How to Speed Up Your Social Game with Twitter For Marketing

Apr 14,2020 by Anushka Agarwal

Twitter is not just about tweeting your thoughts, it is a powerful social marketing tool and search engine. It is normal if you haven’t figured out how to use Twitter for marketing and customer engagement. Most people don’t even think about including it as a part of their social media marketing strategy.   

But can Twitter function as a social media platform?

For any social media channel to function as a marketing avenue, it needs a high number of active users and engagement. 

Twitter has more than 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users. 

330 million monthly and 145 million daily active users

The following shows the Twitter analytics page for Tweets. This will give you an idea of the type of content that your audience is most interested in seeing, and which type of posts maximizes your audience attractions. The impressions are the number of times your tweet has appeared on the timeline of people’s Twitter page in a particular time period.

Furthermore, 63% of the users on Twitter are between 35-65 years, an appealing genre of consumers for a platform.

 As far as the Twitter app is concerned, it had 11.7 million app downloads in the first quarter of 2019. This was an increase of 3.6% from the previous year. 

Its use as a digital marketing tool is supported by 67% of B2B marketers.

67% of B2B marketers use twitter

Such stats prove the reputation Twitter has, in the digital marketing arenas. It consists of many excellent features that prove its advantages for businesses. Like every other marketing platform, finding success on Twitter requires strategic planning and well-thought tactics. 

All brands need, is compelling and relevant content, and you can attract customers to your website via Twitter.

What Do You Understand by  Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Similar to any other social media marketing strategy, using Twitter for marketing revolves around the creation, publishing, and distributing of amazing content for audiences, followers, and potential buyers to boost leads, conversions, improve brand reputation, and increase sales. 

It will require you to follow the same steps as for any other social media marketing strategy. These include:

  • Study your buyer and audience personality 
  • Pen down unique and engaging content
  • Schedule your posts on Twitter 
  • Analyze its impact on the audience and results 
  • Tweak your strategies for better engagement ratio 

What Makes Twitter a Perfect Platform for Marketing Your Brand?

Stats are not the only data that prove Twitter’s worth as an apt social media platform. 

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Twitter is the ‘What’s Happening’ around the world version. It lets its audience know about the breaking news and everything new added in the world via science, politics, engineering, businesses etc.

54% of the Twitter audience question the importance of any news if they can’t find it on Twitter. 

54% of the Twitter audience question the importance of any news

The audience segment makes all the difference in Twitter. The audience is curious and ultimately receptive as well. The influence of the users on Twitter is what acts as a perfect catalyst for any marketers’ campaign messaging. 

Furthermore, since all the top professionals are on Twitter and use the platform consistently, Twitter is a great platform to reach those executives. 

How To Use Twitter For Marketing?

So, as a business owner, you want to get more from Twitter but you don’t know how to do it. We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks on how to use Twitter for an impactful and engaging marketing strategy. 

  1. Examine your Twitter account thoroughly 

If you already have a Twitter account, then the first thing you need to do is audit it. Make an account of what’s working and what’s not working on your Twitter profile. Through Twitter analytics, you can analyze how well are your hashtags performing, the audience reception of your tweets, and your Twitter audience as a whole. 

tweet activity

The following shows the Twitter analytics page for Tweets. This will give you an idea of the type of content that your audience is most interested in seeing, and which type of posts maximizes your audience attractions. The impressions are the number of times your tweet has appeared on the timeline of people’s Twitter page in a particular time period.

tweets and followers

The followers’ tab shows the increase in your number of followers every day. It also entails the new followers you have gained. The Twitter analytics dashboard is itself a master platform to let you calculate and analyze everything you need to know about your Twitter profile.

  1. Find your voice 

Every brand has its way of attracting an audience on its channel. Big brands take over to the latest trends to post content appealing to the masses. Your Twitter profile doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Make it more playful and casual. Consider your Twitter page, to be another platform where you can connect with the audience.

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Twitter post from Burger King

For example, this is a Twitter post from Burger King. They are known for their amazing brand persona and the way they connect with their audiences. That is why they has 1.8 Million followers on its account. 

  1. Use trending hashtags and trends 

Hashtags are just another way to increase your engagement. Without hashtags, approaching a specific group of audience can be difficult. According to a report, brands can witness a 100% increase in their engagement when they use effective and trending hashtags. 

Moreover, some brands create specific hashtags for a campaign and encourage people to use to share tweets with their hashtag. 

Coke campaign by Coca Cola

The #ShareACoke campaign by Coca Cola is an amazing example of trending hashtags. It was highly successful and garnered a lot of attention to their profiles.

For brands who do not know what to post can always look at the Twitter Trends on their homepage. You can monitor the trending hashtags, topics and top influencers for such campaigns as well.

  1. Use Twitter ads 

Did you know that Twitter offers paid advertising options as well? 

Twitter Ads is a great way to reach your audience in a paid way rather than an organic manner. 

Through promoted tweets, you can help to expand your reach quickly and effectively. 

Just like any other paid social media platform, through Twitter ads, your profile will appear in the timeline of people who share the same interest as the audience. These people can look at your content, visit your page, and if they like it, follow your business profile as well. However, the promoted tweets or Twitter ads are marked. So, users can find out that is a paid one and not organic content. 

Furthermore, you can use Twitter analytics to view how your ads are performing in the market how many impressions does your tweet has. Paid advertising on twitter is tricky, but you can always explore the avenue. 

  1. Find out the right time to tweet

Every social media platform has a timeline during which it receives the maximum attraction from the audiences. So, does Twitter for social media marketing.

global engagement rate

Image Credits: Sprout Social

The following image shows the global engagement rate for Twitter. This timeline shows all the hours and the days when it is best to post content. 

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The best times to post on Twitter are Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 AM. Also, posting on Saturday and Sunday is of no importance for any brand. The most consistent engagement is received from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

  1. Engage with your followers 

For any social media platform, the only way to improve their reputation in the market is by forming an effective two-way communication channel with your audience. On Twitter, that is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is Tweet something intriguing to your followers. 

tweets of Netflix

When it comes to Tweets and connecting with the audience, Netflix is a proven leader. This example illustrates a conversation between Netflix and a follower. Not only does it brand its image as an amazing conversationalist but highly engaging too. 

If a brand communicates with its audience, it improves their relationship and helps in building trust. In the long run, the success of any brand is directly proportional to the number of happy customers and followers. 

  1. Establish achievable goals 

Setting goals and measuring them is the aim of any social media strategy, including Twitter. Every brand wants to achieve its objectives but you can only do so when they are realistic. Set goals and objectives that can help you meet the overall marketing goals. 

Twitter for marketing is used for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, elevating profile and website traffic, and building loyalty amongst the customers. Once you know what do you want to achieve through the Twitter marketing strategy, you can measure your activity and track it in real-time too. 

Set goals that you can achieve and take one step at a time. You cannot gain millions of followers in the first month of using Twitter nor generate convertible leads easily. Everything takes time and you need to give that. Convey your message to your followers through engaging content and tweets. 

Incorporate Twitter Into Your Content Marketing Strategy 

Having a solid Twitter marketing strategy is not enough if you are unable to implement it. 

As a marketer, understand your audience segment and what they want to achieve by following you. This way you can gain the maximum from your Twitter presence. Use the above ideas and start with marketing your brand using Twitter. 


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