Figure out the connection between e-mail marketing and SEO for your venture success

Jul 09,2019 by Guest Author

A good marketing plan for any business venture is incomplete without email marketing. Seems like an oddball choice in this day and age of social networking and media hosting sites, but all you need to do is take a look at the promotional content you receive on a daily basis in your mailbox. The sheer volume will help you understand how vital, effective, and inexpensive e-mail marketing is for boosting sales.

SEO is the tool that ensures that all of your content, including marketing, blog articles, e-commerce promotional content appears high at the search result rankings, which drives much-needed traffic into the domain. Firms are, therefore, continuously devising SEO strategies and implementing them, keeping in mind the trends that dominate searches and results.

SEO and e-mail: what is the connection?

Does it seem like there is no direct connection between the two? Well, you need to keep in mind that as long as you place your e-mail content on the website or the domain, you can always build up a connection. You can increase the number of authentic visitors and potential leads by using your e-mail to promote the content.

It is a unique way to ensure the driving of qualified traffic, targeted content, and better engagement metrics for your domain. This is especially true for SMB ventures or the small to medium-sized undertakings. All you need to do is get the expert help to enable you to figure out the strategies that will work for you. Search online for local branding services near you today.

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So, let us have a look at how you can use e-mail to drive your SEO content higher up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Personalizing e-mail content

In all probability, you already know the importance of personalized content. Personalized content is crucial since it catches the attention of the customer base, and the more you customize the content according to the demographic, the better is the audience retention. With high audience retention, you can better the search result ranking for your site.

Now imagine an e-mail blast to a qualified group of consumers who will ensure traffic generation by visiting the site. That is what we call a correctly implemented strategy. There are various online tools that you can use while figuring out the personalization and appeal to multiple users.

Host the e-mail marketing content on your website

Keep in mind that it is imperative to host all the e-mail marketing content on the site. This is especially true if you send blog posts, articles, and e-mail newsletters. This is essential for a straightforward reason, as consumers will search for the service on the website and not in their inboxes.

Keep in mind that the consumer searches using keywords that are provided by your e-mail blast. You need to hammer home the keyword and the features of the service so that users are compelled to follow up the narrative supplied by you.

Social media and e-mail

No SEO article is ever complete without mentioning the importance of social media marketing campaigns due to the through-the-roof popularity of these social networking sites. Incorporate the social buttons and quick links in the e-mail blast so that easy access across all the essential platforms is just a mouse click away.

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Maintain an e-mail list of high engagement

This is where you have to invest a bit of time. Maintain a list of all contacts that are usually highly engaged and interactive. The users who are highly engaged often open all the e-mail blasts and search for the content online at a later time. There are various online tools that you can use to measure the audience engagement to create and manage the list.

All you need to do is study your audience and learn about their preferences. It is all about trying to think like the consumer. Make sure your e-mail blasts and SEO content dovetail together to ensure the best possible traffic generation and audience retention strategy.

Test out demo keywords

Before you finalize your keywords, wouldn’t it be great if you could try them out? Well, with e-mail campaigning, this is possible as well. You can go for the A/B or the multivariate testing through your e-mail blasts and sift through the data to analyze keyword popularity and search patterns.

You can also go for subject line testing, which will also give you a clear idea about optimizing your keywords. SEO experts would like you to test out the keywords both in the subject line as well as the body of the text/e-mail.

Reverse engineering keywords

Reverse engineering is all about thinking like the consumer. Here, all you need to do is think about the search string your audience might use online to search for content. It is all about what the majority might think about a specific service/product or topic.

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About creating awareness

When the topic is about e-mail marketing, one thing is sure; the content needs to resonate with the audience and not sleep in the inbox. No one remembers a simple advertisement if there is nothing to entice or excite the audience. If you want to create a brand, you need unique content, features, and a presentation that is unparalleled in this highly competitive market.

Create a brand awareness to ensure popularity and global reach for your venture. It is not about how many e-mail blasts your server can send daily. If that is your strategy, then you will soon get labeled as a certified spammer. Incorporate e-mail marketing as a vital cog in the entire marketing and brand awareness wheel. Always keep your ears and eyes open for avenues of marketing beyond the e-mail blast and incorporate media, blogs, and video along with the mail newsletters.

E-mails support all the other SEO strategies. Use this easily accessible tool to manage brand building for your venture. Leverage this common and prevalent touch point to contact and inform potential leads about your brand and services on offer. All the best!

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