Top 5 AI-driven Apps to Make Your Smartphones Smarter

Jul 15,2019 by Rahul Garg
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Thanks to advancements in technology, we are having a whale of a time as tasks like banking, shopping, etc. can be done to perfection without putting in much effort.

The smartphone is a phenomenal gift we’ve got from technology.

In this day and age, smartphones are deemed as a virtual friend that not only stays loyal but also helps to do many tasks perfectly, be it chatting on social media platforms, ordering food, or listening to music.

To give a more enriching experience, companies are investing a big chunk of money in mobile app development. In order to up the ante, applications of artificial intelligence are also being deployed.

According to Gartner, 80% of smartphones will exhilarate users, thanks to AI.

Today, I will raise the curtain on the top 5 AI-powered mobile apps that can make your smartphones smarter for sure. So, let’s begin:

1.    Recent News

Recent news is an amazing app for those who are passionate about reading. By dint of this app, you can get all the news in which you’re interested. Here, you should thank artificial intelligence, as it analyses your reading habits to provide personalized suggestions.

Recent News also recommends those articles which you may like to follow. Plus, this AI-powered app enables synching so that its users can bookmark all their favorite articles to read later or share with their loved ones.                

Another factor you would like to know is this app doesn’t kill your smartphone’s battery when it isn’t being used.

2.    Robin

Robin, another voice assistant application of artificial intelligence, is worthy to be installed on the smartphones of those people who drive a lot. By means of this app, while driving, you can write and send a message by simply giving voice commands, get GPS navigation, easily know about traffic statuses, and so on.

This app is like a boon for drivers because it can do many tasks like searching for parking space, getting the latest Twitter news or jokes, etc. amazingly. In a nutshell, you just need to say some specific words to see the magic of Robin.

On the off chance that you are planning a trip and want an indispensable consultant for the sake of not getting lost in the middle of the journey, install Robin on your smartphone right away!

3.    Hound

Hound is another crucial AI-driven app you may want on your smartphone. It works like a Google voice search and helps to search the internet through voice instructions. To activate this app, you just need to say two magical words — “Ok Hound.”

Unarguably, Hound is a simple yet the briskest tool to access any information online. Barring this, it also serves purposes related to entertainment, communication, etc. perfectly. Hound brings precise results owing to an amalgamation of speech recognition and NLP (natural language processing) technologies.

Willing to know salient features of hound? Here’s what you can do by your voice:

  • Set an alarm.
  • Schedule reminders in no time.
  • Play your favorite music without touching your smartphone.
  • Book an Uber ride.
  • Search for hotels according to your budget.

4.    Siftr Magic

I personally recommend this app to selfie lovers. Siftr Magic offers great help when it comes to removing junk photos. This cannot be overlooked as your phone storage is at stake.

Remember when you went for a trip and clicked so many pictures in order to capture every fun moment? It is pretty obvious you clicked some bad pics which are still stored in your phone’s gallery.

High definition pictures always consume space in MBs, which can cause unnecessary storage problems later if you have a smartphone with 16GB or 32GB ROM.        

Siftr Magic, a popular application of artificial intelligence, detects cluttered photos stored on your phone to clear space. This app examines pictures by running AI algorithms at the backend and generates results rapidly at the frontend.

Of course, you can select pictures manually for deletion, but there is no point in doing that as Siftr Magic is present to do the job for you.

5.    Socratic

To understand the salience of Socratic, you need to remember your school days when solving algebra problems was an uphill task.

For me, the most frustrating moment was when I got the wrong answer after wasting so much time on a particular math problem.

These days parents spend extra money on tuitions so that their children face no math-related problems. As we already know, mathematics is as stubborn as it was.

This is where Socratic, an application of artificial intelligence, appears as a lifesaver for those students who are not good at maths.

To reap benefits via this smart tutor app, all you need to do is take a picture of your homework via your smartphone. After that, this app will use artificial intelligence algorithms to do analysis and then provide precise solutions along with videos to clear doubts and improve basics.           

In simple words, Socratic helps students to get their homework done properly and in a short time span. Barring maths, this smart app can help students with many different subjects, such as:

  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physics
  • English grammar
  • Calculus
  • History
  • Psychology

The company Socratic belongs to claim that this smart app uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to read questions from images. Thanks to machine learning classifiers, Socratic predicts which concepts will help students to get an answer to a particular question.   

So, install this app on your smartphone to let your children shine in their school’s classes!

Final few words

In this modern era, technology is playing a pivotal role in making our life easier. Smartphones are a great example of how technology has changed our lives completely. And ‘keep improving’ is what the human race has always aimed for. Thus, we are likely to witness big advancements in technology in the near future.

With the help of this write-up, I revealed some applications of artificial intelligence, which can make smartphones smarter. I hope you will give a try to these apps to experience the magic of AI. In case you want to how artificial intelligence is helping businesses in different industries.

Until then, it’s goodbye! Thanks for reading!

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Gracel Robby
Gracel Robby

Awesome article!! I really enjoy your article.
All AI-driven apps mentioned by you in this post are marvelous.
This article helped me a lot. Keep writing and keep sharing.
Thanks again for this knowledgeable article.