Content Marketing: How to Use Social Media Infographics for Brand Awareness

Mar 19,2020 by Anushka Agarwal

Because some pictures say better than words! 

Over a few years, there has been a significant increase in visual content. Social media marketers believe that visual content, in the form of social media infographics, had amiable reception amongst the users. Furthermore, there has been a 10.5X increase in the usage of visual content like infographics for brand awareness. For users, directions, followed by text and illustrations do 323% better than those directions with only text in them

It is common human brainstorming that makes content with visuals more appealing for them, they remember the information listed in the infographics, and they like to read content with visuals in them. Marketers found out that infographics can help in increasing web traffic by 12%.  

Social media is the key to the success of any business. Unlike the traditional times, when attracting new customers and generating leads seemed to be a daunting task, brands today can use social media infographics to create awareness about their brands. 

The following infographic illustration will help you in understanding the importance of infographics on social media for brand marketing.

Visual content for social media in 2020Platforms for social media infographics

Why is Visual Content Like Social Media Infographics Important for Businesses?

Be it stats, infographics, YouTube videos, blog posts, social media posts, and other sorts of content it includes visual and textual details into it. It is also important that brands indulge in regular content posting, to run a successful social media campaign. Activities like writing blogs, tweets, Facebook chats, social media interaction with the customers, and regular posting of content is very important for keeping your brand engaging and in conversation with your customers.

But do you think your readers will like to read long articles when they can opt for visual content that is easy to consume and can make your content stand out as well?

Instead, you can visually communicate your message using features like bold font, creative backgrounds, and vibrant colour palette to customize eye-catching imagery for your readers. 

Visual content is a great way to keep your readers engaged. With different graphics and designs, you can create amazing social media infographics instead of long research articles. This creates a better chance of viewers stopping to take a look at your infographic rather than reading an 1500-words article.

In simple words, if you want your readers to remain fascinated with your content, and keep them scrolling through your articles now and then, it’s very important that you use social media infographics, to customize your message, and include various techniques and mediums to recreate visual synopsis of your article.

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Visual content is a very useful tool for effective content marketing and brand reputation building. It makes the process of writing content smoother, simpler, and easier for you. The following are some of the visual content ideas that can help in the content marketing of any brand.

  1. Creative Data Visualizations

The best way to communicate important data and graphs with your customers is through social media infographics. According to a survey, 40% of people understand, remember, and respond better to visual content than white page content. This also reflects the designing talent in your company.

  1. Engaging Infographics

Readers love infographics. According to a survey, it is said that infographics are shared 3X times more than any other piece of content. This is the power of visual content, boosting your share numbers, and when executed correctly, it can help in communicating a lot of information in a small amount of time.

Social media infographics should be highly eye-catching.

The human mind is constructed to absorb visual content easily than plain text. There are many free infographics creating tools that can provide you with the right set of features for designing the best form of infographic for social media as well.

Types of visual contentData-Visualisation, Creative-Infographics, Customer-Reviews, Exclusive-Images, Outstanding-Photos, Engaging-Videos

  1. Knowledgeable Screenshots

Every brand needs an amiable social media presence. Suppose, you have an online education portal. Now, you can use some screenshots as visual content pieces, to show off new features, techniques, class timings, or a new user interface.

Not only this, but you can post positive customer reviews as screenshots too. Studies have shown that 88% of users trust customer reviews and comments as personal recommendations. Screenshot it and celebrate your success!

  1. Exclusive brand images

As a brand, you need to establish a successful online reputation. Images, infographics, and blog posts are a great way to reflect your brand’s unique ideas and selling point. Creative images are a great way for brands to gain 67% of more audience attention.

  1. Outstanding photographs

93% of consumers feel that images are one of the biggest reasons as to why people buy products online or associate with brands as well. Capturing real-life photos of the people who work for you, and putting a face to your brand will help in more users relating to it.

