How does AI Help to Make a Fashion Statement?

May 23,2019 by Rahul Garg

In this modern era, everybody wants to be dressed up in a way that reflects ‘Swag.’ Evidently, your nature decides who you are, not your clothes. But at the same time, there is no loss in raising your fashion standard.

At the present time, celebrities are setting the trend. For example, Megan Fox has a fantastic dressing sense, which is more than enough to make the hearts of her fans skip a beat.

Believe it or not, girls are always more concerned about their attire as compared to boys. This could be the prime reason behind why girls take extra hours while shopping… Chuckles!

With time, millennial shoppers consider e-commerce platforms a perfect place to buy clothes due to more variety. However, online shopping isn’t as easy as it sounds. Usually, customers are confronted by issues related to size, availability, etc.

To overcome such problems, the fashion industry is using applications of artificial intelligence. Because of AI, nowadays, people are enjoying an amazing shopping experience.

Let’s know how artificial intelligence helps to make a fashion statement:

1. Similar Product Recommendations   

For buttressed brand loyalty, it is significant to ensure that customers always find their desired products with the utmost ease. Whenever customers find out their selected clothes are out of stock or not available in their preferred size, this really leaves a bad impression on them.

After 2 to 3 instances, there is a likelihood that customers may abandon the site once and for all, which is not good for the business’s overall health. At this juncture, AI comes to the rescue.       

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Owing to algorithms, artificial intelligence makes similar product recommendations when a customer is looking for specific apparel. This cannot be overlooked because it helps customers to make a good buy when the desired garment isn’t available. What’s more, AI saves search time to a large extent.

For the fashion industry, applications of artificial intelligence not only pre-empt loss but also build good brand recognition.

So, it should be fine to say that AI helps both customers and companies.

2. Visual Search

Do you know why brick-and-mortar businesses are losing their position in the market? Nope? The two major reasons are ‘Negligible discount’ and ‘Limited variety of products.’

Sometimes, people don’t buy clothes from a shop because of the high price, however, they try to buy it from a brand’s website or online marketplace.

But the major problem that comes is ‘What should be typed to get your hands on the desired products?’ And if you’ve ever come across this hassle, you should already know how frustrating and time-consuming it is. At this point in time, artificial intelligence comes into the picture.

By virtue of visual search, it gets easy to reach the desired clothes. All you need to do is take a picture of your preferred garment and upload it online to know about its availability.

Wondering how visual search brings accurate results to the table? It’s time to let the cat out of the bag; actually, an amalgamation of computer vision and image recognition paves the way for relevant results.    

3. Virtual Personal Stylists 

If you have ever used virtual voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc. then you most probably know how exciting it is to get things done by simply giving verbal commands. For this, only one technology can be thanked: ‘Artificial Intelligence.’ 

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‘Has the idea of having a personal stylist ever crossed your mind?’

Yeah! Well, now you can have one, owing to artificial intelligence. Similar to voice assistants, virtual personal stylists are also out there to help you while shopping for some trendsetting clothes. Again, you need to thank artificial intelligence here!

‘A perfect fitting’ is the major problem you can encounter after doing shopping online. Believe me, it is quite annoying when your ordered clothes don’t fit you well. Only two choices are left when you get wrong size clothes:

  1. Contact a tailor to alter clothes.
  2. Return your order and search again to make a new buy.

These options are nothing but a hassle, correct?

According to reports, the fashion industry in the USA witnesses the return rate around 20% to 40%. Guess what, poor fitting is the prime reason behind the high return rate.

To counter the hassle of high return rate, enterprises like Stitch Fix are using virtual personal stylists.

By means of AI-powered stylists, customers can learn which dress will be the best fit according to their physique. As a positive consequence, this results in an amazing shopping experience and lesser returns.

So, applications of artificial intelligence truly offer great help when it comes to making a fashion statement. 

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Being fashionable isn’t easy, right? However, you can breathe a sigh of relief when artificial intelligence is there to help.

By means of this write-up, I tried to shed light on how much artificial intelligence is helping fashionistas during shopping time.

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So, it shouldn’t be surprising to know why the fashion industry is showing a great interest in applications of artificial intelligence, like other sectors.

In case you have an interesting idea on AI, which is worthy to be written, then please tell me in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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