How is Artificial Intelligence uplifting Inbound Call Centers’ efficacy?

Apr 01,2019 by Rahul Garg
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Call centers have always been one of those strong pillars that keep the IT industry stable. With the help of call centers, corporations can easily manage both core & non-core business functions in a way that leads to better growth rate. Companies of different sizes avail both inbound and outbound call center services according to their business requirements, and this helps them to grow without confronting any hassles.

Specialized inbound call center service providers like Go4customer always have a great responsibility on their shoulders, as any minor mistake can affect associations with clients, which is evidently not good from the business’s perspective.

As we know, mistakes are bound to happen, no matter which industry you are in. Now, the question that occurs is, ‘How to pre-empt blunders from happening?’ Well, mate, this is where applications of artificial intelligence offer help.

By virtue of AI-powered applications, inbound call centers can give a golden touch to the work they have been doing for decades. Let’s learn how artificial intelligence helps to uplift efficiency levels:

1. Adds an essence of personal touch for high CSAT 

In this day and age where business expansion is tough, it is fundamental for corporations to keep customers satisfied with the quality of products and support services. It is so because there is a directly proportional relationship between customer satisfaction and business growth.

For high CSAT score, most of the businesses avail customer care services from inbound call centers. To live up to clients’ expectations, call centers put their best foot forward to deliver unparalleled solutions during customer service interactions.

In this context, we have one question for you: ‘What is the other thing except satisfactory resolutions that customers seek during support interactions?’ Any guesses? Well, it is the ‘personal touch’.

To ensure that every customer gets personalized assistance, inbound call centers bring applications of artificial intelligence into use. Surprised? Actually, there is no need to be, because if AI-powered applications get combined with sentiment analysis, support agents can quickly deliver individualized solutions on passive support mediums like email, live chat, social media, etc. 

Sentiment analysis, powered by machine learning algorithms, predicts customers’ emotional states (positive, negative or neutral) by scrutinizing a certain piece of text.

Needless to say, when customers experience individualized assistance on channels like email, CX levels are likely to soar and the hassle of bad reviews doesn’t appear.

2. Promises precise call routing

Do you know the major reason why most of the organizations approach inbound call centers to handle customer service operations? Don’t put stress on your mind as the answer is simple: ‘To stay away from the mound of customer calls.’

Handling support requests on the voice channel has never been easy. During peak hours, the call abandonment rate mostly jumps, which consequently puts a brand image at jeopardy. That’s why call centers get approached to take care of incoming customer calls.

In order to offer splendid resolutions, it is significant to ensure that every customer call ends up in the right department. At this juncture, nothing seems better than artificial intelligence. By means of AI, mistakes related to call routing can be reduced to a large extent. In the call center industry, call routing based on AI is also known as ‘Intelligent call routing.’       

Customarily, AI-powered routing tools analyze support agents’ skillsets and experience to make certain that customers reach to right call representatives. Besides ensuring the deliverance of first-rate solutions, this also makes the life of customer service representatives quite easy.

All in all, artificial intelligence guarantees precise call routing for prestigious customer service providers.    

3. Ensures an appropriate response for customer complaints

If anyone says perfection is achievable, he/she would be lying by all means. This is so because there has always been room for improvement, regardless of the work you are doing. Likewise, companies make some mistakes unintentionally while manufacturing products, and that, in turn, leads to customer complaints, which inbound call centers are supposed to solve.       

As far as customer complaints are concerned, the best-in-class response should be given, otherwise, the problem of negative WOM can come out to make a big dent in the business’s reputation. Here, the thing which can help inbound call centers to give an appropriate response is applications of artificial intelligence.     

Whenever a customer complains, AI-based system starts analyzing and extracts all the relevant information. After that, a response gets produced and passed over to customer service representatives. Then it’s up to agents whether they want to edit this generated response or not.

In addition, this cuts the need to dive into databases in contemplation of finding out a pertinent solution. Besides securing faster and reliable resolutions, this keeps the job satisfaction level of agents high.      

Note: The prominence of AI-based responses shouldn’t be taken lightly because if customers don’t get a satisfactory response to their raised query, there is a likelihood that they stop buying products or cut ties with the brand.

Final thoughts:

At the present time, every business owner understands the necessity of inbound call centers. Thus, the demand for the latter’s services is soaring. It is significant to ensure that everything goes perfectly while rendering inbound call center services as a relationship with clients is at stake. Here, leveraging applications of artificial intelligence can open the doors of success.

By virtue of this blog, we have shed light on how artificial intelligence plays a vital role in uplifting the productivity levels of inbound call centers. Besides benefiting the call center industry, there are some other sectors which are blossoming rapidly owing to artificial intelligence. ‘Air Taxi’ is a vivid example. Don’t believe us? Check out this story:         

So, if you also want to enjoy the benefits of AI, team up with renowned artificial intelligence service providers like Cyfuture right now!

Thanks for reading this write-up with zeal!

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