Best Online Reputation Management Trends to Follow in 2021

Dec 14,2020 by Anushka Agarwal

It is rightly said; prevention is better than cure! 

We all need protection, at least sometimes in our lives. 


What about your brand’s reputation?

Do you know any novel way to shield it from trolls, all those negative comments, reviews, and issues?

Is there any way to ensure a steady and growing reputation of your business?

Well, there certainly is! 

Presenting; the best online reputation management trends for 2021. 

Online reputation:

  •  Your weapon to safeguard your brand’s image and reputation in the market
  • A strategy that helps you take note of your customer reviews
  • And a portal that allows you to connect with your customers in a more personalized manner

Online reputation has several wonders and bewilderments attached to it, and maintaining and monitoring your brand’s name in the arenas is just a meager inclusion. The idea of online reputation management is vast and extravagant, which is why you need to be well-versed with the top online reputation management trends for 2021 to accomplish profitable outcomes. After all, maintaining your online reputation is one way you keep a steady fulfillment of leads, sales, and ROI. 

Focus on the Best Online Reputation Management Trends in 2021

people reading reviews

Are you aware, over 84% of people trust online reviews as personal recommendations?

Without a second doubt, online information spreads way too fast than an offline one. It is specifically sane for products and services sold online. The growth of online media and social channels has immensely burgeoned marketers to keep an eye out for the best online reputation management trends, addressing the empty pieces in their brand’s jigsaw puzzle. 

That said, online reputation management is not just about monitoring your brand’s influence online but taking note of customer issues and queries, facilitating a strong connection with the buyers, and improving the overall image of your brand online. A good ORM strategy is all about protecting your brand’s hold on its online establishment, provide insights, keeps your customers happy and satisfied, and do much more. 

If you are still skeptical of whether or not you need to invest in online reputation management best practices, the following are some reasons why you need to set a table side for ORM on your brand’s online table. 

It helps you place your best foot forward:

getting customer reviews

Your company is everything because of its customers. 

More precisely, your company’s reputation is how it is viewed or perceived by the customers, potential employees, and investors. 

And, if there is anything even remotely gruesome about your brand’s services or products mentioned online, it disrupts all those years of hard work and serving the consumers. 

More than sales and revenue, businesses run on name, fame, and status. 

Online reputation has the power to make or break a brand. If you don’t have an ORM strategy in place that responds to customer queries and issues within 24 hours, your brand’s image will be tainted forever. If you don’t believe it, remember all the retweeting wars held on Twitter! 

If you don’t want your brand to go through the same suffrage – 

indulging with the best online reputation management services that speak valor about your brand, lets out a positive word about it, and encourages visitors to experience an ultimate level of authenticity and quality with your business is the right thing to do! 

Reputation management allows businesses to put their best foot forward. It will also help you to connect with their customers in the right manner and earn extra credits for solving all their issues and problems. 

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replying to user comments reviews

All customers like brands that make them feel special! 

And you should do that too! 

Build trust and credibility with the customers and in the market:

build trust by connecting with customers

Bad reviews are a part of a brand’s existence. 

No matter the social media channel you employ for business and customer expansion, you cannot keep all those negative comments and reviews at bay. 

While you might mostly encounter unfavorable comments detailing how derailed customers are with their purchase and how they wish they did not go forward with it, once in a blue moon, you will come across praiseworthy reviews that will balance it out. 

And that silver lining of all these positive comments is what matters, and that should be your focus.

 For brands, trust and credibility are like golden pillars for brand expansion. Even if your products receive negative comments, it shouldn’t stop you from approaching the writer, asking what went wrong and how you can make up for it. 

work on the bad reviews

Through online reputation management services, you can connect with a customer and provide them a solution to restore the lost confidence and regain their trust back. Show your customers that you care about them, value their feedback by acknowledging the mistake, and let them know that you will consider it and immediately work on the issue. 

Such actions cast an impression that you care about their experiences and are willing to mediate on the query. 

Analyze what the customers are looking for:

analyze the customer requirement

Online reputations are resources for brands to provide meaningful insights about what the customers are looking for, the products they like the most, the region most of your customers belong to, and what they advise you the most. 

Using such derivative conclusions, you can refine your business, cover all those shady spots in your operations, spot complaints, track their appearance, and improve products and services accordingly. 

This way, you let out an online rumor in being an innovative business that knows how to adapt to the dynamic consumer market, which in itself is a marketing gimmick. 

Also, when you actually refer to a customer review and provide them with recommended products and services, it shows how much you value their words, acing your brand loyalty and good rapport building game. 

Embark thought leadership prospects:

Although the best online reputation management trends consistently focus on maintaining and monitoring what others say about it, the content produced by a brand and its impact on its online image is often overlooked. Online reputation, in broader mentions, does cover content production, distribution, and marketing as well. 

focus on content production

That said, content relevancy is a necessary aspect of any marketing strategy. The content you produce depends on the audience group you want to cater. Once your audience finds the content relatable, they might advertise it further using their ideas and thought process. 

Online reputation management inspires thought leadership for brands, aligning your overall online presence with your company’s mission, vision, and culture. 

The Best Online Reputation Management Trends for 2021 you need to watch out!

With the rising prominence and utility of social media and the portal turning into an advertising channel for brands worldwide, the influence of online reputation management becomes exceedingly monumental. 

You need your customers, and since they are located on social media, brands indirectly need to address all such modern channels that their customers use. And, since your social media comment section is not always glittery and shiny with noteworthy reviews, investing in an online reputation management strategy translates from a desire into a demand. 

