3 Ways AI Helps in Securing Stellar Content Creation Process

Jun 20,2019 by Rahul Garg
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In this day and age, no one can overlook the salience of quality content because it can help companies to get better rankings on the results shown by search engines. It’s no brainier better rankings leads to an intensification of the number of website visitors, which as a repercussion, results in amazing business growth.

However, content creation isn’t easy, as you have to put yourself into your targeted audience’s shoes to write effectively. During the writing process, if you skip key points, there is a possibility you end up with average or feeble content. This won’t help your business to thrive by any means.

At this juncture, employing the applications of artificial intelligence seems like the best move. AI has been adopted by almost every sector, because this ever-augmenting technology promises unrivaled benefits. Ergo, it can make the life of content writers/marketers easier.

Today, we will talk about how artificial intelligence helps to secure a stellar content creation process, so let’s get started:

1. Content personalization    

There is no doubt putting emotions into words is tough, but that can’t be used as an excuse while developing premium content.

To reap benefits via content marketing, it is paramount to come up with enticing and personalized write-ups first because readers will quit reading if they feel a personal touch is missing. Consequently, this can result in a dwindled number of leads, which isn’t good for your business’s overall health.

To give your content the touch of personalization, you must bring out vital information from a pile of prospect data, and this is really a challenging task.

Here, you can trust artificial intelligence. There are many AI-powered software programs that can help you to track potential customers’ data related to behavior and preferences.

Once your content creators get pertinent customer data, they can personalize their content easily. As we know, customized content always offers amazing perks.

According to a study by Deloitte, 36% of prospects express interest in personalized products and services.

Another report says 49% of potential customers make a purchase decision after getting personalized recommendations periodically.

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2. Phenomenal improvement in content accuracy

Accuracy levels are highly important if you are in the content writing profession, because silly mistakes related to grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation always pare your content’s worth.

For content developers, proofreading is important but they hate to do it. This is so because it kills precious time, which can be used in other productive tasks.

While proofreading, there is a good chance you miss a lot of obvious writing errors. Thinking about to bring a team of content editors? Well, pal, drop the idea right now, because this can unnecessarily affect the business’s bottom line.

This is where applications of artificial intelligence appear as a lifesaver. By means of AI-powered proofreading and editing software, you don’t only slash the number of mistakes in your content but also enjoy faster editing process (which is quite helpful if you’re developing content in bulk). Atomic Reach is a vivid example.

3. Perfect topic generation

For content writers, the most difficult job is to come up with a topic, which not only draws the attention of readers but also trends for a long time. Every day, starting with such sort of topics isn’t easy, thusly, you have to pull your socks up and do in-depth research. Again, this consumes significant time, and that isn’t good from the business’s point of view.

To put it briefly, content writers hit a brick wall on a regular basis, and applications of artificial intelligence are what required to jump that wall.

When AI has your back, you are likely to develop good topics. Plus, you can come to know about those ideas which you haven’t ever thought of.

By virtue of predictive analytics systems, you can easily analyze your content along with the competitor’s one. After this, you will get data-driven topic suggestions, which is all you require to get going.         

The salience of AI’s suggestions cannot be taken for granted because if you know the audience’s reactions to your other content, it is possible you write better and live up to all the expectations.      

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Wrapping up:

Nowadays, content marketing is deemed as a tool that can help to ameliorate the business growth. The demand for high-quality and personalized content isn’t going to dwindle any time soon, as every marketing campaign heavily relies on it.

Of course, having a team of nimble content writers is a good business practice, but it is imperative to remember that there are many problems your content developers can encounter while doing their work. Instead of leaving your content writers in the lurch, you should lend a hand, and what is better than applications of artificial intelligence.

We hope you have understood all the points, however, if you have some questions in your mind regarding this write-up, share them in the comment section. Until then, it’s goodbye.

Thanks for reading!

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