AI and Digital Marketing: Integrating Innovation and Strategy

Jun 01,2019 by Shashvat Vats
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A few years ago, you wouldn’t imagine infusing artificial intelligence with your digital marketing endeavors.

Today, however, the blend of digital marketing and AI is picking up pace. Marketers and business owners are using the power of machine learning technology to make the most out of their digital marketing efforts.

As per stats, around 47% of the companies that use first-string digital marketing practices have already a pre-set AI plan.

Digital marketing is all about making a prosperous and lasting connection with your audience.

With AI, the need for human intervention in extraneous yet necessary tasks like visual perception, decision-making, voice-recognition, and the translation is eradicated.

Market experts have predicted that by the end of the year 2025, the AI industry will leverage a market of $190 billion.

This means that the amplification of AI will penetrate and revamp the digital industry just like it has been influencing other sectors. The scope for digital marketing is bigger though.

Metamorphosing Digital Marketing through AI

If you are running a business in the USA, you can tie up with a digital marketing company in India and can streamline your efforts for a higher return. They will promote your business through all different mediums like Social media marketing, PPC, SEO etc.

We all know how revolutionary the inclusion of chatbots has been for online marketers.

The notion of using an AI-backed chatbot to respond to customers’ queries in order to provide an impeccable user experience is really a game changer for business owners.

Stats tell us that every 6 out of 10 Americans regard the ability to provide 24*7 support around the week as the best attribute of chatbots.

This means that as a business owner, neither you have to hire extra manpower nor you have to worry about the customer queries or complains.

No doubt, elimination of human intervention is surely one of the highlighting aspects of applications of AI in the digital marketing sector.

In today’s time, if you are available for your customers all the time, you are creating a lasting impression in their mind.

Apart from this, AI helps digital marketers in personalizing their content, which is exposed to the user navigating their websites.

Machine learning technology is helping marketers to record and analyze the purchasing habit of users and notify their preferences accordingly.

Using this insight, the classification of your audience becomes easier and sales driven through tailor-made content becomes inevitable.

So, AI aids digital marketers to become more efficient and yield a better return. However, one of the most highlighted merits of infusing AI into digital marketing is the reduction of expense.

Many marketers are using AI to trim the overhead cost of their holistic digital marketing efforts.

Let’s take a look at how the big brands are utilizing AI to make their digital marketing endeavors more impactful and effective:

AI and Digital Marketing: Examples

Digital marketing is the need of the hour for every business owner.

Whether you are directing the digital marketing efforts from an in-house team or if you are availing the solutions from a digital marketing company in India, you cannot afford to oversee this division.

Till now we have only talked about how digital marketing ‘can be’ smoothened by AI – Now we’ll see how digital marketing is actually boosted by AI.

Here are a few examples of illustrious companies using AI to sharpen their digital marketing efforts:


Many of you might be thinking that the domination of Disney is slowly fading away in modern times.

That’s not true.

Disney has invested in the artificial intelligence tool, FVAEs or Factorized Variational Autoencoders. The move is taken to comprehend its moviegoers and identify their preferences accurately.

How did they do that?

FVAE tool is apparently a pattern identification tactic that works quite similar to recommendation engines.

In more technical terms, FVAEs hypothesizes and assesses the audience responses to find what attracts people and what pushes them away.

This way, Disney is able to find the scenes that are most liked or disliked by an audience.

Marvel, which is owned by Disney, is utilizing a ferocious combination of FVAE system and Big Data to examine the instances and moments in their narration that is mostly liked by the people.

Disney has also deployed an intriguing way of exploiting AI using the spectacular Magic Bench.

This an ideal amalgamation of mixed reality and augmented reality (MR and AR).

Users are made to sit on a bench and are connected with a humanoid animal. The visuals of users and animated humanoid is exhibited on a screen.

As the animal sits down, vibrations are developed using the haptic sensors and speakers that are affixed with bench. The entire room is crafted in a 3D visual on the screen enabling people to move alongside or ahead or behind the animated characters.


Netflix, the American media-services provider, that is slowly becoming a household name across the globe, is making a strong inclination towards the AI-backed algorithms or anticipative technologies.

The objective is to offer a personalized experience to each user by recommending the sort of series, movies, documentaries, etc, based on the preferences of the audience.

Before the deployment of AI, Netflix is known to recommend the shows based on the feedback of users.

Today, by using predictive algorithms, Netflix is suggesting movies and shows that are in line with what users have previously liked or seen.

