The Future is here: AI in Fashion Design takes the central stage

Apr 19,2019 by Gauri Mishra


Did you dream of robots knocking into the realms of the fashion world anytime sooner?

Well, if you did dream about robots, it did come true!

The Robots are arriving! Fashion meets technology! 

In the realm of Fashion, Artificial Intelligence possesses the potential to assist various brands as well as retailers with forecasted prediction and merchandising. This implies that customers will relish the advantages of enhanced product availability and appropriate deliveries along with the sheer presence of a 24/7 assistant, thanks to chatbot services.

So who do you go to when you are confused with what you should wear? Perhaps, your best friend? Or maybe, Instagram. Very soon, it is all going to change and nothing will remain the same.

In fact, it’s not too far off that you will try on an outfit and then turn to a camera asking, “Alexa, how am I looking? And just in a few seconds that tiny speaker will give you the data-oriented response!

 In the realm of Fashion, Artificial Intelligence possesses the potential to assist various brands as well as retailers with forecasted prediction and merchandising. This implies that customers will relish the advantages of enhanced product availability and appropriate deliveries.

Fashion unified with technology has been a trend for a long time now. Artificial Intelligence and fashion is an extraordinary pairing, as various fashion designers as well as retailers are utilizing technology to perceive what’s currently hot and trendy, and enhance the productiveness of manufacturing along with supply chains. The fashion industry is a huge business and it is reportedly at an estimation of $3 trillion worldwide according to FashionUnited, which is contributing about 2% of global Gross Domestic Product.

From apparel design to trend catching and to copyright security, artificial intelligence is currently poised to reprogram the fashion industry. The robots are not always the ‘bad’ guys. AI in fashion industry is the key to smart and durable fashion.

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Artificial intelligence to Apparel: Reprogramming the Fashion Industry

The world of fashion even has always been a belligerent sector. For organizations who are working in design, Artificial Intelligence provides brand new possibilities within the fashion industry, although the commercial execution of AI in fashion design is highly difficult.

Therefore the question we shouldn’t ask is “Can AI really become my fashion designer?” The better and accurate question is “What kind of my fashion designer’s styles if enhanced through AI, will assist them to improve their work?” The fashion industry’s designers are utilizing AI to transform their designer skills and improve their product development strategy.

  • A personal stylist

To provide the tech-combined-fashion enthusiast and the upcoming generation a customized AI fashion designer affair, the AI-generated fashion technology explores basically what a user opts for in real-time simply by investigating the product pictures the person has liked or added in their wishlist, thus users will rapidly find out things they love. The technology sends users updated price drop notifications for their wishlisted items. AI enables shoppers to shop in a way modern designers do, by enhancing the search capability and helping them scrutinize prices and avail the best offers.

  • Prediction of fashion trends with AI

Provided the trend of change in fashion and design, sellers have to estimate the requirements, that’s tough because of the trendy nature of the fashion industry. The advent of AI in fashion industry has the potential to minimize predicting errors by about 50%, as reported by Business of Fashion. By scrutinizing pictures, copying famous styles and utilizing data, all these algorithms are ready to utilize this information to construct entirely new designs.

  • AI improves the clothing buying experience

AI-driven shopping applications enable users to click a screenshot of apparels, recognize shopping accessories in the image, and discover similar outfits and view similar product styles as well as looks. Fashion industries are even utilizing AI-driven chatbots that allow 24/7 involvement with users to assist with a series of choices.

  • AI contributing to manufacturing and transport
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When apparel is designed and prepared, artificial intelligence equipment is used to make the complete manufacturing procedure highly effective. AI can detect faults in fabric and offer quality assurance to assure that the actual design colors will suit the colors. Machine learning in fashion along with various technologies are utilized to facilitate in speeding up deliveries by enhancing routes, minimizing shipping prices and the time in transit.

After reaching the destination, Artificial Intelligence technologies are used by customs as well as border enforcement to spot fakes.

Robot meets the Fashion Designer

So do robots also dream about Prada? Or Tommy Hilfiger?  The Fashion Institute of Technology has researched about how it’s developing the next generation of AI fashion designers for the advancements in technology. From the 3D avatars to the closet advisers, the application of artificial intelligence is framing the way we will get dressed. But, think!

Can there really exist some algorithm for fashion?

Overnight, almost, artificial intelligence has infused the fashion industry. AI is being utilized to operate loads of images to assist designs, or to predict various trends. It’s really outstanding that how rapidly the designers adapt, and how rapidly they discover ways to revolutionize the designs to achieve remarkable results.

  • Tommy Hilfiger’s recent collaboration with IBM as well as FIT is a big move towards fashion world which wires Artificial Intelligence technology into the design structure, a complete makeover of AI in fashion industry. It blends artificial intelligence into a design procedure and utilizes IBM Research AI-driven tools to figure out real-time fashion industry trends, resurfacing themes in colors, patterns, styles and silhouettes, customer expectation with every Tommy Hilfiger product along with a runway image.
  • Myntra: Artificial Intelligence in India entered in the year of 2017, when the Flipkart owned Fashion-based e-commerce industry introduced a set of machine designed t-shirts known as Moda Rapido, utilizing its in-house Artificial Intelligence platform, RAPID. It is basically a robot character named Artie, created to represent ‘Moda Rapido’.
  • Amazon, being the reigning monarch of the world of e-commerce, is currently at the forefront of ‘fashion-forward Artificial Intelligence’. Amazon has created an AI fashion designer that utilizes machine learning to notice and track fashion trends. The concerned algorithm is provided the images of the style of fashion and develops latest items within the same design.
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The Road Ahead

Well, ten years from now, nobody knows what AI will bring into the world! In the upcoming two years it will be incredible. Your clothes will be reprogrammed by AI and then will be no room for wasting and replacing them.

The fashion industry, similar to various other industries, needs several hours of hard work, time and dedication to make a difference and create successful business ventures. The apparel industry is now seeking assistance of artificial intelligence to facilitate them with their business and sparkle easily.

Furthermore, many brands are using conversational interfaces like Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Cortana, and Bixby to help customers with their purchasing decisions. Such interfaces can prompt users with a series of questions and over time, learn their opinions and fashion senses to suggest related or add-on items. Also, fashion companies are using chatbots for 24/7 customer engagement. 

With all those use cases, fashion businesses might have to reconsider their priorities for Artificial Intelligence, concentrating on the fields with the highest ability to add value.

Fashion with Technology is a strategic challenge. Research suggests that Artificial Intelligence will replace about 30 percent of the work done by fashion designers, so how are industries going to handle their workforces and provide new tools without estranging designers?

The secret to harnessing the quality which has driven success in the fashion industry for all this time is: collaboration, only this time, it’ll be with AI!

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