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Jan 06,2020 by Admin
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Call yourself a social butterfly or charged chatterbox, we humans always crave to be a part of the larger social structure. And speaking of today’s era, emojis, cartoon faces, stomping flamenco dancers and applauding hands have now become a crucial part of our daily lives.

I don’t think I need to say anything more to prove how big social media has grown worldwide. But still, I cannot stop myself from showcasing these interesting facts and figures.

The time when the internet was the new Wild West; it managed to gather roughly around 1 billion users. Imagine where a platform could reach one in six people on the planet within ten years. Fast enough!

But how about a platform reaching one in five people on the planet within nine years? It’s true when it comes to the social media realm. Facebook just crossed 2 billion monthly active users as of quarter two of 2017.

It is a safe bet to say that Facebook is a country of its own; a larger one! Being a true inspiration, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In are lacking no behind. Most people love to spend quality time on these social media platforms. Some are quite addicted to it. The first thing I do in the morning is checking my social media feeds, what about you? No judgments!

Given the importance of social media in our lives, marketers and businesses are chasing social platforms like a flock of sheep in the hope of connecting with their target audiences with their effective social media marketing services, irrespective of demographics in a short period.

This surely has led to content overload and fierce competition. Which means not making the most of this incredible marketing opportunity, you have a lot to lose!

With inevitable changes happening in the realm right from tools to utilities being rolled out now and then, creating innovative ways to connect, track and maximize your online presence, it is very crucial to predict what’s hot and what’s not in the social media space.

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Here’s our insider look!

Trend #1 Ephemeral Content

I am sure you must be well-acquainted with the concept of Facebook, Snap chat and Instagram stories, Ephemeral content is the technical term used to describe that. This kind of content is only available for a short duration and disappears afterward. Speaking more about it, people’s attention span has quite reduced leading to the popularity of short, engaging and addictive stories. Consider the trend and try leveraging it irrespective of your industry.

According to researches, brands post a story once in four days. Take a look!

Trend #2 Balancing Public and private engagement

Think of the most popular camera-first messaging mobile app? For me it is Instagram for you it can be Snap chat. Another one, which social media platform helps its users better connect with people they work with in real life? Linked In. And lastly, it may also interest you to know that Mark Zuckerberg plans to unify Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Messaging apps are something we commoners are almost comfortable to share anything and everything. But social media platforms aren’t supposed to be private completely. More and more reputable brands are planning to strike a balance between private and public engagement by creating public social feeds.

To be more specific, public feeds are to drive awareness instead of creating meaningful one-to-one engagement. So what exactly needs to be done is:

Create a pathway from the public to private – Guide your customers by using public feeds

Automate- Build a connection with bots addressing basic customer queries.

Respect the private channels- Invading private channels with impersonal brand content has become a little passé.

Trend #3 Is there anything beyond likes?

Indeed! With Android 10, Instagram has recently come up with an idea of disappearing the like counts private for several users all over the world. Private like counts make an interesting experiment both for our personal and professional use of Instagram marketing. However, it won’t be an official launch but experiments are triggering positive results. With the emergence of 2020, its high time businesses must shift their focus from “how many Likes they have received” to the quality of the content. Let’s dig a step deeper with effective content.

This is only possible when you try to be a ruthless critic of your post. I am sure the new wave will make social media more interesting and less focused on like counts.

Trend #4 Augmented Reality (AR) World

With the increased use of Mobile applications for e-Commerce, product discovery, special offers, and more. IKEA is a furniture buying app that gives a chance to see how its items will look in the buyer’s own home; of course, all this is done via an app. I must say there is so much potential in such technology; imagine where real tors can take prospective homeowners on virtual tours of homes where they can change whatever they feel like, from the color of the walls to furnishings.

Other than this, AR has been huge fame in the gaming world, Pokemon go- a virtual gaming experience like never before.

Trend #5 Video Content

Last but certainly not the least, video content has been considered as the best kind of engaging content in comparison to text. Long-informative YouTube contents to short TikTok videos, videos are the present and the future of social media. And those who aren’t realizing the fact will have a tough time in succeeding.

Adding videos have now certainly become a norm, even on platforms that were traditionally dominated by image or text content.

It’s like a Now or Never situation!

All the aforementioned trends are certainly going to dominate the social media realm in 2020 and all the years down the line. So what are you waiting for? Hopefully, the post will help you to ace your social media game.

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Joanna Baretto is a Business Analyst at, it is a Mobile app development Company in Australia, you can learn more to know about her Company. She has been working for five years in a Technological domain. Her work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of techno experience. you can find her on twitter @BarettoJoanna



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