Did you know there are 20+ types of business consulting services?

Mar 11,2021 by Anushka Agarwal

Yes, that’s right!

There is a total of 21 types of business consulting services.

What? How? When? Why?

Exactly my point!

When I read about it, even I was skeptical about it.

Honestly, all these types stem from one basic consulting principle: Advice on how to run your business efficiently and earn profits. The industrial genre might change, but the feeling remains the same.

So, before you scratch your head with bewilderment, let’s dive right into the types of business consulting services.

Consulting for 2021: Living the pandemic and growing your business. 

2020 was really harsh for several businesses, making 2021 a ‘Do or Die’ year to receive business consulting solutions, especially for organizations struggling to grow amidst the new normal.

We all know consulting means to provide expert advice to organizations by professionals related to that domain or technical field. Now, they’re not forced to agree with your advice, but they might consider it.

What makes business consulting more interesting is the apparent fact that consultants today are market fanatics, and their notions might lead to constructivism within the organizational setup. More so, since consulting differs from company to business, there are several business consulting types (maybe more than the 21 variants we’re about to discuss!)

This blog covers the most important ones.

Management consulting:

Do you have a query regarding business management, leadership, operations, infrastructure, and more?

Well, then you need to look for Management consultants. It is highly efficient for leaders engrossed with strategic solutions failing to form an objective viewpoint. By hiring one of India’s best business consulting firms, you work with someone who has an unobstructed opinion, well-designed for such prospects.

That said, management consulting services optimize organizational performance, enhance data flow, and allow leaders to consider an unbiased management solution.

The author of ‘The Business of Expertise,’ David C. Baker, is one prominent example of management consulting services. He is phenomenal and well-regarded for his profitable business decisions. He’s mastered the art of client positioning, organizational structuring, succession, and achieving benchmark performance. His management consulting services help businesses better their internal structure, hence boost performance levels.

Marketing Consulting:

Getting your product into customer sight is a tedious process. Even top-notch marketers fail to market a product the right way. And, this is where marketing consultants come into the picture.

They know how to position your business in the market and attract potential customers to it. They can grow your business effectively and efficiently. Several companies hire professionals offering such business consulting services to increase their marketing campaigns’ efficacy, generate more leads, and get more customers on board.

As for a marketing consultant, they have various tried and tested marketing formulas in their privy purse, and they’ll do their best to garner unlimited attention to your business. More so, since they do all the creative work, data analysis, and conduct marketing experiments, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Top examples of marketing business consulting firms include NoGood, IKON Marketing Consultants, Equibrand, Seedx, Berma & Co, Bain & Company, and McKinsey Digital.

Non-Profit Consulting:

Such consulting services are directed towards non-profit organizations or government companies, including fundraising, strategy development, marketing plan, solution implementation, etc.

Since NGOs or government organizations work differently from private enterprises, they look for business consulting firms in India adept with the ins and outs of their enterprise.

Several independent consultants and firms work specifically towards non-profit or governance consulting. So, if you’re passionate about social work and society upliftment, this is the right form of consulting for you.

One example of such consultancy is The Discovery Group. Their founder, Douglas Nelson, is known for his incredible work with several non-profit and charitable organizations. He assists small, medium, and large organizations with board governance, strategic planning, execution, training, and other philanthropic activities.

IT Consulting:

Also known as software consulting, such professionals lend their expertise regarding software, it’s engineering, and information technology to companies. The need for software or IT consulting is immense in the market. Seeing a software project to its end is a tedious process hurdled by risks, which is why most of them fail. Since there are several types of software and technologies in the market, bringing in a well-versed and knowledgeable IT consulting firm is the right thing to do.

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Regardless of what you’re looking for., building, assisting, or improving software or technology, a similar consulting firm can help you with it.

Reputed companies like HCL Technologies, Mindtree, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, UST Global, etc., are some of India’s best IT business consulting firms.

HR Consulting:

HR consultants help organizations manage, hire, train, retain, and explore employees. It also helps the present human resource workforce implement and enforce HR plans, processes, practices, and policies. HR consultants maintain peace and accord in an organization, maintaining employee satisfaction levels. It is the right job prospect for people who love creating plans and have had some experience with human resource management.

The top Indian HR consultants include Mercer, TopSource Global, Covent Informatics, Growup Technologies, Kriate Consultants, etc.

