How does AI Pave the Way for Seamless Lead Generation?

Jun 03,2019 by Rahul Garg
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At the present time, artificial intelligence is one of the thriving technologies, and most of the businesses are adopting this tech with the intention of accomplishing their objectives a bit sooner.

With time, AI is going to improve, as this has been coded into its nature. However, some people think that this ever-augmenting tech would be dangerous for mankind in the near future, whereas some believe it will do more wonders for its adopters. To be honest, I don’t think that talks over whether AI is boon or bane are going to stop anytime soon.

Until we reach to the conclusion of whether AI is advantageous or not, I think we should utilize our precious time in discussing how applications of artificial intelligence help in generating myriad leads.       

For companies, generating quality leads is quite important because a fully filled sales funnel often results in incredible business growth.

However, handling the lead generation process is a challenging task, therefore, most of the businesses avail lead generation services from a recognized vendor.

Today, I will explain how companies can enjoy seamless lead generation process with the help of artificial intelligence. So, let’s get started:

1.    Smooth lead generation         

I am going to start with the most compelling point — ‘Smooth lead generation’. Artificial intelligence makes the lead generation process easier, which can surely bring a smile to any marketers’ face.

By means of artificial intelligence, more leads can be generated than current marketing methods.

If industry reports are to be believed, businesses have witnessed 59% better closing rates, 58% high revenue levels, and 52% swift conversions after using AI-powered applications.

The two major reasons why AI should be considered are high effectiveness and less consumption of time. Of course, artificial intelligence is not going to replace human marketers as it is here only to offer help.

The marketing industry will be reshaped in the near future by AI, is what 80% of business owners believe nowadays.

Siftrock, a spinoff of AI, is being used by most of the marketers for better lead generation.

In case you are aiming for B2B leads, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to reach prospects. For better results, you can use its ‘Sales Navigator’ tool, which is also based on artificial intelligence.

2.    Efficacious lead nurturing           

Having myriad leads in the sales pipeline is certainly eye-pleasing, but it is imperative to convert them as quickly as possible. This is so because a poor lead conversion rate makes a direct negative impact on business growth.

Barring this, there’s no point in generating leads if you fail to convert them often.

Generally, potential customers don’t make a purchase decision after visiting a website for the very first time. They pay a visit over and over to check the details of their desired products.

This is where the significance of lead nurturing goes up. By virtue of lead nurturing, you can persuade prospective customers to make a buying decision.

In the absence of artificial intelligence, lead nurturing was done via pre-set email messages, manual prospect messaging, and email segmentation. After the arrival of applications of artificial intelligence, however, things are better.

According to a study, 50% of Americans love to receive offers or coupons through an AI-powered chatbot. Why? Well, AI-driven bots send individualized offers, which usually help prospects in making a good buy.

Besides this, lead nurturing is all about sending the right content to keep potential customers engaged with the brand, which indirectly demands a lot of time. This is where the significance of artificial intelligence snowballs as it automates maximum tasks, which consequently results in an easier and efficacious lead nurturing process.

3.    Valuable prospect data

In the marketing world, nothing is more valuable than prospect data because it gives an insight into what could work to increase the sales graph.

AI communication tools like chatbots collect a significant amount of data on prospects, which paves a way for better growth rate.

Well, every lead cannot be converted into a new customer, and this is the harsh reality of the marketing world. However, if data of prospects is saved, it could help in many scenarios like products can be modified in the future according to potential customers’ expectations, more effective lead generation tactics can be made, and so on.

‘Netra’ and ‘Calibermind’ are the two major AI-based tools that are being used by marketers to gather worthwhile prospect data.     

All in all, applications of artificial intelligence are making the life of marketers easier.

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Final few words:      

For businesses, generating a horde of leads has become the success mantra at the present time. Put simply, the more actual leads you generate, more growth you can witness.

With the help of this write-up, I have lifted the curtain on how artificial intelligence can do wonders after being brought into lead generation processes.       

I hope I have covered every crucial information, however, if you think something else could have been part of my write-up, tell us in the comment section.

Thanks for staying till the end!

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