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The year 2020; triggered the growth of social media and digital marketing at a logarithmic rate. And with that, social media became an inevitable reality for businesses. 

Since we are entering the year 2021, leaving behind another decade, whatever you planned, strategized, and implemented is a lost cause now. So, let us learn from the bygones, re-work on our practices, look into new and the best online reputation management trends for 2021. 

Enter smart ORM tools into the picture:

use smart ORM tools

Tracking down every comment every day is a tedious task and cannot be accomplished without assistance from an ORM tool. 

Moreover, until you know where your business currently is, you cannot move up the ladder. To analyze your current business perception, scrolling down the comment section and replying to all those reviews on every digital channel is impossible! 

This is where smart ORM tools come into the picture! 

They ease your hurl of maintaining your online reputation, track all the mentions, fish out the negative comments registered under your name anywhere online, mitigate the associated risks that hurt your image, and give you an overall outlook as well. 

The top online reputation tools you can use in 2021 include Google Alerts, Social Mention, Trackur, SentiOne, Reputology Review Push, Chatmeter, Reputation Ranger, and YouScan. You can also employ Mentionlyics, an AI-powered online reputation management tool that helps drive actionable inferences using its analytical calculations. 

Notable social media influencers boost your online reputation:

social media influencers boost online reputation

Quite precisely, social media is a necessary inclusion to the online reputation management expeditions. As per reports, they contribute 100% to ORM and boost the applied strategies. So, brands can make the most of this channel by connecting with the customers to expand the current pool and appoint social media influencers to do this deed in their place. 

Top brands like Proctor and Gamble partnered with a famous influencer Charli D’Amelio to convince people about how they’re staying at home, and social distancing will limit the spread of the virus. The campaign was a big hit, receiving an overwhelming 8 billion views and 1.7 million iterations. That contrivance instantly brought the brand into the limelight, strengthening its already existing image. 

That said, influencers have power on social media channels, and their word means a lot to their followers. So, if you want to drive real, authentic, honest, and meaningful campaigns that could add positivity to your brand name, influencer marketing is the right thing type of investment. 

However, research the powerful influencers in your niche before you start contacting such people aimlessly. 

Video marketing will grow inexplicably:

video marketing

Both short and long format videos received too much traction in 2020, but their impact will only increase in the coming year. People are getting more hooked to videos than static content, which is why they are a revenue-oriented marketing tool. Even statistics prove that over 92% of the video viewers share videos with others, spreading your brand name, logo, and the link to its page too. 

Personalized videos, data-driven videos, 3D videos, funny and witty videos, etc., are different types of video formats you can use. The idea is to develop a video that solves all the queries, doubts, and concerns of a customer, leading to an emotional connection with the required audience. 

Video marketing is a staple amongst the best online reputation management trends in 2021, owing to its widespread popularity on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Live, and many more. For this reason, companies are embracing it into their marketing strategies. 

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The omnipresent need for online reputation management:

Modern customers are obsessed with online content. So, they surf about a brand, product, or service not just on social media but on Google as well. So, you need to monitor your brand’s name and reputation on all those online channels wherever it pops, necessitating the omnipresent need for online reputation management. 

Diversifying your ORM strategies will help adopt a multi-channel marketing approach and direct all your efforts to improve and grow your brand’s notion. It builds it up to a level that not just enhances what appears online about your brand but what customers think about it. 

The online conversation will be active in 2021:

online conversations

Social media pages have a few specific requirements to fulfill:

  • Monitor your social media stand
  • Allow customers to connect your brand socially 
  • Manage your business’s online reputation 
  • Bridge the gap between customers and brands 
  • Encourage meaningful conversations and receive feedback 

With 87% of consumers searching for products online, brands must remain associated with their customers so that when they look for their online arcades, it appears bright and shining as the top result on the page. 

That said, online conversation has always been a necessary part of social engagement and networking, and it will continue to adorn that hat even in 2021. Moreover, marketers can adopt some strategies to acquire and retain customers:

  • Add your social media locations at the bottom of the receipts 
  • Offer coupons, discounts, and rewards to active and interactive customers who share their ideas and your posts on the online platform
  • Request for reviews through automated emails or connect with customers via social media or on call

Enforce an elevated multi-channel strategy

enforce multi channel strategy

Instagram isn’t the on channel your consumers use; there are several others too. That is why you need to scribble a multi-channel strategy covering all the other social media channels and search engines. The idea is to get serious customers to click on review sites, websites, press releases, blog posts, mentions of the brand, your social profiles, competitor pages, and many more. Several businesses who’ve shifted to such online marketing strategies accommodating all other channels are duly rewarded in time. 

And so, will you! 

Companies need to diversify and expand their online reputation management strategies to keep pace with the trends, tactics, and complexities associated with customer acquisition and engagement. Even in 2021, companies need to advertise content to maintain an impressive stance. Creative ideas powered with voice search, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality will improve the shoppable quotient of your products and services.


orm must for your business

Your brand’s online reputation is everything you will make it be. 

If you follow the best online reputation management trends for 2021, your social feed will be blessed by better engagement, more customers, and higher acquisitions. All in all, it translates to improved sales and revenue figures. However, if you feel that is too much, you can drop your online reputation into the pond and forget everything about it. Well, such actions will be followed by customers who aren’t happy with you, depleting the customer pool, dropping sales numbers and devasting ROIs. 

So, the choice of what you want to do with your brand and how you want others to perceive it is solely yours. You can either invest in the top online reputation management tools. Or, you can refrain from doing so and suffer its consequences. However, if you’re a smart business person, you will choose the former! 

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