The core of a successful business is its ability to evolve keeping its customer obsession intact. As a business grows, higher become the stakes to implement changes, adapt and transform in line with the need to deliver superlative customer experience. Achieving a customer-obsessed yet progressive growth path paves way for advent of BPS (Business Process Services) instead of the core traditional BPO (Business process outsourcing) services.

Business Process Services covers everything from simple task-based processes (the traditional BPO) to all the way up to the knowledge-intensive, industry-specific processes that traditional BPO doesn’t usually touch. It is an intelligent mix of people, processes and technology that aims to maximize revenue, reduce costs and drive growth through innovation.

Acting as a constant anchor to the businesses in their evolution process, “Business processes as a service” (BPaaS) services at Cyfuture are focused at delivering sustainable business impact. Cyfuture offers uninterrupted assistance to the organizations by handling their back-office operations, support, accounting, human resources, order taking, and so on. When these functions are taken care of efficiently, the business can focus on its core activity and inevitably chart a course on the path of success and profitability.

Cyfuture lends an IVY ™ edge to optimize and transform your enterprise business processes. Leverage from our best-in-class services to achieve your strategic business objectives by focusing on your core business.

The IVY Edge

I - Introspection

In-depth analysis of the processes that make your business viable, with a view to itemize and define each and every part of the system. The comprehensive list of pros & cons of currently running processes provides the best starting point for holistically improving your business processes, no matter in which sector you run an ongoing concern.

Key highlights:
  • Consumer insight gleaning from feedback databases

  • Transaction status & order fulfilment tracking in real time

  • Service delivery quality & cost trade-off analysis

  • Financial metrics observation & routine reporting

  • Asset management & infrastructure maintenance

V - Value Addition

Improving, appending or replacing legacy business processes, including any outmoded business processes that may have run their course, to trim down your operational costs and simultaneously improve process efficiency is at the forefront of Cyfuture BPaaS. Cyfuture adds value to business processes through consolidation, streamlining and automation.

Key highlights:
  • Better customer retention with faster service provision

  • Increased security for business-critical information

  • Higher returns from investments in infrastructure

  • Improved profits through leaner system architectures

Y - Yield

Inducing better results from the improved system to boost your business’s ROI & financial metrics, taking the quality of your services from strength to strength by building upon the proven successes of the IVY process. We go over the minutiae of each process in order to identify bottlenecks in the flow, remove unnecessary redundancies and address every possible shortcoming that may be hindering your business processes in delivering maximum yield. Yield benefits such as accelerated service delivery, reduced costs, enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key highlights:
  • Updating processes in line with latest industry outlooks

  • Emulating best practices adapted to your unique business

  • Setting up a strong platform for future growth & diversification

Our Business process Services not only deliver promised process efficiency but are also capable of delivering long-term improvements facilitated by intellect and advanced algorithms. With our deep domain knowledge, consulting and functional expertise and industry-specific focus we augment growth for enterprises in the dynamic and swiftly transforming scenario and with our functional expertise we carefully align BPS with your business goals and partner with you in achieving them.

We, at Cyfuture, understand the challenges for continuously enhancing customer experience coupled with the burden of cost optimization and the pressure to multiply revenues. We, therefore, collaborate with our clients to develop innovative solutions and drive up efficiencies in their processes through our global service delivery network spanning onshore, near-shore and even offshore.


The path to success is not smooth until you find the right partner. With decades of experience and its IVY approach, Cyfuture is re-inventing business processes and facilitating customer delight in numerous ways.

Back Office Solutions

Our carefully tailored back office business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions help organizations manage their large volume of data and transactions effectively and more profitably thereby enabling them to function with improved efficiencies.

Our back office BPO services include:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Mining and management
  • Order management services
  • Transaction Management Services
  • Document Digitization and Archiving Services etc

Finance and Accounting

Cyfuture’s comprehensive range of carefully tailored BPS Finance and Accounting Services (F&A) optimize key processes to deliver increased efficiencies and optimum results.

We carefully partner with businesses to improve their financial performance through:

  • Optimization of routine services like vendor management, catalogue management, negotiations, contracting, day to day purchasing etc.
  • Invoice processing and helpdesk services
  • Reporting services
  • Contract and order management
  • Customer database management
  • Reporting and analysis

Why Cyfuture?

