Machine Learning: Top 3 Applications Improving Our Daily Life

Jun 17,2019 by Rahul Garg
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In this day and age, technology is essaying a pivotal role in our daily life, as it helps to get essential tasks done without putting much effort. For instance, we can order food online or get a bank account opened without leaving our comfort zone.

However, people come under the ‘Generation X’ category still have some fear against today’s ever-growing technology. Contrariwise to this, millennials love enjoying the benefits of modern tech.

In the technology world, things are getting better with every passing day. The most jaw-dropping aspect is that your upcoming actions can be predicted by computers and software programs. This is nothing less than a miracle for technophiles. All of this is possible because of ‘Machine Learning (ML).’

Machine learning, an application of artificial intelligence, lets systems complete tasks without requiring any specific programming. Willing to learn about machine learning in-depth? Well, you can consider this write-up worthy to read: Machine Learning – A New Wave of Intelligent Automation.

Today, we will learn about the top 3 applications of machine learning, which are improving our daily life, so let’s begin:

1. Virtual personal assistants   

Virtual personal assistants are quite popular these days, as they do some certain tasks for us after getting voice commands. This gives a royal feeling, right?

Behind the scenes, machine learning is the technology, which makes virtual personal assistants perform in a way we want them to.

The significance of machine learning cannot be underestimated, because it collects and redefines vital data so that virtual personal assistants can get us desired results, after being commanded for the same.

Virtual assistants are deployed on various platforms. For example:

  • Smart Speakers: Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • Smartphones: Alexa and Siri.
  • Mobile Apps: Seeing AI and Replika.

2. Predictions while traveling

There was a time when reaching out to a new destination was difficult, as nobody was there to assist you throughout the journey. Since the arrival of applications of artificial intelligence like GPS, commuting has become easier.

By virtue of machine learning, we get predictions about the congestion and faster route, which consequently, helps to avoid heavy traffic jams and save a significant amount of time. ‘How does machine learning give traffic predictions?’ Well, ML algorithms use data comprises location, average speed, the current route, etc. to predict the upcoming traffic and give rerouting details.     

One more example of an enriched traveling experience is when you book a cab online via Uber or any other medium, the estimated price of the ride is automatically shown. Mate, this is a machine learning for you!

3. Social media services

As usual, we save the best for the last. After the arrival of artificial intelligence, people have learned the meaning of true social media networking. By virtue of artificial intelligence, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have successfully enhanced their users’ social networking experience.

At the present time, social media sites are utilizing machine learning in contemplation of personalized news feed, better ads targeting, and much more.

If we solely focus on Facebook, there are some features, which are the spinoff of machine learning. For instance:

  • ‘People You May Know’: The major benefit an individual can gain from social media platforms is an expansion of friend circle. Facebook usually recommends other users present on its platform, who can become your friend.

Such friend suggestions are the result of machine learning. ML algorithms analyze your friend list, interests, workplace, etc. to generate a list of FB users, who have something common. That list you generally find out in the ‘People You May Know’ section.

  • ‘Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestions’: Another amazing feature you most probably have noticed is friend tagging suggestions, which automatically come out after a photo gets uploaded successfully on Facebook.

Again, machine learning ensures such tagging suggestions. When you upload a picture on Facebook, machine learning algorithms go through your friend list to find out the exact match of the people present in the uploaded picture. The whole process at the backend is quite complex, but it appears as a simple application of machine learning at the front end.      

Want to learn more, but in-depth?       


Today, our life is quite easy as compared to the one a few years ago. Agree on it or not, we need technology for the sake of better living. By means of this write-up, we have talked about an application of artificial intelligence — machine learning, which is going to do more wonders in the later stages.

We have just discussed 3 real-time applications, but that should be enough to understand the worth of machine learning. However, if you want to know a bit more about applications of machine learning, here are some:

  • Product recommendations on e-commerce websites.
  • Email spam and malware filtering.
  • Search engine result refining.
  • Language translation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this write-up. Thanks!

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