5 Pinterest Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners for 2020

Nov 13,2019 by Vaishnavi Verma

The market is on the surge with the latest implementation and techniques trailing the moves for social media marketing. The emerging technology has successfully summarized the context of research on the search engine to the defined social media platforms.

According to the reports of Google I/O 2017 Keynote, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google stated that search engine is capable enough to define the different attributes present in the picture, by categorizing them in the set of heads via computer vision systems.

Therefore, we can understand the concept and importance of graphics, when it comes to rebranding the organization or business’s fame.

Social Media Marketing Via Pinterest– Purpose & Features:

Pinterest is all about marketing the content of the business through images and videos. Pinterest is a social networking platform like any other social media. The only difference that falls for it is images and videos that conceptualizes the customer’s main area of interest to 600 pixels*900 pixels.

Pinterest reports that 85% of female audience quotes that they advocate Pinterest to execute their life moments, as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram by 53% and 44% respectively.

Pinterest allows us to share and discover the interactive visual context by posting, commonly known as Pinning to their pinboard as well as of others.

Interestingly, Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing platforms which also boosts the ratio for social media marketing through marketing campaigns, with the permission to share pins along with various other platforms.

Pinterest for Business Fit:


According to the sources of Adespresso, 29% of the population of the US is actively present on the podium of Pinterest and share 4th position in social recognition, just lagging behind YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thus, if around 2 million of the exemplary crowd is pinning their social media post in the form of images and videos on their board or sharing them to pinboard of others. It may result in gathering huge traffic to your website.

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Today, time is the most precious asset for the businessman and the buyer. Therefore, Pinterest act as mediocre to share demographics and precise context with marketing strategies swaddled on social media.

Reports from Pinterest Business claims that visual searches have witnessed the hike of 140% from the year 2017 to the year 2018, hiking the range of searches for more than 600 million on a monthly basis.

The business pins are the great mode of social media marketing by the ease of access to the pins for the future business purchases, that let you explore ample of another option.

5 Pinterest Social Media Marketing Tips to Rule On!

The images crawling over the internet can uphold the decision of marketing for the individual. Today, the customer is practicing every medium to curtail the best decision of purchasing. The active participation on social media helps to assimilate the obligations and work for the same from the end of the business’s terminal. Although social media marketing mostly rules over Facebook and Instagram, the attendance on the platform of Pinterest may help you grow business exponentially by pinning the sets, with an overview for the longer span of period.

Let’s have a quick review over 5 Pinterest marketing tips, that is advisory for the beginners:

#TIP 1: Prioritize The Size of Image:

  • While posting the image, it is advisory to post the right size of the image. The image should follow the ratio of 2:3, with the range of pixels lying around 600px to 900px.
  • According to Jeff Thelen, founder of The Fig Go, the image should range in the fixture of the customer’s screen.

As the extreme wide image could possibly result as shrink image on the screen of mobile phones as a comparison to the desktop. Whereas, the longer image can corrupt the pixel size.

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#TIP 2: Make Image Informative:

  • It is beneficiary to add text in the images to make the pin more informative and interactive, to create the purchases.
  • The images consisting of text helps in taking a strong decision by reviewing the number of views and likes over the pin.

#TIP 3: Follow the Strategical SEO Moves:

  • According to the reports of Pinterest Newsroom, there are more than 200 billion pins available over the platform of Pinterest.

Thus, in order to rank the pin of your business on the foremost page, following the SEO techniques is must in social media marketing to reach out to its potential customer.

  • Placing the keywords and backlinks to the pins bolsters in Pinterest SEO, and further helps to anticipate the needs of its customers for conversion in the form of sale.

#TIP 4: Implementation of Digital Trends:

  • The digitalized era encapsulates the league of trends. The most famous digital trends brewing at the agile speed is of interactive hashtags (#Hashtag), categorizing the context to a particular domain when clicked by the customer.
  • Hashtags let you make unique presence by the hashtags in meta descriptions or from the search bar.
  • Apart from the trends of the hashtag, Pinterest lets you share the pins on the pinboard of others to aware the one about your own products and services along with the generative ideas of others.

#TIP 5: Create a Business Profile Rather than Public Profile:

  • Claiming the business profile for Pinterest is much more convenient than a public profile when it comes to social media marketing. Catering business profile helps you to analyze the stats of insights.
  • The business profile helps the business to monitor the rate of customer engagement through the views, impressions, and shares.
  • Creating a business profile helps you gain credibility and add the values of trustworthiness.
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Pinterest Business Marketing

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In Conclusion:

Pinterest is the recognized platform to administer the success rate for growing the business and its sales at an exponential rate and an agile speed. Also, Pinterest helps the business to gather huge audience traffic, when practiced and implemented well by a regular number of rich pins.

The pins have the capability to explore your business at the visual rate in comparison to other social media platforms.

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