The New Millennium: AI Automates Hollywood

May 09,2019 by Gauri Mishra
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Welcome to a brave new world of Artificial Intelligence and its implementation in Hollywood.

There’s no denial that the promise of artificial intelligence is taking over the world. The next time when you sit down on your couch to watch a sci-fi movie, the algorithm in that movie at the backend may be the work done by AI, or conducted by robots or offered by a combo robotic algorithm.

The realm of Hollywood has been buzzing since years regarding how robots are going to destroy humankind (as showed by the Terminator franchise), unite with us (as showed by Transcendence), or simply make our lives better (Her), the quickly enhancing technology of AI is promising to dramatically reframe how films are processed within the movie business.

From the huge machinery to the innovation of supercomputers with remarkable operating systems and then reaching to God-like robots, discoveries of this century have transformed our lives in an extravagant manner and we have just witnessed the beginning – there is much to see in the future. Entertainment business are seeing the age of robots, where they can have the access to additional data.

With AI, the artists who are working within the organization will spend lesser time stooped across a system scrupulously, working on ‘frame-by-frame’. They are going to tackle harder challenges instead.

AI and Hollywood taking over the World

  • The robust technology of artificial intelligence was used as a tool in Hollywood for the movie “Avengers: Infinity War”. AI was utilized to sketch the actor’s face (Josh Brolin as Thanos) highly accurately so that they charted each and every wrinkle and interpreted such identical features on the character of Thanos.In fact, they utilized an Artificial Intelligence algorithm programmed over high-resolution scans of his face to capture his expressions and all the wrinkles, and utilized one more algorithm to quickly track the sketched face onto Thanos’ body before the graphics designers and animators started doing the final finishing touches.

Although the processes like face mapping using this technology might take weeks, several of the applications of Artificial Intelligence have evolved with time.

  • Artificial Intelligence in India skyrocketed when they release a movie Robot and Robot 2.0, a Rajnikanth film, showing AI-driven tools in the movie.
  • Last year, Kristen Stewart (yes, the Twilight girl) has directed a short duration film and sponsored an Adobe engineer to create a type of neural networkwhich edited their footage to appear as an impressionist painting which was made by Stewart.
  • The famous animation company, Disney created robot acrobatswhich will be thrown into the air such that it will be later precisely edited with AI to appear like various performers as well as their stunt doubles.                                                                                
  • Virtual actors have become a real thing now! These robotic human-like clones are usually utilized as extras as well as background characters within movies. An amazing example of this was witnessed in the movie “Superman Returns.” There was one scene which took place within a baseball stadium which had around 50,000 crowd. If we talk about the day of the shooting, there existed hardly 200 people on set to film this scene. The rest 49,800 actors present were basically the magic of virtual creation.  

Mentioned below are some of the fields where artificial intelligence is promising to transform the way we enjoy TV and movies:

  • Artificial Intelligence can remove the requirement for programming guides as well as DVRs by forcing content to the accurate output device within the ideal time for usage. AI is aware of what viewers are going to watch and thus will line it up for them on their device for their indulgence. It can suggest latest content depending on what they have viewed in the past.
  • Artificial Intelligence will interrupt advertising as it happens to be a real-time product placement as well as precision targeting and thus changing how the process of advertising is provided. In the coming future, it is highly possible with AI to provide precision-targeted advertising along with product placement within the content which customers are enjoying. Their favorite movie and even TV characters can drink their favorite shake and drive their dream vehicle.
  • AI can combine user-generated content as well as content from various sources on its own to develop latest content which takes customization to a big level. In the coming future, it is possible for Artificial Intelligence to develop real-time and personalized content which are personalized solely for them. Their regular sports news will be tailored to feature their favorite teams, sports and even players.
  • AI has the power to develop content over a hyper-personalized level and can make songs, various shows, and many more which don’t yet even exist. The endgame for Artificial Intelligence in the field of entertainment can be the development of completely latest content which is designed for a broad set of customers. AI will even develop remarkable music as well as poetry, and therefore, it won’t be much longer when the technology of AI combined with computer–based animation as well as visual effects can develop and provide real-time storylines.

Silver screen with a silver lining

If all those sci-fi movies have showed us something, it is that God-like robots are strictly not to be trusted!

All of us have witnessed artificial intelligence portrayed over the silver screen, however we hardly contemplate the influence it has behind those scenes. If we talk about reality, we are utilizing Artificial Intelligence to a high degree within Hollywood currently, and it is also casting a huger effect than people can imagine. Artificial Intelligence is doing miracles in Hollywood but it comes with a silver lining which has limitations for the future.

Artificial Intelligence Will Be Hollywood’s Next Big Star

When we talk about the magic of AI in cinemas, the future appears pretty good for the business for now. It is framing it to be a spectacular accelerator for the film-making procedure. Time-saving tasks and real-time customized versions are simply the beginning!

Talented virtual actors will be ready to play any role which Hollywood will ever imagine, without needing to sit in makeup studios for hours for some prosthetics or heavy makeup. These are transformations which enables actors to concentrate on their acting. Artificial Intelligence will be able to replicate the mannerisms as well as voice and thus will create history at every checkpoint.

We can expect that AI turns Hollywood into an enhanced source of entertainment for fans. Moreover, it is expected that someday Artificial Intelligence will even become the deciding factor (Decision-Making) within a movie which is being made, like Netflix’s Bandersnatch Black Mirror episode!

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