Strategy Consulting:

Strategy consulting

One of the staunch pillars of business consulting services., it deals with guidance and strategic advice for business planning and decision-making. Consultants with in-depth industry knowledge provide valuable viewpoints, and their inputs help forge successful and readable strategies. For a company struggling to achieve its goals, strategic consulting ensures profits. With such a business consulting firm in India in action, you’ll receive systemized plans deciphered by high-level professionals making decisions that strengthen your enterprise architecture.

E-commerce consulting:

Are you a company that sells products online?

With e-commerce consultants, you’ll be in for a treat!

E-commerce consulting relates to providing expertise to companies selling items online., a complete package deal from marketing, sales, and operations to supply.

Running an eCommerce business is a daunting process. There are several variables and a successful eCommerce venture mastery on all of them. You need to perfect marketing, logistics, customer handling, and all the other related prospects. With a learned e-commerce company, you’ll witness growth in the business value, enjoy smooth operation, implement a ready and well-researched go-to-market strategy, and more.

E-commerce consultants serve as helping hands for brands to scalpel their voice amongst the online clutter. Hiring business consulting firms in India dedicated and experienced with such solutions ensures growth and helps build strong foundations.

Top e-commerce consulting firms like Blueprint Partners provide consumer logistics, warehousing, supply chain, and marketing assistance.

Construction Consulting:

Construction companies deal with many laborious tasks, from management, surveying, architecture analysis to contracts. Construction consultants ensure smooth project completion, assisting with post-sales as well. Such consultants manage several mega projects and assure effective execution while reducing costs and scheduled overruns. They might even coach on capital development, negotiations and raise awareness of the construction industry.

Retail consulting:

This consulting form specifically aids retail businesses: restaurants, hotels, luxury and appeal brands, grocery, leisure houses, etc. Retail companies work with hairline margins and are under constant threat by digital innovation. No wonder retail businesses are next-to-impossible to run.

For businesses struggling to make ends meet, retail consulting can help reduce costs and drive growth. They analyze your selling pitch, online presence, social actions and modify every aspect of your online business for better ROI. They explore consumer insights and solve challenging questions. With the assistance of retail business consulting services, you’ll feel right at home.

Science Consulting:

It provides consulting solutions to science and medical research organizations. It can include labs, drug companies, or those that deal with the management side of medicine. Hiring business consulting firms experienced in medical consulting helps improve organizational efficiency. Since they can perform in-depth analysis, they correctly handle the business side of your research. They can forge strategies that are flexible, scalable, and do not require an experienced medical professional.

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Sales Consulting:

Sales consulting deals with aiding in sales management, sales leadership, sales performance, and sales training. Sales is one strong pillar of a growing business presence. If you don’t have any sales, you don’t have revenue, which is why clients hire sales consultants to assist them with it, design a sales funnel, train salespeople, track performance, and identify bottlenecks around product/service selling.

Companies struggling with sales can partner with a sales consultant to increase their figures, boost revenue, achieve targets, and generate a brand resonance in the market.

Digital Transformation Consulting:

Today’s organizations derive power from digital disruptions. Digital transformations have helped enterprises gain tremendous momentum in the market, implement new technologies, improve employee satisfaction and performance, and adopt technological innovations for their advantages. Several companies still lag behind their competitors because they haven’t yet figured out the digital game. It is why they must use the knowledge of digital transformation consultants to shift the market in their favor, smoothen operations, employ technologies, and run their business effectively.

Companies like TGR Management ace the digital transformation play. Their understanding of the digital space is immense. Their service portfolio includes scripting a rewardable and profitable digital strategy, manage digital accounts, portfolio planning, project risk management, and more.

Compliance Consulting:

Compliance consulting relates to compliance laws, regulations, implementation, and benefits. For organizations looking to enforce compliance laws, hiring such consultants will do the trick. Organizations must comply with these rules and regulations to avoid fines. A reliable consultant with deep expertise on such laws help save thousands of dollars, which would otherwise spend on pardons and fines.

For professionals who possess ample experience in compliance-related jobs, are versatile with legislative and regulatory compliances, and can handle complex situations would thrive in such roles. Several businesses consulting services offer compliance consulting solutions and help your business architecture to stay compliant with the government protocols. They can help clients eliminate all the inefficiencies, save you from paying any fines, offer litigation services, provide the right direction to lost businesses, and solidify your business stand in the market.

SEO Consulting:

SEO serves as the bread and butter for digital businesses. With Google’s mercurial algorithmic updates, SEO has become more tedious and challenging than before. It is usual for organizations to suffer from low ranking, significant drops, and less traffic.