This is a sheer epitome of effective preemptive marketing.

Also, to become an apex media-service provider, Netflix uses AI to purge out the recurring issues like irritating pauses and rebuffering problems.


The multinational American company is one of the early brands that invested in artificial intelligence technology.   

Long before companies even knew about the applications of artificial intelligence, Amazon has been benefiting from the product recommendation feature.

Research tells that the recommendation engine of Amazon contributes more than 35% of the company’s overall earning.  

Being an ace digital marketer, Amazon has constantly updated the algorithms to make recommendations more precise.

Amazon reviews are considered extremely useful for companies that look to market and promote their brand.

However, a lot of organizations started putting up fake reviews to generate high product rating, which was failing the purpose.

Hence, as a countermeasure, Amazon developed an ML algorithm, which can weed out fake reviews and identify credible feedback.

Amazon’s product like Go Store, Alexa, and Amazon recommendation engine are all elevated by an extravagant combination of AI and ML.

Applications of AI in digital marketing

Above-mentioned examples give a generalized picture of how Fat Cats of the industry are using AI to better their digital marketing approach.

In this section, we are going to see a few direct implementations of AI in digital marketing endeavors:

Generating and curating content

We all will agree that AI is still not that advanced that it can scribble down its own political impression for a newspaper or jot down thought-leadership write-ups.

However, marketers are now utilizing AI to create such content that has the power to bring visitors to your website.

One of the biggest contributions of Ai in the content field is its proficiency to generate reports and news based on data and information available.

These pre-set forms and templates are filled by artificial intelligence using the data and keywords, which makes the content looks like written by a human.

And these proven tactic is already being employed by the biggest media companies like CBS, BBC, the New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, etc.

AI is also able to curate content to have better user engagement. In the previous section, we have already discussed how AI is helping Netflix and Amazon to offer recommendations to their users.

Email marketing

Artificial intelligence analyzes your email history and customer data to find out the best time in a day and the best days in a week to send emails to potential customers.

Depending on every prospect’s behavior and preference, the artificial intelligence is able to help marketers in setting up an adequate frequency of their emails, design intriguing content, and jot down captivating subject lines.

If you are looking to handover your endeavors, tie up with a renowned digital marketing company in India that can speed up your email efforts using AI. A lot of service vendors have also started delivering AI-boosted digital solutions.

Digital advertising

Marketers who are taking care of social media promotion or running ad campaigns on Google or Facebook know how easy it is to target segmented audience depending on various demographics.

These companies have utilized AI and ML both to assess user data that comprises demographics, actions, interests, and options to come out with the most persuasive audience for different brands.

In this way, if you are planning to run a campaign for your product running shoes, you can set up the settings to target male and female customers aged between 15-30 and those living in metro cities.

This way, you can set up the most relevant audience for your efforts.

AI-powered search

Artificial intelligence is known to help businesses through the utilization of colossal data that is available on the web.

This lone feature helps businesses to drive search based on users’ intent, behavior, and preferences.

AI has also empowered users to find information by giving out voice commands. Various devices like Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa are examples of AI-led voice searches.

Voice-based searches now comprise 20% of the total Google searches today.

Therefore, companies of all sectors are now adjusting the voice-based search algorithms along with the conventional text-based searches strategies.

A suitable tip to implement persuasive voice-based search is by optimizing the pages with search phrases that initiate with words like “What”, “Who”, “Where”, “Why”, “How”, and “When”.

Enhancing user experience

When you are successfully able to examine a user’s data, you should devise a tantalizing user experience on the website through directed algorithms.

As per the users’ preference and behavior, AI is able to offer offers and information to make the experience more comfortable and friendly.

Connect with a competent digital marketing company in India that can ensure easy anticipation of customers’ behavior and demographics by keeping a close eye on their search cycles.

When you are able to render a compelling experience and user-friendly website, then only your audience will keep coming back to you.

We have already discussed applications of artificial intelligence through chatbots and predictive analysis.


The world of digital marketing has been hit hard by the propulsion of AI – for good of course.

From revamping and generating user-enticing content that can encourage user engagement to provide users with relevant suggestions for products and services, AI has been perpetually displaying its significance in the digital marketing sector.

Voice-based and visual-based searches are becoming the new trend of the industry.

With people working day & night to further power AI, who knows how AI will resurface the digital marketing sector in the future.

One thing is certain though – AI is going to stay as a permanent booster in the digital marketing industry for a long time.

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