How to Select Your Next Call Center Outsourcing Company?

Jul 18,2019 by Shashvat Vats
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Outsourcing is an incredibly baffling concept. Some business owners are suspicious of its repercussions while others adopt this strategy. Whatever the opinion is, stats tell us that the significance and popularity of call center services are increasing every day.

This is so because outsourcing in itself is a business tactic that not just aids you to save operational expenses but also helps you in creating an impressive brand image of your company.

Having said that, there are instances when business owners have not-so-great experiences with outsourcing. 90% of these cases arise because businesses make blunders in selecting their outsourcing partner.

So, if you have experienced horrendous outsourcing experience or are feeling scared because of what your friend has said about call center services, this write-up will offer you a clear picture.

I will be discussing a few parameters that would help you choose the ideal outsourcing partner for your business:

Selecting a call center outsourcing company – what not to do!

While on the quest to select the best call center services provider, you may make a couple of mistakes that would eventually doom the entire objective altogether.

Hence, here is a list of don’ts while choosing your next outsourcing partner:

Don’t go for the hype

While there are thousands of service providers available, not everyone is meant for you.

The biggest mistake you can make while choosing your outsourcing company is to fall for false words.

For instance, if your friend who experienced a spectacular result with a call center outsourcing firm A may suggest you go for the same. However, the same provider may not be fit for your business.

It becomes essential to comprehend that not every business uses outsourcing the same way other organizations do.

So, it is strongly recommended to never fall for word-of-mouth; instead, check yourself if the outsourcing company is matching your business bottom line.

Don’t be cheap

While outsourcing is known for its money saving capability, it doesn’t always work like that.

For example – if you want to outsource AI or IOT solutions from a call center in India, USA, UK, etc., it is not recommended to always choose the provider who is charging the minimum.

You have to understand that outsourcing companies have to install ultra-modern technology and high-end tools to ensure that the services delivered are prompt and of first-string quality.

A call center outsourcing provider that is offering cheap rates for such solutions may or may not offer you the desired quality standard.

Hence, it is recommended to select the outsourcing firm with decent charges, as future technology requires higher maintenance and more capital.

Note that albeit we are talking about the high price, this will still be less as compared to the cost that will be incurred in getting these ultra-modern technologies in-house.

Don’t sign the contract without checking SLAs

A lot of times, business owners in a hurry to get it done quickly sign contracts with an incompetent outsourcing company.

One thing as a business owner you should always keep in mind is that on the internet, every outsourcing vendor seems unbeatable and outstanding.

However, when it comes to which company to choose, only a bunch of these are able to deliver what you are looking for.

So, what is the way to examine the authentication and the competency of an impeccable outsourcing partner?

The first way is to cross-check the website of the outsourcing vendor and see if any testimonials are written by previous clients.

Testimonials are the first-hand feedback of the companies that have availed the call center outsourcing services from the vendor in the past.

If you aren’t satisfied with this, you can always look for social media communities (on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook) to see if a particular vendor is being talked about somewhere.

If your would-be outsourcing partner is famous for good reasons, there will be reviews praising it somewhere on the internet.

This means that you need to explore different groups and communities on different social networking sites and see if any positive word-of-mouth is shared about the vendor.

Similarly, you can also search for negative feedback. A vendor that has too many negative reviews is the one you should refrain from partnering.

Selecting a call center outsourcing company – what to do!

Here is a list of to-dos you should keep in mind while selecting your next call center services provider:

Matching the business objectives

It is paramount that you choose your call center outsourcing company in adherence to your business objectives. For instance, if your business is facing a heap of incoming customer queries, you require inbound call center assistance.

Now, if you hire an outsourcing partner that just offers outbound solutions, the partnership won’t yield a productive result.

In a similar context, if you are planning to enter an uncharted territory to expand your business, you should select an outbound call center with local dialect skills.

However, the best solution would be to choose a call center outsourcing company that offers both inbound and outbound solutions so that when the time is right, you can opt for both services.

Checking the on-call experience

While a number of vendors will promise you first-string service, I would recommend you yourself examine the quality of calling agents.

For this, you can always request the current client list of the vendor and give a call (discreetly) to the call center. Doing this will offer you the raw experience of how call center agents deal with customers and whether the same is in conformation with what your business is looking for.

Look for an experienced vendor

If I would have been seeking call center assistance for my company, the vendor who has a longer performance history of satiating businesses in the past would be preferred more by me rather than the one who is new in the domain.

Experienced call center services provider will offer your business the flexibility it needs and will also mitigate any risk involved.

This one is a sitter!

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