Business Process as a Service (BPaaS): Its role and benefits in the commercial sector

Oct 06,2020 by Anushka Agarwal

Digital revolutions have asked businesses to transform their activities, operations, and teams, and launch a new masquerade of business stories in the market. Digital media has dominated business solutions to such an extent that automation, even for the simplest of processes, is real, after being feared for several generations. Thanks to the digital transformation, companies can now run the Business Process services model, selling novel solutions and services, optimizing business operations in the process. 

For neophytes who don’t know what Business Process as-a-service or BPaaS is all about, it is a subset of business outsourcing, delivered through a cloud services model. BPaaS connects with all the other domains, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. BPaaS companies supply clients with processes, technology, and workforce required to operate the pay-per-use services while ensuring the availability and efficiency of a cloud-based system. 

BPaaS decrease labor costs and lessen the mechanical work while adding a technological edge to your operations. BPaaS companies offer outsourcing services like human resource management for payroll and remunerations, procurement, marketing, advertising, etc.

The top advantages of choosing Business Process Services or BPaaS

BPaaS gains positive user reception for several reasons, one being its seamless integration into any business operation like customer service, sales operations, HR, finance, marketing, and advertising. Adding BPaaS infrastructure betters the existing functional layout. 

Lower cost operations:

BPaaS cost advantage is one of the biggest reasons why organizations prefer it. BPaaS reduces usual IT overheads as the software maintenance and hardware support are completely handled by them. Moreover, business process outsourcing companies take care of the updating, upgrading, and operating costs, minimizing all those constraints while handling the processes effortlessly. With a reliable service provider, you have to deal with the minimal upfront costs only.

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Elevate efficiency levels of your current workforce:

BPaaS or Business Process as-a-Service has expanded its horizon to cover legal outsourcing, HR, accounting, finance, and customer support. If your business is in a rapidly growing zone, BPaaS can help you explore newer markets. Moreover, it helps achieve better mobility, improve digitation, power operational processes with business analytics, and add the wonders of automation to the existing structure. Business consulting services stimulates the product launch process, indulging in a smoother and seamless integration with accelerated time-to-market aspects. It cancels the need for an in-house team, reducing the time and effort spent on repetitive tasks, speeding the product launch process by months or even years. All in all, BPaaS gives your organization an unbeatable and magnanimous competitive advantage. 

Focus better on core objectives:

If your company is in a rapid succession stage, then you need more than usual resources to suffice for the growing needs. Now, without a business process consulting outsourcing service provider, the constant demands will distract you from the core business functions. With an outsourcing partner, you focus and conduct on all your mainstream objectives while letting other people take care of monotonous operations. Businesses get a chance to focus on their core competencies while employing functions that add value to the client projects. Since most time-consuming business processes are taken care of by the outsourcing company, you can attend specialized activities of your business. 

Take your first step towards cloud-enabled technology:

Cloud is the present and future of organizations. With the surmounting amount of data generated by organizations, data security and storage becomes a prominent issue. With BPaaS, organizations can store any amount of data over the cloud securely and safely. This way, companies can partner with better technology, improve the data infrastructure, and add flexibility and efficiency to its storage. Also, cloud technology is one of the cutting-edge technology implemented by organizations these days. So, with business consulting services, you can enjoy the benefits of a popular service at an affordable cost. Moreover, it will improve the data security paradigm too. 

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Hire skilled experts globally:

Finding the right staff for a project can be expensive, especially if you find an overseas candidate suitable for the role. While businesses might prefer hiring a single subject expert, companies who choose BPaaS can tap into the infinite potential of experts from all around the world. With a series of competent and skilled experts, BPaaS services add quality to an existing business in various domains, ranging from HR, IT, sales, and customer support. Moreover, BPaaS paces regular operations. Overall, it improves the productivity of an organization as a whole. 

Minimizes risks:

With the unstable market dynamics, every new investment is just a risk you are willing to take. However, with business consulting service providers, you can minimize risks, and hire professionals and agents who are experts in a given field. Such an employee pool mitigates risks and allows you to grow beyond comparison. Business Process as-a-service brings in a capable staff adept in functioning singularly, eliminating any regulation concerns. BPaaS is a door that lets the organization stay ahead of the clutter. It minimizes your responsibilities towards a said domain while minimizing the risk-taking factor in such operations. 

Business consulting services and its future aspects 

The business consulting services market is all set to witness growth in the coming years. The top reasons include reduced operational costs, lower ownership costs, and faster product time to market. Moreover, BPaaS integrates several components, including hardware infrastructure, database, middleware, and business application software, optimizing processes, and people. BPaaS models have become integral essentiality for businesses; small, medium, and large. With subsequent software updates, BPaaS identifies the key opportunities in the area, potentializing the market further. 

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BPaaS models improve customer experience, optimize capital expenditure (CAPEX) while making operational expenses (OPEC) predictable and known. It provides end-to-end delivery for several business processes, improving productivity, and eliminating data violations. 

As per a report by Grand View Research, the global business consulting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7%, reaching USD 72.2 billion by 2025. With such prolific need in the market, BPaaS will advance with time, offering top-notch security and technology to all its clients. BPaaS is, therefore, a security token for organizations, a rather necessity in such a competitive environment.

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