How to Recover your Website From Google Panda Penalty?

Jun 28,2019 by Guest Author

Recovering your website from a Google Panda penalty is quite challenging, but not impossible. If you are one of the them who are the victim of google panda update. it’s time to get back your rankings as well as traffic.

Since the initial release of the Panda algorithm in February 2011, Google Panda has affected thousands of bloggers and websites. Google’s ranking algorithm penalizes low-quality sites that don’t provide valuable information to their users.

Here I’m not promising you to get back your 100% traffic, because there is no way to get 100% of your traffic back by keeping the same low-quality content, but with a new idea and strategy, you can recover from Panda update and drive more traffic than what you had.

Hi, I’m vina and In Today post I’m gonna share a hack to recover your website from Panda penalty.

In this post, we’ll cover the hot topics like

What is Google Panda Algorithm?

In 2011, Google launches a new algorithm name as ” Google Panda “. The motive behind this algorithm is to offer the user the best results after a search.

Due to Google panda techniques such as meta tags and SEO became outdated. This is how the new algorithms work, including Google Panda, are based more on the originality and quality of the content on various websites.

That’s why I’ve always told you that when it comes to writing for the internet, content is king. And it is not about the content length only it is about the quality more than quantity so make sure whenever you share content it’s original and has contained a value.

Now the question is that why Google launch this algorithm? you say “to provide a better search result to users” Hmm but there is also another big reason is increasing number of urls over the internet.

From the last few years, there has been seen this the number of URLs is doubled over the web. To read these URLs, we must add that webpages on Google turns twice in a month to all web and all internet is millions of millions of web pages.

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If you think about it, it is really an exhausting task even for a computer to read so much information and filter from the web to offer the best results of the search.

After this Google think, What is this why the number of URLs is increasing day by day? What’s the content they offer? Is it different or the same?

To protect the users from these spamming websites, which offer misleading advertising and copied information from other websites to capture users. That’s why Google took an action against these spammers, with the help Navneet panda who created the panda algorithm, to punish those who make a backhaul SEO.

How Panda Algorithm Works?

Google Panda looks for to solve positioning problems by enhancing systems to eliminate content thought about spam, pages of duplicate web content. That’s why bloggers need to concentrate on developing original content, quality for the user, which will certainly make you feel drawn in by such info, share it, etc and also at the time that Panda experiences your web site to examine your material going across analytics data, etc, you will certainly be discarded as a spamming web page and also you can live quietly without being punished.

How to Recover from Panda Update

To save your self from panda penalty, you need to avoid a few things on your website.

Avoid the following things on your website:-

Duplicate content: Make sure the content is well researched so that it will provide a piece of valuable information to your users. Don’t copy other contents make your self a bit different from others. Always remember “Only those person create an identity who has a different work from others”.

Websites with bad user experience: If users come to your website but back immediately. It makes a bad impression. So make sure the content or information your share has some credibility and engaging. So the user’s stay on your website.

External links to bad websites: Never give a link juice to a low-quality website. Who does not has valuable information on their website. Always link to high authority websites.

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Don’t advertise too much on your website. So that the users get irritated and your website also gets slow. Avoid over advertising.

Avoid Grammar and spelling mistakes. you can use Grammarly to avoid these silly mistakes.

Too many broken links on your website. Redirect them to other useful or relevant webpages.

Recover Website from Panda Update | Step by Step Procedure

Many of SEO’s think deleting copied web content is the solution to save yourself from Google Panda Update, but it is not. Deleting your web content is not a permanent solution and it also decreases your web traffic.

Yes, Google Panda already affect your traffic and ranking, Or if you delete your old content it also harms your regular traffic. Now, Here I’m going step by step you get back your website on the top.

Step 1. Identify & Target Web pages

Our first step is to identify those pages which are affected by Google Panda Update. Identify web pages which have low-quality content or duplicate content.

Yes, it may be true that your content is unique. You write original content but sometimes the content you wrote is already published somewhere else.

Now you need to analyze your web traffic on your webpage before panda update. Analyzing the amount of traffic that you lose at the time of the panda update.

Analyze the webpages which have less number content. Generally, the article length must be 1000+ words to stand in the market but If you provide a piece of detailed information on any topic that would you like to share is good. Users enjoy and come to your website because you provide something worthful.

There is a number of Tools available over the web like siteliner and Copyscape to check that your content is unique or duplicate. But that site only provides limited information you have to used paid version to get detailed in depth.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have enough budget. you can use a manual method as it is time-consuming but trust me no one is better than this. To detect your content is duplicated or not, select a small piece of content end quoted in Google.

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On the above image, you can see that there is no result found for ”your search term”. It means the content you published is not duplicate.

2. Improve Low-quality and Duplicate Content

Once you have done analysis and your web list of poor web pages is extracted, which has less content, replicate content. you can start taking action!

Google never tells to delete your webpages but it is highly recommended to update the content of this type of pages. To make SEO more efficient and provide better user experience always stay updated with Google webmaster guidelines.

3. Make a group of similar content

Let’s suppose you have two post one is on Article marketing and second is on their benefits & article submission sites. Or like the Samsung phone and Samsung mobile phone. In both, the cases have the same meaning but different web pages. Why? why not we merge both information and make such rich content.

It helps in many ways, some search for a Samsung phone and he/she get complete information about Samsung where on a single webpage. On another side, you provide the same information but in two different places which may cause not rank you because less of content, the User experience is not good and many other reasons.

If you are in the same condition who created pages for similar queries, you can use 301 redirections for older pages.

Hope this guide helps you to prevent your website from google panda update. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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