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Sep 07,2021 by Neha Dubey
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How to Thrive Your Business with Online Reputation Management?

Almost every business has an online existence today. And the outbreak of the coronavirus has significantly impacted the way business used to happen. Now more and more companies are going online, thereby raising competition online. Of course, going online is not a big deal; it’s now a question of defining that internet presence. 

Undeniably, how others perceive your internet business has a significant impact on it. And that perception corresponds to the one you wish to develop. When it comes to your internet reputation, it’s not a good idea to just let things happen. You may, however, take action to safeguard your internet reputation so that your company can continue to thrive. 

That’s when online reputation management services come into the picture. 

Well, in this post, we are going to discuss the same. So, just scroll down to understand everything about online reputation management and how it can benefit your business.

What is online reputation management?

The technique of managing a brand’s online reputation is known as online reputation management. It entails regular monitoring and ensuring that a company’s image remains positive by enhancing positive content and reducing the exposure of negative content.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business that’s just been around for a year, online reputation management is essential. It has evolved into a crucial component of internet business management.

More and more organizations are paying attention to what their consumers are saying about them because of the power of customer feedback and social media. Companies that use online reputation management solutions now experience long-term success and growth.

Why are online reputation management services significant?

Let’s face it. Nowadays, everyone is connected to the internet. Your clients use social media, your competitors have an online presence, and your potential clients look for consumer reviews on the internet. There’s no denying that the internet plays a crucial role when it comes to a great online reputation or mismanaged web presence. 

Research indicates that nearly nine out of ten consumers read reviews before making a purchase, which makes it a huge number for that matter. As per Bizrate Insights, 2021, 54.7 percent of consumers consider reading at least four reviews before making a purchase. And four out of five select the competition after reading one negative review. 

As a result, a poorly maintained online reputation can have a significant impact on your organization. Of course, this isn’t what you’re looking for!

Wondering what you should do in this situation?

Well, it’s simple! Just take the right steps to change how your audience perceives you with online reputation management. 

What should you do to manage your online reputation?

One way is to hire reputable online reputation management services or social media marketing companies to handle your reputation online. And another way is to implement online reputation marketing strategies. However, there are a lot of details to consider when planning and implementing an effective online reputation management strategy. 

Moreover, changing your online reputation is not a task of a day or two. The amount of labor and time required is extensive. It varies depending on the size of your firm and how much of an internet presence you already have. 

Steps to manage your online reputation

1. Determine Your Online Reputation

Before you take any actions to manage your brand’s online reputation, you need to determine your online reputation first. It helps to know how much work needs to be done in order to accomplish online reputation goals. Here are a few key pointers to consider to ensure you get off to a solid start.

2. Know what your audience says about you.

The first and foremost step to managing your online reputation is to know what your audience says about you. Without having this question clear, there is no point in moving ahead. There are myriads of online places, such as blogs, forums, social media, and review sites, you can use to know general opinion about your brand. Go to these websites and key in the name of your company to see what comes up. 

  • Is it largely about your product or service that they’re complaining about? 
  • Do they see your company in a positive way?  
  • Does your website come on the first page of search engines, or are other sites listed first? 

Whatever will come up is what your potential customers think about you. Make sure you keep track of these results to have a better picture of how you’re being seen online. Also, it will assist you in setting the right online reputation goals for your company.

3. Establish your reputation goals.

Richard Branson has quoted it wonderfully – “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.”  It implies that to create a brand name, you must first establish an internet reputation. You must be explicit about your online reputation goals in order to achieve this. Once you’ve identified a clear goal, you can devise ways to achieve that goal.

4. Conduct a reputation audit.

In order to know how far you have made, you need to conduct a reputation audit. All you have to do is make a list of all measurable information about your present internet reputation, compare it to your goals, and devise a strategy to bridge the gap. Conducting a reputation audit helps you to see: 

  • Your brand’s average customer rating on the internet.
  • The number of good reviews about your company on Google. 
  • The number of likes you receive on your social media handles. 
  • The number of complaints you receive in a specific timeframe, and so on.

There are many tools such as Hoot suite Insights, BuzzSumo, etc., to know your website’s ranking on the internet. It helps you determine the actual status of your company and accordingly devise your strategies to change the reputation.


So, this is all about how to use online reputation management to grow your business. To be honest, it won’t be easy, especially if you don’t have the specialized skills needed to manage your online reputation. And this lack of understanding, which most organizations overlook, is what leads to their extinction from the business ecosystem. That is why expert online reputation management services are recommended.

At Cyfuture, we have a team of skilled and experienced people who can handle and manage your reputation online. Our team majorly focuses on the pain points and keeps your desired goals in mind before devising any online reputation management strategy for you. Moreover, we are one of the best social media marketing companies in India. So, feel free to contact us for more details; we’re just a call away! You can also drop us a mail at [email protected].

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