Pros and Cons of Outsourcing for the Fashion Industry!

May 20,2019 by Prachi Priya
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Sectors like law, healthcare and finance have always outsourced their services to an experienced partner to maintain business efficiency, and now the fashion industry too seems to have started relying on business process outsourcing companies. We have always heard that the fashion industry and the outsourcing sector do not have any overlap, but they can work hand in hand.

Today, the fashion industry outsources a good percentage of its services to an external provider every year, which highlights the significance of outsourcing in the fashion field.

With an increase in the number of freelancers and companies emerging in the fashion sector, there is increasing competition, which highlights the need to outsource some functions. Outsourcing helps the business be free of some tasks so that the in-house team can focus on core development jobs and strategies to fight competition.

There are numerous responsibilities that a fashion firm has to look after, and outsourcing some responsibilities that do not require in-house presence helps the business work flexibly with heightened dedication.

Business process outsourcing companies can look after services like accounting, human resources, marketing, transportation, manufacturing, product development, sales etc. for the fashion industry. Businesses can outsource all these services, depending on the requirement of the organization. The in-house team can perform the core tasks, but other jobs can be outsourced to save time and money.

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Let’s take a look at the reasons outsourcing is significant for the fashion industry with some downsides also to look at:


No stress over hiring and training

When a business hires employees, training the hired team is crucial to give them an idea of business goals. Hiring and training take a lot of time and money and not all companies can afford it. This is why outsourcing is a cost-effective option.

There are several things to look at when a business has its own in-house staff, but outsourcing saves the company from any such thoughts. Fashion industry demands staffs with certain qualifications and updating the employees as per business requirements can be a very time taking procedure.

That is why to ensure business development in less time as well as reach the adequate target audience, outsourcing business services is the best. It is because outsourcing assures astounding deliveries while keeping the Time To Market (TTM) in mind.

Better choice

Hiring the staff in-house, the business is restricted and dependent on the local talent! However, after outsourcing, a pool of experienced professionals is available within budget.

Outsourcing helps the business expand its reach and get access to the latest technology, skilled workforce, reduce operational costs, focus on core competencies and much more, making it a better choice than hiring in-house.


How does a business perform with permanent employees? Well, it has to think of building an infrastructure firstly, pay employees on a monthly basis, think of their benefits, and depend on the available talent.

However, working with business process outsourcing companies, the business saves expenses over infrastructure, there is no need to pay monthly as outsourcing takes contractual payments only once and a team of professionals is available with outsourcing where new ideas can join in.

Additionally, hiring in-house is expensive and outsourcing saves many business costs.


Outsourcing to anyone, anywhere

The fashion industry is growing every next minute and the updating trends is a challenge. This is the reason businesses have to keep up with the changing market needs.

Outsourcing to anyone and anywhere may be harmful to the business health because getting along international service providers can bring time and language clashes.

Moreover, outsourcing to a less experienced partner or anyone anonymously is a threat to business development.

Keeping that in mind and to avoid blunders in business growth, recommendations from industry experts include advice to outsource to a skilled expert to ensure productive results. Fashion industry excels when the agents have a knowhow of latest trends, and thus outsourcing to specialists, outsourcing  is necessary. 

Threats over quality

Quality maintenance is the first need for every fashion sector to excel, and any compromise on quality can bring down the business.

Outsourcing may be a fantastic idea to get along experts to perform the business functions, but a trust over quality maintenance is something that always worries business owners.

No company ever wishes to lose loyal customers and therefore, outsource to companies that have a good reputation in the market. Getting along with an outsourcing firm known for its on-time deliveries, superb fashion sense and user-centric products is a safe option.

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Wrapping Up:

Outsourcing is a good advancement to the already available solutions and is a good addition to any business resource. When used properly, it offers a plethora of benefits, however, remember the shortcomings too to avoid hassles later. Maintaining a flexible work-life balance is the need of the hour for every business, and especially all the fashion firms look forward to performing business tasks with flexibility to give employees time to come up with something out of the box. New techniques to woo the customer are always welcomed in the fashion sector and every fashion-based organization looks forward to business process outsourcing companies to outsource services, which do not require in-house involvement. This is to lower the business burden to save time to focus on strategies over development while delivering seamless fashion experiences!

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