AI: The X-factor that secures an enhanced level of Customer Experience

Mar 27,2019 by Rahul Garg
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There was a time when living up to customer expectations was the holy grail for businesses owners. Nowadays, however, the situation is quite different as business owners can easily secure an enhanced level of customer experience and all thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Since the arrival of AI-based tools, the efficiency and profitability of many brands have skyrocketed.    

If we specifically think about one industry that has witnessed tremendous transformations in terms of customer service, ‘E-commerce’ is the name that strikes to the mind. In this day and age, millennial customers are the primary target of brands owing to the former’s habit of spending money so frequently.

But to keep customers who come under ‘Generation Y’ associated with the brand, it is significant to deliver the best whether it concerns the quality of products or support services. This is where the prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) snowballs.

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Does AI really enhance the customer experience? Read below-given pointers to find out:

Customized recommendations

Do you know when customers (who are looking for desired products on the company’s website) get happy? When they get personalized recommendations. Giving customized suggestions is really important as it builds the brand image and slashes customer effort significantly, which consequently, leads to strong relationships.

At the present time, many established e-commerce companies let customers mark their favorite products so that valuable data could be provided to machines running on AI. What’s more, vital information also gets collected through browsing and purchase history with the intention of providing better suggestions whenever customers pay a visit to a company’s website regarding online shopping.

As revealed by PointSource reports, 49% of customers take quick purchase decision when AI is there to help. This signifies artificial intelligence also ameliorates sales growth besides enriching the customer experience.

Magnificent customer service

In the present time, enterprises of all sizes want existing customers to not come across any hassle while using products. Practically, however, this isn’t possible as every product has some loopholes that are bound to come out to put users into trouble. For business owners, this is a bitter pill to swallow.

To make sure that the business credibility doesn’t come into question, rendering prodigious support service is imperative when customers make a contact regarding help. Here, AI-based chatbots come into the picture.

Owing to highly designed chatbots, customers always get the best possible solutions to their generic queries and leave the support interaction with phenomenal service experience.

What about intricate issues/queries? Well, there is a delusion revolves around AI: It doesn’t need humans, thus, human-based jobs are dwindling. As we said, it’s just a misconception, AI-based machines can bring desired results to the table as long as humans are providing vital datasets and keeping a close eye on ongoing operations.                    

Let’s come back to the question; chatbots connect customers to support agents when it comes to weeding out knotty glitches. Obviously, we aren’t trying to make any statement that chatbots aren’t capable enough to solve complicated issues. Actually, escalations take place so as to secure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

                After being connected to support agents, customers are likely to leave with astounding service experience. As a positive aftereffect, CX levels soar and brand image improves. So, it should be correct to say that the amalgamation of AI and humans could be lethal when it comes to delivering unparalleled customer care service.        

Here’s the lowdown on how chatbots ensure the delivery of exquisite customer support experience:

1. Round-the-clock support

The factor that makes AI-powered chatbots the main ingredient of customer service is their capability of providing the same level of assistance around-the-clock. This is worthy to get your attention because new-age customers expect brands to be accessible 24×7 so that solutions to product-related issues can be availed easily sans waiting.

The major reason behind why chatbots are unlikely to make silly errors is they get programmed using big data obtained vital information of previous happened customer interactions. And as we already know, machine learning is all about getting improved over time.

What is machine learning? There is a write-up you need to go through: Machine Learning – A New Wave of Intelligent Automation.

2. Lesser waiting time

Staying patient has never been the strongest virtue of those customers who are in need of support service. It should be understandable because nobody likes to suffer because of product-related issues. For business owners, therefore, it is paramount to give a prompt response and satisfactory resolutions, regardless of the volume of support requests. Here, AI-powered chatbots come to rescue as they keep the average wait time in check.

How do chatbots ensure lesser waiting time? Well, mate, chatbots stick to the point while interacting with customers, unlike support agents. This means there’s no unnecessary to-and-fro takes place, which, in turn, leads to faster conclusions of support interactions. Hence, customers waiting in a queue get a much faster response.

3. No more language barriers 

Can you tell when the brand recognition improves?

Nah! Well, don’t worry as the answer is ‘When CES (customer effort score) is low.’ To make certain that customers speak only positive words about the brand after availing support service, it is fundamental to put them at ease during service interactions. Here, having chatbots to assist could be fruitful for business growth.

Usually, those customers struggle during support interactions that prefer their native language over English. But when chatbots are at work, you can expect zero language barriers. Why? As a matter of fact, multiple languages can be added to chatbots as all you need is competent chatbot developers at disposal.

According to GetVoIP, chatbots can assist customers in their preferred language. As a positive outcome, this leads to better customer experience and buttressed brand image.

Voice-activated searches

Remember when Siri became the talk of the town as it was letting its users search without typing? Siri, after taking voice commands, brought desired results to users’ iPhone screen within some seconds. Sounds cool, huh? All this was possible because of artificial intelligence. At that time, AI was one of the emerging technologies.

Since that time period, the voice-activated search is on the boom. Currently, businesses see it as a tool that can help to secure high CX levels. Attributable to AI-based machines using NLP (natural language processing), customers nowadays can easily search the desired product by simply speaking its name. Evidently, this is amazing as far as customer experience is concerned.

The prominence of voice-activated search cannot be taken for granted as 40% of adults use the voice search feature at least once in a day, and this is what reports of Location World have pointed out.       


After reading the aforementioned pointers, one thing is clear like a crystal: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the X-factor that paves a way for uplifted customer experience. There is a likelihood that this ever-growing technology will unlock numerous ways to win customer loyalty and build brand image in the near future.

What’s your opinion on AI as a customer experience enhancing tool? Tell us in the comment section.

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