Will Chatbots Kill Apps and Websites?

Nov 30,2019 by Admin
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Chatbots are one of the most significant innovations in the business world. They are bringing changes and opportunities to enable people to excel in their businesses. Chatbots are AI-driven virtual assistants responsible for taking the customer experience to the next level by encouraging and promoting conversational interfaces for the users, which is why enterprises are increasing their spend on chatbot service.

The significance of chatbots in business is increasing day by day. Each day some new inventions are being made, which make chatbots dominant over other services. Gartner reports that by 2020, 85% of customer communications will be carried out without the interference of human beings. Chatbots were introduced in the market in 2016, and in less than six months, the prominent tech companies either launched their own chatbots or introduced various bot development platforms.

By observing the increasing worth and adoption of chatbots, an important question that hits my mind is that will these chatbots kill popular apps like Amazon and Alibaba, and websites like Facebook and Instagram in the upcoming time? To aid our readers in this regard, we’ve compiled some points so, let’s give them a read.

Will chatbots replace apps and websites?

Chatbots are the automation of human communication with business, and I believe that in the upcoming years, chatbots will replace apps and websites altogether. In the future, every industry, regardless of its size, will have a chatbot, and if any organization doesn’t initiate this service, then their operations as well as productivity will get reduced. It is the similar to how companies that have failed to integrate social media strategies in their business failed miserably in the past. There are several reasons behind the replacement of apps and sites by chatbots. One which I think is the most important is that chatting to chatbots rather than human beings boosts the overall user experience.

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Other reasons for the steady growth of chatbots is that they are cheap, respond faster than humans, and can interact with multiple people at one time. It is quite an obvious point that if the messaging apps become a fundamental way of how customers to communicate, then every business will be needing a strategy to interact with people on different messaging apps. Introducing chatbots will be the only way to achieve this point; thus, every business will have a bot, and they will likely replace various apps and websites.

Mentioned below are some of the valid reasons which prove my stance that chatbots will kill app and websites.

  • Chatbots provides a natural experience

Yes! You heard it right; chatbots offer a natural and human-like experience to the customers. People are more satisfied with this conversational method as it handles their tasks and queries in a simplified way and is similar to a human-like mode of interaction, without the emotions.

  • Chatbots gives a personalized user experience

Chatbots often provide customized user experience because, unlike apps and websites, they segment their customers, and every interaction provides a unique user experience. The personalized customer experience is developed whenever any user start communicating: the chatbots already know their identity and previous chats make their experience better and improved. Thus, each time a chatbot acts smarter, and whenever they learn new data about the customer, they offer a personalized experience to them by considering their previous experience regarding the complaints and requests they’ve made.

  • Chatbots are much faster than apps and websites

Well, now, if we talk about the present time, it won’t be wrong to say that chatbots are not too smart. In many ways, they are similar to most of the lightweight apps, rather than artificially intelligent personalities. But, in the future things will surely get changed. The speed at which chatbots are being developed indicates that they’ll emerge as the smartest invention of the upcoming time, and people will be reluctant using any app or website for any of their problems to get solved.

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It will be because bots might reply to them instantly and will save the time which they spend while visiting a website or mobile app. When customers are stuck anywhere, they always prefer to use the super-fastest option, and I think apps and sites are not as fast as a bot replying to a customer.

Another valid point that further strengthens my point of view is that apps need to be downloaded first, but this isn’t the case with chatbots. You don’t need to download a bot: just send a message, and tell your story.

  • Fast Development

Well! Developers themselves prefer chatbots over apps and websites. This is because it is easy to develop bots on any messaging boards and later develop their Android or iOS apps. Also, with the advancement in bot development platforms, it has now become effortless to set up chatbots on different platforms at once. One thing which developers must be cautious about is regarding building the interface while choosing the right platform.

  • Easy to use

Chatbots are easy to use as compared to apps and websites. The reason is that every app and site has a different and new user interface, which many won’t be familiar with. To use that product, customers first must learn how to use that interface, and this can be time-consuming. However, this isn’t the situation in chatbots. Bots have a uniform user-interface, which helps users in solving their problems quickly.

  • Safe and secure to use

Bots are safe and secure to use, unlike mobile apps and websites. The increasing risk and threat of cyber-attacks have exposed websites to different cybercrimes, and as a result, people are using various cybersecurity services and products. The value of these products and services is expected to pass $1 trillion within 2017-2021.

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 Moreover, while using apps and websites, users often become a victim of cyberbullying. Users are asked to click on certain links, and by doing so, they provide their information, which is later used to fake a profile. Fortunately, chatbots don’t have any such disadvantages and are thus, secure to use.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, chatbots are much better than apps and websites, and it won’t be wrong to say that they will kill the traditional methods of interaction. With the current development and advancement in Artificial Intelligence, these conversational methods will turn to be a part of the user’s life, and people will come to know that chatbots are one of the best things which happened in the tech industry.

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