5 Social Networking Trends That Must Be Considered

Dec 24,2019 by Admin
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Have you ever thought about the dynamics of the ecosystem around digital marketing? In constant motion, this environment always presents new features and strategies. Therefore, continuously following developments is a prerogative that is essential for success. Next, we need to think about innovation. The idea here is to look for different ways to make a brand flourish. To reach this pinnacle, it is necessary to invest in technology and tools that help to find out trends in social networks and to determine the best direction to follow.

This is how your decision-making becomes more accurate and informed. Also, this is how the alignment of marketing with strategic objectives is ensured, especially in social networks.

From this new context, new work methodologies are found, such as nimble marketing or design thinking. At the same time, knowledge recycling leads to increased efficiency in marketing efforts – and that’s what you want if you want to be successful.

Considering this scenario, we present 5 trends in social networks to monitor. Want to know what that is? See below!

  1. Instagram as the leading social network

All studies on social networks show that Instagram should be used more by companies in 2020. The reason?

To give you an idea, by the end of 2019, 89.4% of companies will run an Instagram handle – Source Social Media Trends survey. Advertising on social media grew 177% in the second quarter of 2018 – while Facebook ads increased by 40% in that period.

In addition, an Outlook survey for the Digital Market by mLab and Hello Research with 2018 Social Media Week participants and speakers revealed that:

 – Only 1% of brands say they will stop using Instagram;

 – 24% will save investment in it;

 – 62% will invest more than what they had invested in 2018.

In other words, even though Instagram might not always fit in with the company’s strategy, it tends to provide extraordinary results that the brand has already seen. The following further embellish social media advertising on Instagram – 

 – IGTV – application for making long videos;

 – The emergence of Instagram Shopping, for brands to add labels to products with links and price information;

 – Share content from other accounts on Instagram Stories.

  1. Hacking growth

Hacking growth is a mindset that looks for gaps and opportunities to create and test specific strategies that focus on rapid business growth. Though it might sound like a mainstream startup idea, it is capable enough to benefit enterprises equally.

 How do you apply this idea? You have to find the right trigger that drives the acceleration of growth. This work involves the process of understanding, technology, experimental methodology, and consumer psychology to achieve meaningful results.

This requires generating ideas with the team, selecting them, making experimental models, implementing them, and measuring the results. Although somewhat complicated, 27% of 2018 Social Media Week participants indicated that they see growth hacking as one of the top trends and investment categories for 2019. For speakers, the value is meagre but still significant: 18%.

 In addition, the same research shows that:

    15% want to maintain investment;

    24% want to make more effort;

    27% intend to start using this approach.

Want an example of a company that grew a lot through this strategy? LinkedIn is here to show you results. By adopting this approach, the number of active users rose to 200 million – all because a public profile was created, accessible to people not on social networks.

The point is search engine optimization delivers results. So, every time someone’s name is searched on Google, one of the first results is their LinkedIn profile. At present, the network already has more than 500 million users.

  1. Podcasts

Have you ever considered using Podcasts in your strategy? Know that this has been an effective way for at least 33% of Social Media Week speakers (2018). When it comes to inflating investments, 18% brands believe that expenditures must be inflated, while a good 10% want little to no change in their current spendings.

Why is this approach useful? First, because it allows you to be closer to the user. Second, because podcasts have a wider reach, and are an easy way to diversify content.

There are brands implementing podcasting cycles to strengthen their content marketing strategies. An example is Hubspot, which runs The Growth Show. The company has shown through a series of audio, how to build a multi-million business starting from scratch.

To understand the growing dominance of this type of content, the Edison Research report conducted a survey in which it was found that the number of podcasts increased by 71% between 2013 and 2016. In addition, 1 in 4 people aged 12-54 listened to this format at least once a month.

 Despite positive reports, research shows that only 10% of brands work with this approach in their content strategy – have you thought about ways to innovate and exploit this format? After all, because it’s less crowded, the opportunity to stand out is bigger.

  1. Artificial intelligence

 Still in consolidation, the use of AI in marketing is a social media trend in 2019. For 23% of speakers at the 2018 Social Media Week, this is the second major initiative to consider.

The question is: how to use AI in digital marketing services, more specifically on social networks? The answer is data collection and analysis, which provides insight into your brand.

The simplest form of application is remarketing. Ever noticed how ads that appear on social platforms are for products that you only recently searched. The idea, therefore, is:

 – propose strategies for data collection;

 – analyze results and predict solutions to problems;

 – optimize SEO actions, for example, by searching for the best keywords.

 This strategy is already being put to use by large IT companies like Google and Facebook. But you can also use it in your business to determine product prices, automate community management, and predict consumer behavior. This makes it easier to create promotions that bring positive results!

  1. Lives, webinars and streaming

 As much as they are already used, lives, webinars and streaming continue to be trending in 2019. Live streaming has become more mainstream in the past few years, and companies have continued to embrace it continuously. To brag with stats, 25% of attendees of Social Media Week 2018 found live streaming wholesome. A live stream is only as good as its contents. The strength of these features is in video content. By 2019, 80% of online consumption is expected to occur through this format – and social networks are contributing to this trend by offering more and more features like Stories. For brands, this is the opportunity to generate traffic and revenue quickly. Companies are on such a spree to leverage this technology that live streaming is expected to be a $ 70 billion industry by 2021.

Now the question is – Are you ready to follow the trends?

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