5 Ways Businesses are Improving in the Era of Smartphones!

Apr 18,2019 by Prachi Priya
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Nowadays, customers have become more mobile than ever before! Gone are the days when people got information from pamphlets and newspapers. Today, everything is just a click or a tap away. Moreover, the audience these days is mobile addicted, as everybody is dependent on online services for most of the daily tasks. The fact that viewers are becoming more mobile has underlined the need for businesses to be online on mobile.

Technology updates have modernized business strategies and with automated tasks, business process services have attained new heights. Mobile technologies have always taken the business world by storm.  Moreover, a rapid increase in the number of mobile phone users highlights the importance for businesses to be up-to-date with the latest trends to boost business-customer relationships.  

Recently, we saw numerous updates in the mobile industry with new technologies coming in, which raises the need for similar enhancements in business domains too. Companies can excel only with effective communication with customers, which is possible only when your business service is available to the customer in just a click away.

Moving forward, we have queued up the 8 ways mobiles can help your business excel:

1)    Capability to access business functions anytime, anywhere

If a business has services online, it is easy to promote functions across technologically expanded boundaries. Updated mobile technologies allow your business reach target audiences without any interference.

How is this possible? Well, it’s simple, as different social media channels support your business when online, different apps highlight and keep customers informed about their area of interest, instant sending/receiving of messages to the customer makes it feasible to update and inform the customer anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, applications store data when customers search and scroll across the app and save their preferences. E.g. if you have used a fashion store app, they will keep you updated with the latest discounts and new trends through mails and messages. Moreover, fashion brands engage their sales staff in the latest mobile technology because they can effectively communicate with customers through emails, social media, videos etc. All these facts highlight the importance of applications, which comes as a boon for businesses!

2)    Online payment methods

Isn’t it easy paying all the bills through Google Pay, Phone Pe, Bharat Pay, Paytm etc. where attractive cashbacks keep people enthusiastically charged to do every payment with these mobile payment modes!

Every single company wants to enhance its business process services where new technologies can be a turning point. Having mobile knowhow can give too much information on how to connect effectively with target demographic.

Adopting the new payment methods, businesses make it easy for customers to connect to the services and take advantage of online payments, which was earlier a hand-to-hand process. New mobile technologies have automated the services, enhancing business service operations.

3)    Apps for business management

In today’s revolutionized era, apps are the next stop point for everybody. Mobile app development therefore is in great demand and has become the need of the hour for every business. To enhance your business processes, it is significant to have one’s own customized application available on the Play Store to serve the customers.

Apps are available online and thus, customers can connect in an easy manner. Having a business app, you can schedule actions, manage time, communicate with customers through chat support, locate customer position through GPS when allowed, check accounting etc.

Companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon etc. changed their services and boomed as a service provider by providing excellent customer-satisfactory services. The best part with apps is that, it also registers queries, and looks after swift solutions to maintain customer trust.

4)    Your own business website

Earlier the access to websites was more about getting along computer screens, however, today mobiles help in bringing your business website swiftly to the customer with just a click away. This is why online services is something customers want more! The new mobile technologies have given an excellent opportunity to companies to be visible to their target audiences in the best way possible. Simplify your web design, make it user-centric and keep a check that it is easy for the mobile users to access your products and services on small screens.

If you build a handy, mobile friendly website, it encourages customers to go through your webpage and if they are satisfied, gaining new users becomes easier.

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5)    Apps to check business finance

All banks today are accessible through mobile phones, as regularly updating technologies and the need of the market compels the banking sector to come online. Your business can benefit from the online banking sector by taking care of all financial transactions through authentic banking apps. E.g., connect your business with online baking apps, initiate the customers to do their payments through these apps, provide discounts and other offers to boost the customers in moving towards cashless transactions.

The Final Word

As a result, with the advent of high tech mobiles and new technologies coming in, business functions are now performed hassle-free, audience reach is advanced, time consumption is less, generating revenue is easier, and all these combined are enough to bring satisfaction to both customers and businesses.

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