Cloud Computing is Fueling Innovations

Aug 12,2021 by Anuj Bairathi

Cloud solutions continue to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. Especially after the recent pandemic outbreak, self-sustainable business applications have become a vital need staring in the eyes of every problem-solver. Blame the stiff marketing campaigns or the scarcity of apt professionals, words like self-sustaining, driven, scalable, and powerful sound vague. But, given the chance to set up and run an optimum system, these words can become a reality of your daily business operations.

Over the years, many decorated organizations have trusted our pursuit of flawless and fast cloud solutions. Bharat Petroleum, MTNL, TATA, UNICEF, WIPRO, Philips, PNB, GAIL, NTPC, and DRDO are few among many members of our extended family. With Cyfuture, they have significantly cut their operational cost and can deliver a better experience to their end-users.

Today, the experts predict 80% of organizations will migrate towards the cloud by the end of 2025. So what’s the reason behind this trend and why do you, the leader of your clan, need to know about the benefits of the cloud?

Cutting the IT Cost

Many CEOs have shared that they find cloud solutions most beneficial for their workplace and workforce management. The massive cost-cutting benefits are obvious. With the cloud, you don’t have to pay for the IT infra, hardware, physical space, other expensive equipment, and the subsequent maintenance that follows.

Robust IT Security

Once your venture has passed the initial landmarks, offering security to your clients as well as protecting your network from external penetration becomes a necessity. There is a consensus among the IT experts that Cloud solutions are safest for storing sensitive documentation, business-critical applications, and vulnerable assets. The low cost of cloud solutions also allows employees to take a proactive approach towards security.

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Heightened Flexibility

Cloud gives unparalleled flexibility. Your employees can access their responsibilities and data from anywhere. The traditional workplace restrictions will be removed and the updated tech will help you build a faster and smoother workflow.


Cloud solutions help you cut the infrastructure cost without compromising on the performance aspect. You can switch to hybrid cloud solutions or even dedicated servers in a jiffy. The flexible RAM, SSD support, and expandable core options allow you to speed up your operations and handle bulk traffic with ease.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

After ditching the traditional paper, now it’s time to ditch the tons of non-reusable waste organizations produce while maintaining IT infrastructure. Clouds help by utilizing the resources optimally and accelerating the pace only when needed. The agile management from the cloud experts also plays a crucial role.

These are some of the many benefits we have explored about cloud solutions of the day. Still, there are many more we can brush over like fewer operational issues, automation and updates, higher business continuity and ease of collaboration, etc. For those who are still contemplating, it’s high time to experience the cloud solutions themselves and feel the difference. At Cyfuture Cloud, we have made it even easier for you.

Best of Luck!

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