Travel and Tourism Industry Is Touching The Clouds

Apr 17,2019 by Aishwarya Srivastava
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There is a beautiful word in Swedish, which means the restless pace of a traveler’s heart due to anxiety and anticipation of what is to come whilst beginning a journey; this word is Resfeber. This is something that a lot of people experience before beginning any journey, no matter how well they have prepared for their expedition. Haven’t you experienced a sudden hike in your heartbeat as the airplane takes off or while boarding a train to a land far away from where you reside? Traveling, as much as it is delightful, is known to bring out stress and anxiety in a lot of people; the reason being the fact that there is a constant concern for safety and comfort.

Travel and tourism businesses have flourished rapidly due to the fact that travelers wish to have a safe and comfortable journey; and why wouldn’t they, because who doesn’t wish to cruise securely through distant lands and arrive safe and healthy at their destination? Keeping up with the rapidly growing consumer base of the industry and their escalating need for comfort, timeliness, and safety whilst traveling; commercial organizations in this domain are shifting their focus towards blending their legacy systems with new age technology like managed cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting Drives Travel Industry Towards Efficiency

In earlier times, separate power plants for industrial and household consumption posed numerous challenges and hazards on enterprises and individuals. However, as technology progressed, a shared electric grid system came into existence; making electricity more accessible whilst annihilating the associated challenges.

Similarly, we used to depend on single units of the computer system to store and process data; however, technological advancements have turned these units into access portals to move information stored in the hardware of data centers in the cloud. This allowed us to connect to the data from wherever we want and whenever we want and from whichever device we want, even from our smartphones.

The travel industry is moving in a similar direction and adapting to the cloud just like household and industrial electrical consumption adapted to the shared electric grid system. The industry is no more dependent on legacy systems and proprietary technology that forced businesses to depend on in-house operations. Cloud technology has allowed them to not just make data highly accessible but also move operations to business process outsourcing companies.

Not just this, managed cloud services have also opened up new avenues for the travel industry to launch new products and introduce scalability in business operations. Fine-tuning businesses as per the evolving consumer needs and behavior, cloud management platforms are connecting us to a new era of advanced computing, innovating the future of the travel industry. The intersection of travel and technology through viable outsourced business solutions like cloud hosting is changing the way we travel.

 Travel Apps Reach For The Clouds

Millennials are part of a generation that has lived through times when innovations were at their fetal stage. This is a generation that is well-acquainted with innovative technologies and has seen rapid progress in the app development domain, specifically. We have an application for everything, whether we need to refill groceries, binge eat at the oddest hour or commute to work. In the travel industry, the advent of application development has been a groundbreaking metamorphosis that facilitated travelers in endless ways.

Today, you can just log on to any of the travel apps and book a full-fledged vacation, right from the travel tickets to accommodation and even sightseeing. Convenient? Yes, it is. Fast? Yes, it is; thankfully we don’t have to make so many calls for bookings or depend on a travel agent anymore, who promise a lot and deliver nothing. These applications have simplified traveling and have laid the whole travel itinerary like a buffet on the table for us.

However, do you ever wonder how do these applications run so smoothly, helping you navigate seamlessly to travel and accommodation options that you like? Well, the secret is in the clouds! No don’t look up, look here at your smartphone or your computer system or whichever device that you are reading this content on.

Passé are the days when data storage and sharing were dependent on hardware; it is all in the cloud nowadays. The virtual clouds offer abundant data storage space whilst enabling seamless information transaction and distribution. Modern-day travel apps depend on the cloud advantage to bring together an exceptional user experience.

Cloud solutions help travel apps procure a centralized system for operations like reservation, payment processing, customer database management, and marketing. This, of course, helps manage data and the associated processes in a more efficient way, which is why migrating data and processes to a virtual cloud is considered so remunerative.

Let’s take a look at how cloud solutions are helping travel applications run efficiently, offering users exactly what they want whilst making operations dynamic and conducive for the business.


Cloud solutions for travel and tourism businesses, especially for app management, have immensely helped in economizing on the cost; thereby boosting profit generation. A lot of services in the cloud infrastructure are pay per use; so, travel businesses have to pay for only what they deploy, not more, not less. In the travel app realm, this certainly has a lot of advantages because metered services help economize both CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating expenditure).

 Scalable Services

Cloud solutions can help travel apps downsize or upsize as per the requirement; as there is a lot of scope for scalability. For instance, if you own an application that allows users to book accommodation that is high in the quality quotient and low on cost; you will always look for something unique to introduce to your service line. The reason behind this fact is that there is a lot of competition and scalability can immensely help you get an edge over your competitors.

Enhanced CX

Cloud computing is now making it possible for hotel guest feedback kiosks to collect customer feedback and deliver it to hoteliers and their staff in real-time. These travel app enabled devices engage guests at important touchpoints in their journey by presenting them with digital surveys. These surveys allow guests to quickly and easily rate specific aspects of their travel experience. The results are then automatically compiled and sent to a staff feedback dashboard via the cloud. This cutting-edge technology makes it possible to identify and resolve customer painpoints in real-time, effectively improving and enhancing the customer experience.

Enhanced UX

UX is the ultimate battleground for websites and web applications, as it decides user engagement and traffic generation that further boosts consumer base as well as profits. UX, an abbreviation for user experience, is a crucial aspect when it comes to engaging visitors as well as to keep them coming back. Cloud solutions can aid in enhancing the user experience by making data readily accessible and by enabling smooth navigation, which sure matters a lot when it comes to app performance.

These are just a few ways that have made managed cloud hosting immensely popular in the travel app domain. However, with the ongoing innovation, there is a lot more to come; it can be said that in the coming years cloud solutions might completely revamp not just the way travel apps work but also the way we travel. Travel technology has bought together a host of advantages for today’s travelers and the advent of cloud management platforms and solutions sure is lucrative.

This incredible blend of legacy systems and new age innovation is opening up promising prospects of profits for businesses in the travel and tourism industry. Dealing diligently with the exploding demand for services in this domain, tech innovations coupled with the proprietary technology of businesses are helping millions of people travel safely and contentedly from different corners of the world each day.

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