Our IVY process delivers results you would never have thought were possible!

With Introspection, Value-addition & Yield, we empower our clients to surpass even their most optimistic projections!

Among the vast variety of concerns we address with our IVY method are:

  • Implementing business best practices for legacy systems
  • Enhancing operational excellence for routine processes
  • Incorporating customer feedback into service delivery
  • Gaining certifications and conforming to industry standards
  • Networking onshore & offshore centers for better communication
  • Expanding services to new segments of the market & the world
  • Increasing competencies of workforce for higher productivity

Key Differentiators

Cyfuture is a Cohesive Confluence of Capabilities

Our Vertical Landscape

Providing companies with the know-how we have accumulated over our splendid history of developing top-notch services has given us exposure to a multitude of sectors.

why us

Banking & Financial Services

- Cyfuture aids your financial services business in meeting regulatory requirements and exceeding customer expectations at the same time

- Throughout the value chain of financial services, Cyfuture contributes to maintaining stable and dependable operations with robust back-end and front-end systems

- Our contact center management provides customer support across varied functions like retail banking, Know Your Customer processes, and credit line tracking

- We enable end-to-end consumer lending procedures from borrowers’ eligibility verification to foreclosure & bankruptcy proceedings

- Cyfuture aggregates a wide range of BFSI process tools that can be applied in varying configurations to strengthen your position vis-a-vis your competition.

why us


- Cyfuture communications management delivers improvements in user experience with adaptive service delivery channels

- Our back-end fortification assures dependable uptimes of networks and focused dissemination of value-added services

- We enable companies to increase their scope of telecom services to capitalize on new opportunities like content delivery

- Cyfuture leverages experience of customer lifecycle management to retain as well as attract customers to our clients’ fold

- Cyfuture is also well-positioned to elevate the performance of your business’s operations through next-gen cloud migration

why us


- Cyfuture deploys tried and tested platforms that healthcare technologies run on, to help your business keep ahead of the times

- Our holistic approach discards redundancies and incorporates smoother workflows for reducing client costs without compromising quality

- We weigh the pros and cons of applying machine learning to healthcare systems so they can deliver more emphatic patient care

- The automation of repetitive processes enables our clients to reduce overheads and speed up patient-care provider interactions

- Cyfuture brings together technological components and human understanding & intuition to create efficient healthcare systems

why us


- Cyfuture excels in managing vast amounts of data that needs to be processed with innovative automated processes

- We introduce faster processing in place of legacy systems of our clients to reduce claim processing & settlement costs

- Our forward-focused procedures are continually made more efficient through sector trends analysis and forecasting

- All our efforts are made to ensure that clients’ insurance products comply with extant regulations before market introduction

- Cyfuture makes use of data analytics to increase the relevance of clients’ insurance products to their target demographics

why us

Ecommerce and Retail

- Cyfuture’s automated transaction processing tools maintain inventories & purchase orders, and monitor supply & demand trends

- Our state-of-the-art outlet management solutions aim to slash overheads and increase margins as well as streamline on-ground operations

- We improve logistics, sales channels, SKU placement and product stock storage by building flexible retail management systems

- Through market research and analysis, we enable product information-driven sales and marketing to selective target markets

- Cyfuture attracts repeat customers with efficient loyalty program management & customer-centric service diversification

why us

Travel & Hospitality

- Cyfuture services aid our clients in optimizing fulfilment of customer services and adding value by driving up the quality of experience

- Our suite of technical tools allow for preferential services and individualized attention on the basis of user information & feedback

- Cyfuture enhances loyalty from customers by helping our clients in delivering personalized experiences to their clientele

why us

Public sector and government

Exemplary customer service is expected from government departments also apart from the private sectors. We, at Cyfuture, enable government departments to streamline their citizen interactions across inbound and outbound communications and help them deliver optimized and cost-effective customer service.

why us

Manufacturing and Hi-Tech

In today’s challenging business scenario intelligent business process services can provide a competitive edge and ensure excellent service. Our customized and innovative solutions for manufacturing and Hi Tech industries help them streamline processes, cut costs, improve efficiency.



Cyfuture is home to expert teams who have intricate practical knowledge of versatile technologies, which they utilize in the most ideal permutations & combinations for boosting clients’ profitability across a spectrum of industries.

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