Artificial Intelligence – Nailing down a Spectacular Future for Content Marketing

Apr 19,2019 by Shashvat Vats

The road of innovation is filled with transformations, uncertainties, and challenges. When Artificial Intelligence concept was first coined by a Stanford researcher John McCarthy in 1955, no one thought that implication of such a futuristic notion could stretch to each & every aspect of human life.

Simply put, artificial intelligence is the proficiency of a computer program to analyze and make decisions like humans.

For decades, the ingenious group of researchers, coders, and analysts have been working to design a super intelligent technology that can think like humans, solve problems and can learn from the experiences.

Though the idea is still far away from the original objective, i.e. to make it an artificial human, AI is still quite effective with respect to reducing human efforts and increasing the efficiency.

Content Marketing and AI – A Classic Union

While we all are familiar with applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, logistics, production, banking, and many similar industries, nobody would have thought that an ultra-modern tech as such could be useful to upgrade and boost content marketing practices.

What’s Content Marketing?

So, what is your understanding of the term content marketing?

A layman would say that it is the strategy of promoting valuable and meaningful content to the target audience using various digital mediums that are available.

Well, it isn’t wrong but ain’t right too.

A lot of experts would relate the concept of content marketing with the sale of the product. News Flash; Content marketing isn’t about selling product!

So, why content marketing has been a famous adoptive practice for businesses in the last decade?

The growing popularity of content marketing is driven by the rising significance of digital trade and the origin of social networking channels.

This means that because billions of people are now using the internet on their smartphones, laptops, PC, tablets, etc, you have to be there too.

Elegantly put, content marketing is all about generating and marketing relevant content, which can educate your audience impeccably and turn your readers into your loyal customers.

So, if you own a cruise bike brand, you shouldn’t just promote your product directly by jotting down content around bikers and types of bikes available or why your bike is best amongst all. These are all conventional methods.

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A content marketing plan will direct you to produce content like what’s the best travel destinations for bikers, nearby locations for your audience to travel, best biker groups in your area, and so on.

The idea is to articulate interest in your audience through educational, storytelling, and enticing content.

So, what role does artificial intelligence play in content marketing?

Content marketing – getting a push from AI

Ask a coder or an AI specialist what artificial intelligence really is and the response you hear would not be comprehensible to you if you are a content marketer.

I mean, how often you hear terms like machine learning, neural networks, natural language generation (NLG), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning?

Not very much, because you are a content marketer.

Now if I say that above-stated terms can indeed your content marketing endeavor, what would you respond?

If you don’t know, let me tell you that one of the foremost and crucial applications of artificial intelligence is to dig out insights from a colossal unstructured data by deciphering natural language and make recommendations accordingly.

In simple words, AI can help you to discover keywords, plan your blog post topics, optimize & personalize content, ease automation, examine landing pages, streamline scheduled share on social media and also analyze analytics. Now it makes more sense, right?

Artificial intelligence has eventually become a cardinal tool for marketers who get aroused with data and hidden insights.

After all, the success of a content marketing strategy is dependent on the capability to dig out relevant insights from the data you already have on your website, e-commerce channel, CRM platform, etc.

A new study has also supported the fact saying that prominent marketers are 56% more inclined towards the decisions that are supported by data than those that are backed by guts and intuition.

How AI helps Content Marketers?

  1. Boosting content discovery

What’s the top preferred action for content marketers?

Stats tell us that 67% of the marketers prioritize audience targeting and classification above all.

Apparently, if you can drive the desired action from a relevant set of audience via content assessment and optimization, that’s a win for your content marketing endeavor.

Artificial Intelligence can help you to:

  • Exploit the local requirement
  • Weighing topic possibilities
  • Identifying consumer expectations
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The top content marketers in the world are using AI to find out typical features of top-rating content and render real-time tips to jack up the performance.

AI streamlines the delivery of the right content in the right format through the right medium using the predictive intelligence attribute.

This empowers marketers to optimize and personalize the content suitably in accordance with the audience’s preference and implement gauged automation to provide targeted content to each customer/prospect.

  1. Crafting first-string content

Tell me, what’s your action plan of producing content?

Most of the renowned content marketers have admitted that a majority of content is articulated on the guesswork.

This means that your marketing specialists will anticipate the topic on the basis of past demand and their holistic apprehension of the market.

Even though this practice was followed from a long time now, the advent of high-end tech like artificial intelligence has made things easier and more précised for content marketers.

Applications of artificial intelligence also include swaying marketers to jot down valuable content by:

  • Assessing and formulating germane keywords
  • Analyzing schematic in real-time
  • Boosting content engagement factor
  • Lifting the content discoverability

Finding trending topics becomes easy with Artificial Intelligence. Diligent content marketers do so with the help of algorithms that are used to check customer interaction on the web.

With AI, you can identify what your target audience is talking about on social media channels and other mediums. This keeps your marketing efforts in perfect synchronization with current trends and helps you scribble content that ultimately sparks high customer engagement.

So, you won’t be investing in someone’s guesswork but in a strategy that is pushed by numbers and intelligence.

  1. Being extant to industry changes

Being a content marketer, you must be aware of the constantly changing SEO and social media algorithms.

Along with this, you also have to consider the wavering expectations and preferences of consumers.  

With artificial intelligence, the adaptation to the volatile search spectrum becomes much easier for you.

AI helps in providing ‘smart content’ ideas and notions that you could use to offer relatable and nimbly personalized stories, blogs, articles, case studies, educational write-ups, etc, in strict conformation to your audience’s expectations.  

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The term ‘smart content’ means you can offer content that is personalized to each of your targeted prospect’s lifecycle stage, previous purchases, browsing preferences, and online behavior.

In a nutshell, your content marketing strategy will be enhanced to cover all communication touch points of your audience like social media, website, mobile app, email, SMS, etc.

  1. Smart automation

Google is constantly upgrading.

Hence, if you wish to stay updated with the latest marketing and search engine trends, uninterrupted assessment and scrutiny of humungous data become a desideratum.

These tasks are repetitive in nature and can be automated to increase the efficiency of your content marketing efforts.

There are AI-backed tools that can help you in strategizing, amending, personalizing, boosting, examining, and classifying content along with keeping a constant check on its performance.

Find out what are the tasks that are manual and monotonous in nature and automate them with AI tools. This saves a considerable amount of your time and money.

One such task would be to dig out the best topics and content format that could be found by analyzing the real-time data. Automating it could free up your resources that you could allocate for content creation.

  1. Improved market opportunities

The job of a content marketer is to implement the best practices to generate the best results.

And what drives the efforts of content marketing – Data!

So, artificial intelligence helps businesses to get meaningful insights from data that can help you to:

  • Anticipate outcomes
  • Prepare content marketing strategies
  • Personalize the content
  • Narrate stories to your audience


A majority of today’s content marketing endeavors are processed manually.

The rapid pace at which AI is being integrated with content marketing, the day is not far when tasks like keyword research, strategizing blog article topics, content curation, sending emails, etc, will be left to the machines.

This will enable the marketers to shift their attention to functions of higher value that influences the productivity of a business.

With Netflix now leveraging on the strategic integration of Machine Learning systems on its platform, the invasion of artificial intelligence in the content marketing sector seems inevitable.

What do you think?

Tell us your experience of applications of artificial intelligence in content marketing.


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