How AI Can Revolutionize the Digital Marketing World

Mar 20,2019 by Rahul Garg

At the present time, digital marketing has become the first choice of those enterprises that want to take their business forward as quick as possible. By means of digital marketing, business growth or sales growth can be enhanced easily as most of the people nowadays search about their desired products/services on the internet first before making a purchase decision.

Digital marketing can lend a hand in building a brand image, reaching a targeted audience swiftly, etc. The jaw-dropping fact is that brick-and-mortar businesses are also trying their hand at digital marketing, which is making ongoing competition spicier. Thus, it is instrumental for organizations to play their cards right. This is when using applications of artificial intelligence seems like a sagacious decision.

AI, an ever-growing technology, has always done wonders for its adopters. It is believed that this ever-augmenting technology can offer great value to digital marketers.

According to a survey conducted by Salesforce, 51% of marketers are already making use of artificial intelligence to achieve their set goals. In addition, 27% more have a plan to incorporate this technology in the near future.

All in all, artificial intelligence can bring a revolution in the digital marketing world. By going through the following pointers, you will learn how AI is playing a vital role in the digital marketing world.

1. Content creation  

Bill Gates, a business tycoon, said in JANUARY 1996, ‘Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet.’ Well, his words are cent-percent true by all means. With regard to digital marketing, content has always been the king.

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To reap benefits via digital marketing, it is significant to ensure that your website is on the top of the results of search engines or stays at least on the first results page. This is important because netizens seeking products/services usually check websites present on the first or second page of search engines.

But getting your website on the first page of search results isn’t easy. Why? Well, search engines use AI-based algorithms to show better & smart results. This tells only those sites will be present on the top which possess high-quality content.

Creating high-grade content is an onerous task because it demands a significant amount of time and resources. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture as it helps in content creation. Before you start getting any ideas, we would like to reveal AI still isn’t able to write its own opinion or advice.

Confused now? Actually, artificial intelligence can help in content creation if the data gets provided. In simple words, AI-powered applications convert raw data into well-written write-ups. By means of artificial intelligence, 2000 articles can be created per second. Amazing, isn’t it?

If industry reports are anything to go by, 20% of multinational companies like Samsung, Forbes, etc. create content for business-related purposes through AI-powered machines only.

Curious to know about applications of artificial intelligence that help in creating top-drawer content? Here’re some names to take into consideration:

  • Wordsmith
  • Articoolo
  • Quill

2. Content curation

As we’ve revealed in the previous point, artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t have the ability to create content on its own. However, you cannot rule out AI because this ever-transforming technology can do content curation for you.

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In the digital marketing world, content curation is quite common as it’s one of those techniques that help to increase the virtual footfall of website visitors.

Evidently, developing unique and high-quality content is more effective than anything when it comes to reaching the top of search results. However, only an amalgamation of determination and in-depth know-how can help to come up with top-quality content. Ask yourself — can you create comprehensive write-ups with the same passion on a daily basis? Nope! That’s why content curation is important.

There’s a plethora of content available on the internet. And all you need to do is collect business-related data and provide it to content curating tools running on artificial intelligence.

As a result, you will get meaningful content, which will help to connect with website visitors in a better manner. It goes without saying, a low bounce rate improves the odds of getting a pile of leads.

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3. Predictive marketing

To secure desired sales results via digital marketing, it is instrumental to understand your targeted audience. This is where predictive analytics, a remarkable spin-off of artificial intelligence, comes in to help out.

With the help of predictive analytics, you can easily learn about the behavior of your website visitors, which helps to come up with strategies that can lend a hand while turning prospects into new customers.

Whenever a user pays a visit on a website, AI-powered applications gather vital information that revolves around behavior, needs, future actions, etc. When such information gets served on a silver platter to marketers, chances of success are likely to jump high.

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Besides enhancing success rate, predictive marketing pre-empts risks that are usually involved in marketing campaigns to a large extent.           

Final thoughts:

To lay hands on the desired sales figures, it is paramount for marketers to have a personalized approach, high-quality content, and most importantly: customer insights. The thing that can easily take of these concerns is none other than artificial intelligence.

After going through the aforementioned pointers, you most probably have got the idea that AI-powered applications can secure a bright future for those corporations that want to improve business growth via digital marketing.

In case you think we missed a piece of crucial information that should have been part of this write-up, we are looking forward to your comments.

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