The Need for Managed Cloud Hosting in Business Growth!

Nov 27,2019 by Prachi Priya
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Several businesses today complain about excessive cost hike and tedious maintenance tasks that are eventually sucking up productive revenue generation opportunities. What is the solution? How to manage these issues with maintaining high-quality service and reducing costs alongside? Well, it can be best managed through cloud service that will help you boost your business growth. 

Who are Cloud Managed Services?

Managed cloud service aims at outsourcing the IT management functions to boost business operations. Since cloud-based services are automated, they, therefore, help to strengthen technical support and enhance business functions remarkably. Managed cloud hosting takes care of the business day to day functions, keeps a check on security updates to avoid breach issues, maintains, monitors, and lowers costs on hosting infrastructure. Having a cloud-managed service for the business; several applications’ management and monitoring are looked after easily.   

Quite at times, the in-house IT team is not capable enough to monitor all business functions, which is why they face issues in handling all the services with limited staff. Consequently, to maintain a hassle-free working environment, they look up to cloud-managed service providers. As, cloud managed services can successfully keep a check on the business cloud security, storage, network functioning, applications, and more, thus they are obligatory for all big and small organizations. When a business has fixed pricing for its monthly tasks, it is all more beneficial to have a cloud-managed service because it is cost-effective and easy to manage. 

In today’s highly digitalized era, what does operational excellence mean? Well, it is all about the ability to bring flexibility and boost the organization’s need astonishingly to meet objectives. This is where managed cloud hosting helps businesses succeed!

A survey by Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network reports that 82% of IT professionals spend over half their time on emergencies and maintenance, while 17% estimated they spend more than 90% on mundane tasks.

Furthermore, through managed cloud services, your business can focus on efficient IT functioning, it makes your service more competitive with an automated touch, and the best of all, it benefits in bringing more customer satisfaction. 

Here is more of the offerings:

  • Augments availability through cloud services and keeps a check on operational expenses.
  • Gives 24X7 technical support to the IT team.
  • Helps the in-house team to focus on core opportunities. 
  • Diminishes costs on software development, and workforce management.
  • Improves business performance. 

If you still not consider taking cloud managed services for your business, here are the perks that your organization can enjoy choosing a cloud expert provider:


Your business network maintenance cost might be very expensive when managed in-house. Not all companies have a big fat budget to hire full-time IT experts, which is why outsourcing cloud managed services help to save capital expenses. With a cloud-managed expert, your business gets cost-effective and more efficient services on-board. 

Technology perks

When you take help from cloud-managed service providers, your business gets skilled cloud technicians on board and that too in a low budget than hiring in-house. You pay them for the task done and not monthly, which helps to save a lot. 

Moreover, your IT personal in-house needs regular training and updates on technologies, while outsourcing, there is no need to spend on hiring and training, as the expert technicians are up-to-date with the latest trends and market requirements. 

Personalized service

Managed cloud hosting gives a custom and integrated service to the business. It also provides a converged solution that helps to save expenses. Having an outsourced cloud service, custom and integrated solutions to the business is assured, which in-house service handling lacks. 

Infrastructure preference

Taking cloud managed services, your business gets access to huge infrastructure networks along with 24X7 availability to customers. Moreover, the external provider helps to check the existing networks to meet business objectives and even monitors the security standards. 

Central data centre

With your business outsourcing services to a managed cloud network, you have the preference of a central data centre that manages all apps and servers of business use. Outsourcing increases network availability, therefore augments employee production. 

Not only is this, but managed cloud services provide data access within the same network. Moreover, the business has its storage and backup inbuilt within a centralized network making it the biggest benefit of having managed cloud service providers at work. 

Disaster security

With a cloud-managed service for the business, you assure data safety across all cloud platforms. In the process of transferring and managing data, theft issues were common among businesses, which affected the overall results. However, with cloud service, the issue is resolved forever!

Cloud-managed service also helps businesses at times of disaster. Maintaining the business infrastructure is costly and hard, however, having a managed cloud-hosting partner at work helps. 

Swift response

Remote cloud services make your business fast in response. Quick responses not only earn fame for the business but also helps to augment productivity. With managed cloud services, your organization can virtually resolve any network issue easily. 

However, when businesses lack cloud service operations, they have to hire technicians to resolve the query every time. This can be time taking and an expensive procedure, thus outsourcing to cloud-managed service providers is mandatory. 

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Helps to cover all service levels

Cloud service providers enhance business performance and boost maintenance levels. They become more familiar with your business networks with time and help to bring service continuity. There is no threat of staff attrition and natural disaster, thus cloud managed services are the best and safest for every business’s dynamic growth. 

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