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Cyfuture, eminent service providers, feels the pain and expense that businesses have to go through to run and handle their own data center infrastructure. Oh yes, it’s a costly affair and also, doing so takes you miles away from your business’s bottom line. That’s why we provide flexible, reliable, and secure Infrastructure as a Service to our clients across the globe.

Cyfuture hosts the infrastructure components such as servers, networking hardware, and storage along with the virtualization layer. With our deep domain expertise and vast experience we decide on the right infrastructure strategy, best suitable reference architecture and the technologies (whether Cloud OS, automation, orchestration, etc.) that are the best suited to meet your requirements. We provide in-depth billing, assessment, load balancing, clustering, back-up, replication, log access, and recovery.

Availing IaaS service from us will save the capital you would have put in to set up a data center along with management and assessment costs. Our professionals work backstage for your business ensuring a continuous deliverance of the resources in the time of need. Hence, all your attention will be back enhancing your business and not handling your IT infrastructure.

What makes us better?

  • # # Since Cyfuture has its own data centers, our clients always experience industry-leading service levels.
  • # # The infrastructure of Cyfuture is high-end and flexible because of our esteemed partners that are the prestigious players in hardware and software cloud.
  • # # Owing to our experience and prowess in the domain, we provide an unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and security for businesses.

Why choose IaaS from Cyfuture?


Scalability - As your demand goes, so goes our service. Scalable solutions are provided to your business that further lead to superior ROI and improvised performance.


Quicker time to market


Complete Data Security - 100% assurance for the safety and confidentiality of your data.


Transparent costing model.


End to end security - Around-the-clock data center security available in line with the industry processes and protocols.


24*7*365 availability


Location independence

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