Smarter Learning: AI Redesigning Education

Jun 15,2019 by Gauri Mishra
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The academic sphere is taking a step towards digitalization and is getting customized rapidly. We are in the era where applications of Artificial Intelligence are highly involved in the education sector. This has mainly transformed the way students will learn, as several educational materials are meted out to them via smart classes and virtual systems. Presently, students do not essentially need to participate any physical classes for studies like they used to, if they are provided with smart classes and a good internet connection. Artificial Intelligence in India is even enabling the automation of various administrative operations, permitting institutions to reduce the time needed to process complex tasks so that the modern, technologically advanced pedagogy will contribute more to students’ success.

It is a remarkable opportunity for students to get access to a digitalized education for a bright future. Artificial Intelligence will resolve myriad issues in our education system.

  • Smarter the AI, Smarter the Education

Listed below is a list where Artificial Intelligence is leading to a better world of smarter learning.

  1. Early learning: Artificial Intelligence provides an adaptive learning interface with interactive games and toys, especially for tiny tots. Osmo is considered an intelligent game which provides online as well as hands-on learning.
  2. Adaptive learning: AI provides some remarkable adaptive reading-based software for learning processes. Students can use such software for quick learning of mathematics as well as other subjects.
  3. Course materials:  Various content developers and publications are utilizing Artificial Intelligence to deliver best-in-class lessons with a next-Generation approach. Numerous startups in India are utilizing this technology to automate the operations.
  4. Online learning: In the present era, lots of student prefer online classes based on AI machine learning to enhance their grades, courses, and practical knowledge.
  5. Language learning: There are some language learning applications for students which are running on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and provide enhanced translation and speaking services.
  6. Writing: Feedback as well as some scoring systems which are based on AI have been a great support for content marketing sector. One big example is Grammarly and WriteLab (acquired by Chegg), which are widely utilized by students and teachers.
  7. Scheduling: Artificial Intelligence has been playing a robust role in next-generation school scheduling. Some schools are switching to various individual student schedules and are anticipating smarter scheduling strategies in future.
  8. Exploration: Tiny tots are offered lots of chances to learn as well as build in virtual reality. Artificial Intelligence can consistently enhance the VR experience in numerous ways, entailing gestures as well as image rendering, voice recognition, along with improved near-real experiences.
  9. Assistive tech:A large list of options provided by AI entailing text to voice, voice recognition and text modification are providing huge benefits to the education sector.
  10. Assessment. Artificial Intelligence is enhancing assessment in several ways, entailing adaptive testing, tracking procedures in problem-solving, quicker grading, and governing student progress. It is in fact the primary key to interoperability and amalgamating numerous sources of formative assessment.
  11. Diagnosis: Artificial Intelligence is quickly enhancing the diagnosis of some medical problems of children such as vision problems and learning differences.
  12. Analytics: Artificial Intelligencepowered analytics platforms are highly utilized in higher education, especially post-graduation and doctorates.
  13. Guidance systems: Various talent platforms such as LinkedInas well as Ziprecruiter assist a large set of employers and capable candidates. AI provides quick pathways to employment with data from various job clusters, especially for new graduates.
  14. Competency management:  AI-driven courses can amalgamate assessment data from numerous sources and assist teachers make excellent judgments notified with digital badges or microcredentials.
  15. Learning management systems: Variouslearning platforms such as Canvas from Instruction, D2L, and AltSchool are raising the utilization of Artificial Intelligence. There are several adaptive LMS such as Fishtreeand Realizeit which are utilized usefully in career education. These platforms can combine recommendation engines with personalized pathways to higher learning.
  16. Experience management. As learning has become highly distributed and since the competency system is enhancing, the education sector is integrating sources, schedules as well as instinctive learning experiences.
  17. Mentoring: Artificial Intelligent connects enterprise mentors to students at the appropriate time for ‘real’ industry experience.
  18. Recruiting and onboarding: Artificial Intelligence is extensively utilized in corporate recruiting and onboarding in the educational sector.Frontline educationis a huge platform to enhance the proficiency of recruiting, career matching and onboarding.
  19. Staff scheduling as well as substitute management: For managing complicated staffing procedures assisted by customized and competency-driven learning, AI enabled education is creating intelligent scheduling solutions.
  20. Professional learning:  By adopting customized learning procedures, the latest learning platforms for various educators provide micro-credentials. In the future, such platforms are going to be adaptive with customized recommendations (which is provided by schools of the education as well as platform partners).
  21. Transportation: Transportation scheduling has become better with Artificial Intelligence driven mobile applications such as Creatrix. In the coming decade, all the educational institutes could be seen incorporating pooled transportation run through AI.
  22. Facilities management: AI oriented smart building management software assists in maintaining HVAC, lighting and security.
  23. Nutrition: Artificial Intelligence based programs concentrate on the security and condition of students getting nutritional assistance. Artificial Intelligence provides smart tools to enhance nutrition and wellness for higher learning.
  24. Safety and Security: Artificial Intelligence is being utilized to recognize patterns in the student language or behavior, which can reduce school violence.
  25. School management. With a rising number of microschools and reasonable private schools in India, AI is making a mark in school management interfaces, which entail student information, recruitment, attendance as well as finances.
  • The Future Ahead

Thus, persistent relationships based on teachers’ recommendations can build robust learning experiences, and AI is going to be a chief factor in education sector. The opportunity to facilitate young students in academics with the innovations of AI will be a huge technological impetus.

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