  1. Astounding videos

Videos are a great way to capture the attention of the users and provide an image and sound to your brand. Videos, be it for tutorials, promotion, or engagement, are highly useful in building the brand reputation of your business. 64% of consumers feel more inclined to the services of a brand after watching an online video.

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Why Should Brands Include Infographics in Their Content Marketing Strategy?

So, you have some data and exciting statistics.

Why don’t you mix both of them to create an amazing social media infographic?

Plain content without any images is boring for readers. Furthermore, with so many companies working in the same sector as yourself, you need to grab the attention of the market, like a goldfish in the bowl.

Graphical representation of data is not only knowledgeable, but it helps in the visual presentation of the information quickly and clearly.

Still not sure why infographics are important for the social platforms? Read along to learn about its benefits.

Essential Benefits of Infographics for content marketing

  1. Aids in Brand Awareness

Did you know that infographics are one of the most shareable pieces of visual content? With your brand logo and exciting information, readers get to know about your brand and share it further as well. This progression in the number of people reviewing your infographic will lead to brand promotion. Creating highly fascinating infographics with a brand logo, vibrant colors, shapes, and messages result in effective brand awareness.

  1. Rise in Your Audience Segment

According to a survey, a brand’s web traffic grows by 12% when they use infographics

The motto behind designing any infographic is to provide the necessary information in a compact, knowledgeable, and entertaining manner. Audiences are crazy with such a form of visual content, to an extent, that they will link back to your site or social media page if they find an infographic to be useful or relevant. 

  1. Improve SEO Ranking

If you think that infographics cannot improve your Google page ranking, then you are still unaware of its innate power. Infographics help in link building, with more and more people sharing your content and linking back to your website. In the long run, it strengthens your ranking on Google and improves your domain authority.

  1. Let Your Infographic Capture the Attention of the World

Your infographics can travel the world, reaching more and more people just with one click on the Share tab. This way your content can go viral on social media platforms. Your profile starts getting more and more visitors, followers, and fans.

  1. Establishes Your Reputation as an Expert

Designing an infographic is not an easy task. Right from the topic to the graphics, it takes an expert hand to construct an infographic. This will establish your reputation as a trustworthy brand, sharing quality content with their readers.

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How to Promote an Infographic on Social Media Platforms?

Creating infographics is not a smooth ride.

It is a step-by-step guide, right from collecting valuable data to putting together all of it is a great and high-quality design, uploading it on the right platform, and then promoting them on all the social platforms.

If you are dicey about promoting an infographic on social media platforms, then the following 4-step guide will help you in clearing your doubts.

4 Ways to promote an infographic on social media

  1. Evaluating an Infographic

This step is totally related to understanding which design, vertical or horizontal, is rewarding enough for an infographic. Vertical infographics are a very powerful trend of today, and brands can use a scroll downside, to add all the information.

Furthermore, studying the various alignments for social media channels is important so that you can tweak the infographic accordingly.

  1. Not one, but all Social Media Platforms are Important

If you think that only Pinterest is important for you, or you need to post on LinkedIn for maximum engagement, or bloggers only need Instagram for their posts, then you are wrong. Every social media channel has its traction and followers. To gain maximum benefits from your posts, you need to capture the audience size of all the social media platforms.

Post it on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other important channels you feel will give a good user pool to your business.

  1. Cross Sharing is the Key

Not just blog posts, but another social media content sharing is also important. Suppose, when you see any blog post, you see those logos of the famous social media channels. Let’s suppose you want to share a blog post on LinkedIn. All you have to do is click on the button. This is the ease with which you can share your content on various platforms. This process is called as cross-sharing. It helps in converting audiences on multiple places and platforms.

  1. Crop into Multiple Images

So, you have an infographic, and you feel that you can tweak it for different platforms. All you have to do is crop one infographic into multiple images and then post them on different social media outlets. It’ll keep your content digestible for the audiences while keeping your content engaging and original enough.

Did You Create an Infographic Yet?

Great things need time, and so does, creating social media infographics. But one outcome of it is successful content marketing results, well-connected audiences, and brand promotion on different social media platforms.

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