4 Ways to Get Dream Job in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

May 27,2019 by Rahul Garg

Diligent employees have always been one of the strongest pillars that keep companies stable. That’s the main reason why businesses, especially multinational ones, strive for high employee engagement.

To gain more momentum for success, it is imperative to bring more nimble employees into the operations. For the same, organizations periodically start review their hiring processes.

However, getting loyal and deft employees on board isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. Why? Because, resume falsification rate is snowballing with every passing day. During the recession period, this rate jumps significantly.

After going through several reports, we have come across some jaw-dropping statistics, such as:

  • 53% of job applications encompass inaccurate information.
  • 49% of hiring managers, during the interview process, have caught interviewees who fabricated some portion of their CV.
  • 34% of job applications contain forged information related to experience, education, etc.
  • 30% of business failures are the result of employee theft.
  • 21% of businesses reported they have witnessed a rise in workplace violence after making a wrong hire.

These stats should be enough to understand that a bad hire can really put the business’s productivity in jeopardy.

To keep the hassle of credential fraud at bay, businesses are investing a great amount of money in the applications of artificial intelligence.

To leave nothing to chance, MNCs also avail third party verification services from reputed vendors, which is a commendable move from the business’s point of view.  

Companies like Vodafone, Nielsen, Unilever, etc. make job applicants play an AI-powered smartphone game designed by Pymetrics in order to make a good hire and avoid biased hiring.

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To put it briefly, artificial intelligence has taken over time-consuming tasks and magnificently improved the QoH (quality of hire). But it has indirectly changed the job search process, which is causing problems to those job seekers who possess good academic achievements, pertinent industrial experience, etc.

Here are 4 efficacious ways that will help job hunters in getting through artificial intelligence gatekeepers:

1. Put relevant keywords in your CV

Putting relevant keywords in your CV is extremely important to get a dream job in the era of artificial intelligence. AI-powered recruitment applications work in a similar way human employers do, as job–related keywords get searched while skimming through a pile of job applications.

Only those CVs get selected that come on the top of search results. Thus, it is significant for job seekers to use relevant terminologies and keywords while applying for some specific position in a particular company.

2. Write like a pro

Customarily, job seekers want to be a part of a multinational company owing to enjoy amazing benefits and work in a tension-free environment. However, only a few job candidates get a call from MNCs. Do you know the main reason behind this? No? Well, it is all about how correctly a recruiter has been approached.   

Indeed, a keyword enriched CV gets past an artificial intelligence gatekeeper. But it surely will be reviewed by human recruiters. If mistakes related to grammar or spelling are found in the CV, an invitation for an interview is less likely to be sent.

Thus, it is instrumental for job seekers to write like a pro while approaching a particular organization.

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3. Make your contact info public

Unlike new graduates, experienced job candidates don’t make their contact info public on the job portals. The reason behind this could be anything and our best guess is, ‘They don’t want to be contacted by marketers or third-party recruiters (who ask for money in return for successful job placement).

Sounds fine, yeah? Well mate, you are wrong here. This is so because it makes the process tougher for AI software and recruiters to make a successful contact. It’s a no brainer that poor contact rate dwindles the chances of getting a dream job.

At this juncture, only one thing can work for job seekers: creating an email account for job purposes only.

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4. Prepare yourself for digital interviews    

As we have already stated, multinational companies like Unilever, Vodafone, etc. are using applications of artificial intelligence with the intention of making a good hire. In simple words, digital interviews are being conducted nowadays for the sake of an ameliorated QoH.

AI-powered recruitment applications not only assess words coming out from interviewees’ mouth but also measure emotional traits. Candidates who pass tests taken by AI-based applications are rewarded with an invitation for a face-to-face interview.

So, being prepared for digital interviews isn’t a choice, as it has become a necessity.

Wrapping up:           

In this day and age, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the main buzzwords in tech. It is because companies are availing artificial intelligence services aggressively so as to secure an enhanced level of business growth.

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The significance of AI will only rise in the future as it has the potential to bring all those things into reality, which are still the part of our imaginations.

As we know, employees with pertinent experience and multitasking abilities always help to achieve business objectives. However, finding such employees isn’t easy thanks to soaring resume falsification rate.

For the sake of better QoH, companies are using applications of artificial intelligence. It is fundamental to note that AI is only laying a platform for companies to reach the right job candidates. There is nothing this tech is doing against interviewees, but job seekers have to up their game to pass AI gatekeepers in contemplation of getting their dream job.

In this write-up, we shared some tips that will help you to get the perfect job in the era of artificial intelligence. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading. In case you have some questions, shoot them in the comments section.

Thanks for being with us till the very end!

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