How AI can help militaries to improve their electromagnetic spectrum?

Jun 18,2019 by Guest Author

Since the inception of Artificial Intelligence, it has been shocking the world in various interesting ways. Firstly, people thought that it is going to take years for AI to actually make an impact in the world, but fortunately less time than expected. Ai is no longer a technology for a certain type of industries say only the corporate, in fact it has become a part of various interesting field as well, like agriculture, arts, designing, healthcare etc. to name a few.

Now, we have had reports that even the defense forces are trying to make use of the full AI capabilities in order to ramp up their efficiency and speed factors. Not a lot of people would have imaged a world where we will see the influence of technology in the field of defense. But, to be honest, technology is a wonderful gift to the mankind, and technological offerings like Artificial Intelligence sure have a lot of power to transform any field they step in. Therefore, now, experts are working hard to prepare better and more impactful technologies for the defense forces.

How is AI boosting the power of the armed forces?
Artificial Intelligence is helping the defense forces in a host of interesting and useful ways. Starting from the analysis of useful data, to assisting in making better business decisions, AI surely has the capability to do a lot for the defense forces.

Why is Electromagnetic spectrum important in the defense field?
Electromagnetic spectrum is surely a noteworthy part of both the military life as well as the lives of the civilian. Our security forces make use of the powerful wireless computer networks in order to seamlessly coordinate operations as well as order necessary supplies. Also, electromagnetic spectrum is being used to operate the radars and sensors in order to quickly locate each other, as well as the opponents faster. With proper utilization of the electronic jammers, the defense forces can easily blind the enemy radars or even unsettle their communications, which is an essential part of their operations. With the help of the wireless routers, which is a part of every network, cyberspace as well as the electromagnetic spectrum combines to now make an incessant environment?

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At the moment, the defense environment is so essential to the regular naval operations and extremely vital for the national interests. Therefore, it is a mandate to treat it as decently as the customary domains like air, water etc. It is also believed that the future battles will be won with the help of proper utilization of electromagnetic spectrum as well as the cyberspace. Though, that is not it, it is assumed that the conflicts will be triumphed within the amalgamation of the cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, electromagnetic fields do play a major role in the defense field now days, and hence, experts are trying to innovate and introduce better technology to improve the space.

The role of AI in detecting the dense electromagnet fields

Proper application of Artificial Intelligence in electronic warfare has been touted as one of the best ways of helping the military forces to thwart the attempts by the opponents to hinder their communication networks like the GPS or the satellite signals. It is extremely tough for the forces to find out the friendliest or the hostile signals with ease. As, with the passage of time, these signals are becoming a lot more intricate and tough, hence, the electronic warfare experts are becoming incredulous as they are unable to maintain the threat environment.

Now, it is believed that with the proper implementation of AI technology to those signals intelligence long started before the trial was even announced. With the advancement of software defined radios, in this era, the power of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is capitalized to make full use of the software defined radios.

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Overall, the impact of AI in finding the electromagnetic dense fields or to improve the electromagnetic spectrum is huge.

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