they utilize in the most ideal permutations & combinations for boosting clients’ profitability across a spectrum of industries.

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