What The Year 2020 Has Brought To The Digital Marketing Industry?

Dec 09,2019 by Admin

The digital marketing landscape has changed more in the last 5 years than in the last 50, with this speedy progress doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. New techniques, technologies, and the ever-changing platform algorithms keep most digital marketing teams on their toes.

From social media, SEO, B2B sales content marketing and more, they need to stay updated on the upcoming trends so that their clients’ digital marketing campaigns stay effective. The Digital Marketing Strategies for the year 2020 will definitely change with the new technologies. And as we enter a new decade, here are the top digital marketing trends that the year 2020 will offer.


Already an important of this year’s digital marketing efforts, Chatbots will continue to rise in 2020. An AI-based tech, it uses instant messaging to chat real-time, anytime with your site visitors and customers.

How Chatbots Will Change Enterprise Work Norms

A survey revealed that 63 percent of respondents prefer messaging online chatbots in order to communicate with a brand or a business. It is also expected that chatbots will power up to 85 percent of customer service next year and should help businesses save more than $8 billion per annum by the year 2022.

Voice Search

“Hey Google, how many Americans have a smart speaker?”

“Over ¼ of adults or 66.4 million in the US.”

You heard it right, more than 4 percent of adults have their own smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Not only that, 31 percent of smartphone users globally use voice-activated searches such as Siri at least once per week.

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By 2020, it is expected that 50 percent of all searches will be made of voice searches, making it one of the biggest digital marketing trends to step in next year.

Interactive Content

Next year, 91 percent of buyers will be looking for more interactive digital content, with content marketing shifting its focus just to give people what they truly want. 360-degree videos, AR/VR, polls and quizzes will boom.

A few reasons why interactive content will be crowned as the new king include:

  • Gives visitors a reason to stay on your page
  • New and original content, helping you to cut through the noise and traffic
  • Its shareability increases brand awareness
  • People just love interacting

Influencer Marketing

Once upon a time, influencers were the huge celebrities with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. However, companies are now partnering with people having only a small social media follower (1,000 – 10,000) to reach a targeted audience. Leveraging these influential people on social media can allow you to connect with your audience with a voice that they trust.

When It Comes to Influencers, Fake Engagement Is Only Half the Problem

As influencer marketing evolves to be more personalized and authentic, 92 percent of consumers trust other consumer suggestions over corporate advertising. In addition, a study expects that the ad spending for influencer marketing will reach about $10 billion by 2020, making it clear that influencer marketing will be here to stay.


Personalized marketing is new in 2020. People are getting tired of seeing generic ads that have nothing to do with them.

People change channels when commercials are on and pay extra on streaming services just to avoid ads. Generic commercials and traditional ads are becoming ineffective.

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And this is when personalized advertising takes the spotlight. This means more personalized products, contents, emails and more.

A survey revealed that 80 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with an organization that offers a personalized experience. The same survey revealed that 90 percent of 1,000 consumers find personalization appealing.

Visual Search

Other than voice search, visual searches are expected to take a step next year, considering how they take the user experience to a whole new level. With visual search, people can just upload an image in order to make a web search and get more specific results.

Pinterest came up with a visual search tool called Lens that allows a user to take a photo of an item in order to find out where to buy it, view pinboards of related items or search for similar products. Google also offered its own visual search engine called Google Lens which recognizes landmarks and objects through the app. Then there’s Bing Visual Search and CamFind.

According to a report, 62 percent of millennials are more interest in the capabilities of visual search than any other new tech. The same report revealed that there are more than 600 million visual searches on Pinterest every month and images are returned for 19 percent of Google search queries.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will take over the world, at least the world’s simpler tasks.

A few years ago, Gartner predicted that AI techs would be prevalent in almost every new service and software product by 2020. This prediction was seconded earlier this 2019 by Harvard Business Review.

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Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning

A report revealed that AI will be the biggest commercial opportunity for industries, companies, and nations for the next few decades and should increase universal GDP by 14 percent between today and 2030.

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