Importance of Guest Posting in SEO

Jul 20,2019 by Guest Author

With the drastic increase in the number of internet users over the recent years and everyone is seeking opportunity to sell products and buy products from home and Social Media Marketing or SMM or Digital Marketing has shaken the market platforms and changed it’s techniques for the ease of people.

In learning or applying marketing techniques for your business or to achieve your goals you must have came across something like Guest posts or blogs. Let’s assume we all are familiar with the term “Guest posting”.
But what is the meaning of it?

Starting from understanding the term itself “Guest posting”. It’s actual meaning is creating and publishing on another blogger’s blog or website to get backlinks for your own business or blog.

So how does it work?

You people should take a note that backlinks are essential if you want your webpage on top of a search engine’s result’s page. Although I’ll say backlinks of guest blogs or posts cannot guarantee a quick route to number one ranking on a search engine’s result’s page but it does helps for sure.

If you are now familiar with guest posting and want to work on it you should ask yourself why you want to go for it? What’s the need? Before writing your content ask yourself ‘why’ you want to write a guest post. Know the reason why you want to write so that you will get into the right mindset.

By having a purpose for your business you can make strategies and you would not end up wasting your time unless you want to have fun. What you exactly want to achieve? Know what results you are expecting from guest post sites and then go for it.

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If you have worked on guest posts or blogging in past then you can get someone to recommend you as guest blogger. By someone I mean you can reach out to the editor(s) you’ve worked for or your own audience to whisper a good word for you where you want to work.

Topic and it’s relevancy and the website where you want to write play major roles while writing for guest blogs.

Topic should be related to what you want to write on which type of blog. The topic is the deciding factor and acts as a deal breaker in guest posting. Choose the topic which fits your cause and have a connection with the website and their audience. Having the connection will help you attract the audience for maximum outreach.

Do not write a travel post on a tech related blog, it will be removed in no time, so try and avoid that part. Decide your topic in such a way so that it will be relevant to the audience that you are targeting for your brand.
And the location should be where you want to do marketing. Research on the web where you want to post for your content. Suppose for business expansion and gaining audience you want to search for popular blogs or websites for maximum reach. Google about the sites which suit your business goals.

Guest posting will help you in your business because of the following reasons:

1. Website traffic: Guest posts and their backlinks ends up in attracting huge traffic for your website or business. Attracted traffic is a green signal that website scrollers will end up being potential customers if the right kind of content is presented to them.

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2. Relationship with audience: Good guest posts works as an add on the website and helps in creating links and relations to achieve your goals for the same by providing services as an exchange.

3. Brand awareness: With increase in the number of customers or viewers the brand or business will surely be well known in the market to old and new customers or viewers.

4. Affordable: When you are running or thinking about running a business then you might be on a very tight budget. So by guest blogging you can end up saving upto most of your marketing budget and you can use that resource in some other way that will benefit your business.

5. Increased sales: With interesting guest posts, good amount of backlinks and high number of brand awareness will add authenticity, qualified traffic, increase in sales and maintained leads in your business.

6. Helps in search engines: When it comes to searching something on Google I prefer blogs with nice amount of backlinks in order to avoid being exposed to fake sites and spam content. Authenticity comes where backlinks add value to guest posts on blogs or search engines for the ease of people.

Here are some reasons why guest blogging works to help you with your business. Plan and strategize for your desirable outcomes.

Hope this helps you growing your business or marketing about your brand.

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Deepak Pant is a content manager for Degions, hailing from Aurora. He loves to writing about blogging, IoT and other hot marketing trends. When he finds the time to detach from his keyboard, he enjoys his Kindle library and a hot coffee.

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