The Excellence of Business Process Management with AI!

Aug 20,2019 by Prachi Priya
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“Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.”

Sebastian Thrun

In today’s constantly changing world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained huge momentum. AI today is not just specific to some particular sectors but, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, retail, etc. use AI for better outputs. AI-based applications undoubtedly improve business productivity; moreover, AI-based analytics helps businesses make better decisions.

Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science that makes machines solve and simplify problems speedily and accurately. AI helps to analyse inputs and delivers correct outputs.

With the use of AI, businesses can build products faster and can deliver services more rapidly and accurately, so many organizations want an ‘AI connection’ to optimize their business process management.

Business process management (BPM) is the process of looking after the existing systems in the organization to ensure better competence and productivity. BPM takes a positive approach to identify business concerns and take precautionary measures to sort out the same as soon as possible.

Well, as BPM plays a critical role is re-establishing business processes for better results, AI is also significant.  Plugging the AI technology into the business is necessary for excellence and therefore, here we have the reasons that show how AI impacts business processes and affects optimization.

AI analyses sales calls

When we talk about business processes and their effective operations, sales calls play a crucial role. Since sales is the bread and butter of businesses, it earns revenue for the organization and is of utmost importance.

Earlier, sales analysis was a manual process, but now after the introduction of AI, all the processes can be automated. An AI tool for sales analysis is Gong, which helps to record all the outbound sales. Later, these calls are inspected to know the cues which inform management about the calls’ updates and the aspects that are essential to look after.

Gong helps the business to make positive changes to enhance brand image and strengthen customer loyalty.

AI helps to convert voicemail to messages

“Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning”

Bill Gates

This famous quote by the founder of Microsoft tells us how a business can effectively learn from flaws.

However, to learn from customer experiences, it is essential to get an overview of customer sentiments, which is not possible without tracking their responses.

This is where AI helps! It automates several tasks for better results to customers. Businesses know that customers do not like waiting in queue for long to have the answers to their queries. AI comes to rescue!

It helps businesses with AI tools like Workato.

This intelligent automated tool converts voicemail into texts, which further helps the business analysts get a better understanding of the customers’ sentiments. The tool also helps the agents in giving appropriate answers by understanding customer pain and assists in taking steps to avoid the customer from suffering any further.

Workato works to automate voicemail follow-ups into the system and its intelligent AI-driven functionality converts speech to texts, making a transcript of the voicemail. Further, the text is added to the service ticket, which helps the agent have an idea of the customer complaint type so that finding a solution is easier.

AI helps to reveal fraud

Machine learning algorithms are known to suspect and find glitches in business processes. Institutions use intelligent algorithms to find suspicious possibilities like money transfers and payment hacks.

AI algorithms are being used to find skulduggery and are used for cybersecurity, customs clearing processes, insurance, etc. The use of this AI based learning is especially helpful in research and development to help organizations gain a competitive edge to stay ahead of other challenges.

AI to help in maintaining the safety of business equipment

Not only does AI help to enhance business customer satisfaction, but it also supports the manufacturing and transportation sectors to check maintenance.

AI-based predictive analysis helps to develop more optimized maintenance schedules that aid the issue of late deliveries due to equipment ill maintenance.

The manufacturing industry takes the assistance of AI to boost its industrial applications.

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AI to help in hiring and training

Finding the right candidate to suit the business functions exactly is not easy. It is hard to hire, and train employees too, as it takes a lot of time and demands capital investment as well. 

With changing market needs and innovation in technology, AI brings in processes that have the power to interview candidates and evaluate their performance.

Well, you must be wondering, how is that possible?

This is possible with AI-based emotional cues, which helps organizations streamline their recruitment services. Companies like Unilever, IBM, etc. already have this tech in use.

The interview is conducted using HireVue app on the handset. This application collects video and audio information from the prospect and forwards to the human recruiter to take the next step forward.

We conclude with this quote-

“The greatest benefit of the arrival of artificial intelligence is that AIs will help define humanity. We need AIs to tell us who we are.”

Kevin Kelly

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