5 Ways to Use AI-Powered Chatbots To Increase Conversion Rate for E-Commerce Business

Nov 16,2019 by Admin

Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies are fostering digital innovations across all aspects of our life, and eCommerce is not aloof from its bliss. You can learn how Chatbot assists eCommerce merchants to streamline the interactions between shoppers and services besides enhancing shopping experiences by delivering quick and cost-effective services in real-time.

According to statistics provided by Shopify, global eCommerce sales will touch $4.9T mark in 2021. In other words, it indicates the increased number of online businesses. Hence, stiff competition becomes a hard reality. The upsurge of disruptive technologies extending helping hands to the eCommerce industry and AI stays forefront with its empowered Chatbot or live-chat solution with an intelligent answering system.

AI is not only a cup of tea to trigger the eCommerce conversion rate, but the contribution of AI capable Chatbot is undeniable when we look at the sales rate achieved by Nike’s Chatbot. The steep rise in CTR by 12.5X and sales conversions by 4X are figures that hardly anyone can resist to use Chatbot in an online storefront.

Significance of Chatbot

After reviewing the mind-blowing figures on the eCommerce conversion rate, a can quest spurs up in any smart mind that how Chatbot with AI capability can create the said miracle in the market.

By the way, let me show some ways escalating the eCommerce conversion rate using AI capable Chatbot in an e-shop.

Ways to Apply AI-Powered Chatbot To Escalate Ecommerce Conversion Rate:

1st- Quick Access to Right Products with Smart Chatbot

If I concisely illustrate how smart Chatbot helps ever-hurried shoppers to accomplish their shopping journey quickly and precisely even on the go using mobiles, the following are the points.

  • Round-the-clock access & right response winning many hearts.
  • With AI-powered Chatbot, it is easy because the automated system never sleeps like humans in odd hours.
  • Warm greetings to new arrivals and personalized experience to repeat shoppers.
  • Smart chat instantly realizes the store visitors. New arrivals greeted like the guests, and repeated visitors get highly personalized responses. It helps the service to get the right start.
  • Smart product guide that none can resist to leverage it.
  • Ecommerce visitors simply are treated with a few questions and get completely personalized product recommendations. It saves time and selection glitches for shoppers.
  •  Tailor-made product recommendations can entice shoppers
  •  Smart Chatbot can recognize your mood, purpose, and contexts of your purchases. Thereby, it offers products precisely befitting in your requirements.
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2nd – Quick & Easy Sales Using Intelligent Chatbot

  • Intelligent Chatbot can act as a live salesperson in most instances and make sales easy for eCommerce merchants.
  •  Enough room to grab a vast audience from social channels.
  • With social integration, you can get access to a social media audience, which brings a vast pool of sensitive, informed, and quality buyers right from the social sites to your storefront.
  •  Smart Sales, ordering, and shipping traits, which shoppers always craving with an e-shop
  •  Smart product recommendations, quick and simple order taking process, shipping calculations, and real-time order tracking build deep trust and rapport with online shoppers.
  •  AI technology empowers Chatbot to place personalized marketing incentives and facilitates in redeeming process right from the Chatbot interface.

3rd – Upselling & Cross-selling Opportunities Thanks to Smart Chatbot

  • High AOV (Average Order Value) always resulting in high ROI and the best performance. Upsell and cross-sell techniques are proven methods to achieve the same.
  •  Smart upselling with Chatbot
  •  Chatbot has access to the previous buying history of a visitor. Based on it, Chatbot can offer upgraded product recommendations to buy high-value and pricy products.
  •  The tendency of shoppers is looking for auxiliary and relevant products once they fix their minds for their intended purchase. Cross-selling occurs here, and Chatbot can place cross-sell product recommendations wisely.

4th – Effective Messaging by AI-Powered Chatbot

  • Some marketing elements are vital to get a high conversion rate, and various messages deliver to different occasions of shopping.
  •  For instance, CTA (Call-to-Action), price, sequence order, and photos or multimedia content are such things to experiment with issuing split tests. The right pitch can enhance conversion rate drastically, and without testing, none can assume it.
  •  Apart from these, fetching delivery and shipping messages improve rapport with each customer online. Polite, quick, and instant responses for the queries placed in Chatbot regarding delivery and shipping could be the best bet for your long run conversion rate.
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5th – Quick & Successful Checkout Blessed by AI Capable Chatbot

  • The most influencing stage in an eCommerce conversion funnel is the checkout process. It is encompassing shopping cart processes, providing the billing details, payment, and after-sales incentives.
  •  A lot of instant queries need to be solved belong to this stage. Right guidance is mandatory to make it successful and cut cart abandonment rates upfront. Chatbot delivers personalized communication windows and completely tailor-made solutions for each query.

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Which Chatbot Solution Is for You and Who Can Help You?

We are accustomed to Instagram, KiK, Facebook, and YouTubeChatbot solutions. Apart from these, Marvel. Patron Tequila, Etsy, Ben & Jerry’s, H&M, Casper, ManyChat, Octane AI, Chatfuel, Pandorabots, Haptik, and Engati are trendy solutions.

Beware of the wrong choice for integration of AI-powered Chatbot. You cannot make a technically right decision unless you are a technician. Ecommerce development companies have experts who know what is the best product for you after examining your eCommerce store, your business niche, and, most importantly your target audience. Try to take their help through their consulting services for selection as well as seamless and smooth integration of AI capable Chatbot in your e-shop.

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