Cloud Computing Services: An Overview

In today’s fast paced scenario businesses face the pressing need to blend their legacy systems and technologies harmoniously with the inevitable cloud technology. The situation demands deep domain knowledge and a careful assessment of the existing technologies and systems in order to blend them with the modern day cloud technologies. Cloud Hosting is the mannerism in which a service provider delivers the on-demand computing resources starting from data centers, to applications, and infrastructures via the internet. Consistently ranked among the top cloud service providers in India, Cyfuture helps organisations not only to meet such a challenging situation but also helps them shape their digital transformation initiatives. We help organisations navigate smoothly through their cloud journey by helping them make the right investments and get the best ROI with the most advanced solutions.

Businesses now understand that they have to come out of the shackles of conventional practices and adopt viable alternative such as cloud computing for an enhanced profit level. Cyfuture, a specialized service provider, understands the essentiality of cloud services for the businesses and hence focuses on providing customized solutions to companies and empowers them by handling the high-end services and adjusting the scaling aspect as per the demand. Our top-notch cloud computing services provide businesses with a ‘self-service’ alternative.


Cloud solutions as convenient
as breathing itself.

Rely on us for dynamic, scalable, flexible and reliable cloud solutions that are dexterously crafted for your business keeping in mind its long term objectives

How does our Cloud service benefit your business?
Better productivity, reduced operational costs, enhanced quality level, new possibilities, superior ROI, and boosted digital transformation. Indulging cloud services in every step of your business course will offer benefits such as mitigated risk, curtailed costs, secure place to work, and store & fetch information, and rich customer experience. The usage of cloud computing ranges from the intricate cryptocurrency mining to simple data storage.

Counted among the leading cloud computing companies, we work closely with you to ensure rapid on-boarding of applications to facilitate continuous integration and development across leading Cloud platforms. Be it an Infrastructure modernization to Cloud, or ITSM or next-gen Automation tools, we bring our acquired expertise to tailor your needs and thereby help you manage your business with minimum disruption.

We’re amongst the first cloud computing companies that offers ‘Multi-Cloud Platform’ on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud and Cyfuture’s own cloud platform through our state-of-the-art Data Centers at various locations in India. With our team of over 200 certified solution architects across multi-cloud platforms, we ensure that our clients have incorporated the cloud on all array of their business’s functions. Since we eat, sleep, and talk cloud, our experts leave no stone unturned while customizing these services in permutations and combinations. Cyfuture experts construct Multi-Cloud architectures that are designed according to the minutest detail, specifically addressing your business requirements.

With our cloud services synonymous with easy breathing you can focus on your core business with ease and still ensure a seamless cloud transition/experience for your business.

Technology Stack

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Why Us?

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Breathe Cloud

    Our unparalleled domain expertise and strong cloud migration capabilities ensure transition and implementation as smooth as breathing itself.

  • Result Oriented

    Result Oriented

    Our reliable, agile, and high performing data centers and migration premises make the sophisticated processes prompt, convenient, and safe to work on.

  • Resilience


    Cyfuture always provides its service offerings in full adherence to our client’s requirements and market conditions. You get an instant access to the resources you need.

  • Become an Enterprise

    Become an Enterprise

    When you get cloud much swifter along with high performing, deft, and scalable solutions, you can get back to working on the core competencies of your business.

  • Unparalleled User Experience

    User Experience

    We help businesses to get an IT infrastructure makeover with no hassle.

  • Futurefic Infrastructure

    Futurefic Infrastructure

    State-of-the-art infrastructure capable of handling diverse and advanced workloads

  • Strong partnerships

    Our partnerships with leading cloud service providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft & Alibaba help us create robust Multi-Cloud architectures

  • Custom-built Solutions

    Living up to our reputation of being a custom-centric cloud service provider, we let you customize our offering to fit your size and scale.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    A wide range of payment options optimize pricing and trim down the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Cyfuture Edge

  • Strong Domain Expertise of Cloud Solutions
    Strong Domain Expertise

    Proficient in deploying cutting-edge cloud platform solutions to enable digital transformation and evolution

  • Trusted Companion
    We are
    your Pals

    We connect with your long-term vision as your trusted cloud service providers and get you to the most suitable strategy for cloud transition

  • Leading Cloud Solution Providers
    Expertise in Leading
    Cloud Offerings

    from AWS, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, SAP, Oracle etc.

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