Hiring the best SEO consulting firms in India helps clients understand rewardable SEO practices, improve rankings on search engines and generate higher organic traffic. Several businesses rely heavily on organic search to earn more visitor traffic, improve visibility on search engines, and effectively market services and products. In time, such consultants generate more leads, boost revenue scales, and increase sales numbers.

SEO consulting is the right pick for you for professionals adept with content marketing, design, data analysis, and strategy. Top SEO consulting firms help forge profit-earning SEO strategy, help you grow in your niche, and charge revenue funnels.

Leadership Consulting:

Do you want to learn leadership qualities and excel in the workforce?

With leadership consulting services at your assistance, you explore the various avenues of leadership, decision making, talent management, improve performance, establish authority, and lead to more productive results. Leading an enterprise comes with several challenges and responsibilities and requires a lot of courage, resilience, passion, motivation, and grit. Good leaders might not know all the answers, but they do know how to earn it.

Leadership consultants coach you to become better leaders and move up the ladder. For people who’ve handled leadership roles before, opting for such a business genre seems to be the right click. They can help make crucial decisions with mergers, divestitures, strategic change, crisis, and redefine success.

Environmental consulting:

We all live on borrowed time on this planet, which makes environmental consulting even more critical. Environmental consultants work on solar energy, air quality, waste management, soil quality, pollution, climate change, ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect, and more. Both public and private sector companies need to ensure their projects do not degrade environmental quality. Such consultants protect a company from any legal action, fines, or transactions that would arise in their absence.

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Environmental consultants hold in-depth knowledge of environmental rules and regulations and enjoy saving your projects or the environment. Several companies help the market to navigate environment-friendly ways to run their business and stay compliant with the established laws.

Innovation Consulting:

Innovation is what drives your path ahead. It helps companies adapt and change dynamically to suit the market’s needs and grow in the process. Innovation consultants help you to move ahead of outdated tactics and practice ingenious methods. They identify the innovation scope in your infrastructure and help you with new strategy management. Companies that like being at the center of agile technology and trends must look for such innovation consultants.

Business Process Consulting:

business process consulting

You might have browsed through several websites offering business consulting services, but what do such solutions exactly entail?

To define business process consulting services: it is a consulting type that improves the implementation of business processes in a corporate setting. Every business wants to grow and upscale its standards. However, with inefficient systems, it becomes a tedious task. Business process consultants review all your business engagements, find the source of chaos, and remove it. They analyze every business process, organize it, improve communication within the organization, and help you achieve better leads, sales, and revenue.

Such professionals are groomed and trained to study business plans and better them. Companies offering business process consulting services pay attention to detail, remove hurdles, and lead to better results.

Public Relations Consulting:

PR consultants help enhance your public image. Their job is to aware your customers of your products and services, handle any reputation disaster, manage your online crowd, and drive interest in the minds of the consumers for your brand. They can organize press releases for a new product, put together a big event, host press conferences, and garner public attention. PR consultants employ the most crowded channels to get maximum customer traction.

So, if you’re somebody possessing excellent verbal skills, have a proven track record in media, can execute promotional strategies, and like fast-paced working environments, PR consulting is for you.

Procurement Consulting:

Procurement is helping companies find the right purchase goods from an external source. A procurement manager has an eye for detail and knows how to procure items from third-party vendors.

For companies, finding and buying new products is a complicated task. You have to consider the world market, be wary of risks and expenses encountered in the process, and reduce overall buying costs. Companies are always on the lookout for consulting personnel to improve their procurement programs and strategies, enhance productivity, and reduce purchasing expenses. Procurement consultants manage the supply chain, logistics, and delivery for you.

UI/UX Consulting:

Satisfactory customer experience is a must deliverance for companies. If your user interface doesn’t sync well with the products, digital media audience, software, website, or application, you might lose visitors, potential leads, and search ranks.

It is expected for every company to launch websites and apps that provide smooth navigation, are easy to use, functional, and help achieve customer goals. That is why companies hire UI/UX consultants to offer guidance and hands-on expertise while creating beautiful and incredible user interfaces and experiences.


21 types of business consultings

So, now you know about the 21 types of business consulting services. In truth, consulting is a broad genre, and you can find business consulting firms in India for every corporate department: marketing, HR, management, administration, sales, accounting, etc. What all consulting types have in common is the exchange of expert advice to organizations finding it hard to breathe in the competitive market.

Are you looking for any specific consulting services? Let us help you!

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