Growing Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business: Dynamics 365

Feb 29,2020 by Admin

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming an eminent part of the businesses. It is one of those technologies that have the potential to transform the way the businesses perform. AI is capable of changing the way we do our work. As, it is basically a technology that not only mimics humans but completes the activities faster than humans. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that every business that wants to speed up its activity likes to adopt artificial intelligence. And, rapidly, artificial intelligence is even becoming a part of many tools and solutions. It is being added in various tools and applications, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well. In this article, we will mostly talk about the benefits of AI in Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 contains a host of different applications and solutions. Most of these applications contain the power of artificial intelligence. For example, AI is included in the CRM application, Sales application, Marketing application, and even the Finance and Operations application.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with AI Capabilities

With the implementation of AI in Dynamics 365 CRM, the businesses would be able to use the virtual agents. Virtual agents would be used more, instead of the human agents to reply to the queries of the customers. Also, the agents will be trained to resolve the problems of the customers. Virtual agents are nothing but the AI powered bots that developed to interact with the customers. They are AI-based and are programmed to reply to the customers’ questions in a live chat.

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microsoft dynamics 365 for AI

Therefore, automatically, the speed of answering increases as the automated bots are much faster than the human agents. Also, they are fed with some generic responses. As a result, humans are left to do something more valuable. The virtual agents are also very efficient, they answer as per the fed programs. Thus, they are mostly high on quality. And, the chances of disappointing the customers is also lesser.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power BI

If you want your business to act more strategically, then there is nothing better than using the power of data. These days we have plenty of data to play with. Thus, make sure you have the right tools in place to collect, manage and study the data. The data has to be analyzed properly so that you get valuable insights. The insights are used by the businesses to make valuable decisions. Power BI is one of the best tools that helps businesses to make the most of the data. It is one of the best business intelligence tools in the world.

Power BI, one of the most reliable Microsoft tools, is being adopted widely by a large number of companies across the globe. It is included in Dynamics 365 as well. And, if you want to collect, analyze and visualize a high volume of data with ease, then you should definitely adopt Power BI. Power BI contains cutting-edge data visualization features. Therefore, you are able to easily represent the data in the form of interesting graphs, reports etc. Thus, Power BI is not only good for data analytics, but also for the visualization of the data.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Salescontains the AI capabilities for lead capturing and nurturing. It helps sales reps to prioritize the leads. As a result, the sales teams are able to enhance the quality of lead management. And, they have more chances of capturing and converting the leads.

With the help of the AI capabilities, the sales reps can understand whom to target first, or who are the most lucrative prospects. They get a direction to move and they are able to perform better. Therefore, AI capabilities in the sales application are preferred extensively by the sales reps across the world.

microsoft dynamics 365 for marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities are even added the marketing application. As it is, the marketing applications have to be of the best quality. They have to be upgraded regularly. And, Dynamics 365 app for Marketing is one of the highly advanced application that contains the power of AI.

AI helps marketers to know their target audience better. And, as the marketing teams are able to know more about their target audience, they are in a better position to target them too. They know about the preferences, the likes and the dislikes of the audience. Also, they may even be able to trace the past and present purchase history. Based on all this information, the marketing teams will be able to make better plans.

Also, with the help of AI, the marketers are able to offer recommendations and suggestions to the audience. This makes it easy for the marketing teams to attract the customers and lure them to do business with the company. Therefore, needless to say, the marketing teams are able to derive more benefits and better outcomes with the integration of artificial intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 app for Marketing.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners have been evolving since its inception. And, one of the most noteworthy advancement is the addition and upgrade of the Power Platform. It consists of a wide range of applications, like Power BI, Flow and PowerApps. In fact, Microsoft even introduced – AI Builder. It is specifically designed the Power Platform.

The AI Builder empowers the users to smoothly add the artificial intelligence based capabilities to the power platform, specifically, Flow and PowerApps. It comes with the generic artificial intelligence scenarios. Additionally, it offers point-and-click solutions to application developers. Basically, AI builder allows the data scientists to make the most of AI and machine learning. As a result, developers are able to make automated and efficient applications.

With the help of the no-code AI Builder, the users are able to make more use of Flow. It offers a superb visual experience to develop a wide range of applications. Basically, it makes it easy for users to utilize the full capabilities of AI.

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