Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Fabulous Content Strategy

Aug 05,2019 by Rahul Garg

Good content always gets appreciation, but these days its demand is on the peak. This is so because content marketing is one of the non-perishable techniques that can help businesses to mark their online presence.

However, writing something that connects with the readers isn’t a cakewalk. Either you have to bring a team of content writers (who also have good knowledge of SEO) or dedicate long hours to write something engaging by yourself. These two options consume money and time respectively.

Here, one question that suggests itself — ‘What can be done if a lot of content is required in a short time span?’ Sounds like a valid question, right? Well, this is where the salience of artificial intelligence snowballs.

By means of artificial intelligence, operations related to content discovery, writing, editing, content distribution, etc. can easily be automated.

Thanks to social media platforms, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, etc., artificial intelligence has become a part of our life, however, we’ve barely noticed it.

Want to see a brighter picture? Well, results generated by search engines, shopping-related suggestions on e-commerce platforms, Netflix’s recommendations regarding TV series, etc. all these are the result of artificial intelligence.

Before we get distracted too much from the topic, I think we should start discussing the top 5 applications of artificial intelligence that can help to build a fabulous content strategy. So, let’s begin:

1. HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

This tool leverages the full power of machine learning and aids marketers in discovering new content ideas that rank in the results provided by search engines.

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It really matters because if your content does well online, you are likely to get more website visitors, which directly points to a myriad of leads.    

HubSpot’s Content Strategy tool gives suggestions about those topics that your competitors are targeting aggressively. Relevancy of such topics cannot be questioned because competitive research is done, which guarantees all the suggested topics are worthy to be written.

Thanks to this tool, there is no guesswork done during the development of content strategy, which amplifies the odds of successful content campaigns.


CONCURED, an amazing application of artificial intelligence, exactly shows marketers which topics drive engagement. Besides reducing guesswork related to topic selection, this tool also sheds light on what should be written next. It’s fabulous, isn’t it?

Another feature named ‘iMeasure’ provides an insight into the performance and ROI of your content and also tells about the changes that should be made to get better results.

All in all, if you are searching for an AI-powered content strategy platform, where operations related to content audits, topic research, content promotion, performance tracking, etc. can be automated easily, CONCURED is an end of your search.

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3. Crayon

Do you know when your content strategy can yield amazing benefits? Nope! When you bring something fresh and engaging to your targeted audience.

A lack of fresh ideas is one of the major challenges of content marketing. In the pursuit of coming up with something new, content writers sometimes waste so much time, which doesn’t seem right as such time can be used in some other productive work.


By using machine learning, Crayon offers you competitive intelligence on what exactly your business rivals are doing to make most out of their developed content.

In addition, you can easily see the new changes in the main pages of your competitors’ website, which as a positive repercussion, lifts the curtain on their content strategy. It’s no brainer you can make your tactics better once the competitor’s content strategy is revealed.

Another plus point of this AI-driven tool is it’s free, which definitely earns it your try.

4. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is another application of artificial intelligence which helps to build great content strategies. By means of this tool, you come to know about some important categories, which should be targeted.

What’s more, it sheds light on those topics that you should write on to get high traffic on your website. MarketMuse also provides SEO recommendations and other crucial insights to raise the standard of your created content.

‘X-Ray Vision’ is the main reason why MarketMuse has got a spot on this list. By using NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) technology, MarketMuse analyzes 1000’s of write-ups for comparing purpose. After that, it tells what’s missing so that you can make necessary changes.

5. Acrolinx

Acrolinx is another amazing platform that can help to build an effective content strategy. With the help of Acrolinx, brands can really uplift the quality of their content. This tool generates precise results by using sophisticated artificial intelligence, developed by Germany’s top AI research center.

It captures how your company communicates. After that, aligns your content in accordance with your set guidelines and also uses automation to shrink the editorial process.

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Acrolinx takes care of several factors like the language used in your content, the message you want to convey, etc. Its results are consistent, thus, you can put your trust in this tool. 

Thanks for reading!

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Jasica James
Jasica James

I totally agree with you that content is the most vital part to connect with the reader. This is rather the only process through which we can communicate with the viewers. And these days demand of content is growing. Since AI is involving everywhere then how come it will not involve in content strategy. Anyways thanks for the information, in addition, I would like to add 2 more content strategy tools being used widely other than these 5, they are BrightEdge, Vennli. Keep posting such good stuff.