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Feb 14,2020 by Admin
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If you are looking to hit the ground running in your local streets, then getting listed on Google My Business is crucially important. It is not just about being visible on Google Maps or finding a spot on the local 3 pack, but it also validates your business.

There are many online users who specifically search for a business GMB when they are looking for any services or products. It also validates your business to Google as it gives more priority to businesses that are listed on GMB.  Furthermore, Google gives you so many options and features to optimize your online presence on Google SERPs.

These are some excellent features provided by Google and if you can take advantage of them, you will probably be getting a lot more traffic, and leads than you can ever imagine.

What Exactly Is Google My Business?

Like any other online directory out there, Google My Business is also a free online directory provided by Google. This one in particular is very powerful and very important for any online business, especially local businesses.

You can create your business profile on Google, and once Google verifies your listing by sending a verification code, your business will be shown on Google SERPs in the knowledge graph. That is, of course, the business whose Google my business profile is completely optimized will have the priority.

The reason Google My Business is very powerful is because of the number of features Google provides the business owners to take advantage of. With this, you can have your business available on Google maps for your audience to find you, and also if you can take help of structured data, your social media profiles will be shown on your business knowledge graph.

Your audience will be able to find and learn so much about you without even having the need to visit your website or your social media channels. This is a perfect way to generate quick and relevant leads.

If you want to optimize your Google My Business page, so follow six steps. This will help your company be found more often through local search results. These steps are as follows:

Steps to Optimize Google My Business

  1. First Complete the Necessary Company Details

The first most important thing is for you to complete all the necessary information on your profile. Such as the business working hours, logos, office pictures, business description, email, and other contact details. And detail that is important to your audience should be added on the GMB. Moreover, if you are a service provider, you may add as many services as you are offering and same with the products.

  1. Take Advantage Of Google Reviews

Online reviews are becoming ever more powerful, and there is nothing more powerful than Google reviews. So how about you leverage that power? With your GMB already in place, you can ask your customers and clients to add some healthy reviews about your business on Google.

These reviews add more authority to your business not just in the eyes of Google but more online users tend to follow business that have high number of healthy reviews. Also, Google reviews also help in solidifying your position in the local pack.

  1. Update Quality Photos daily

Remember when we mentioned above about uploading photos and pictures in your GMB profile? Yes, Google My Business provides a completely different section for you to upload photos, business logo, cover photos, and even videos. The more photos you upload about your business and products, it makes you more transparent to your audience.

  1. Q&A

This is a great place for you to answer your customers their frequently asked questions about your service and business. A great way to interact and answer common queries by online users. You see the business that clears all doubts and resolves customers’ queries will always be the first choice for all the online users. 

  1. Leveraging the Use Of Description Field

Telling your customers that you are clothing company is a bit vague of a description, it still leaves them wondering about your business, and they won’t know for sure until they visit your website. In that case your competitors can take the lead and leave you behind in the lead acquisition department.

So, make use of the description field in your GMB and add the necessary details about your business so that you can convince your audience even before they visit your business website.

  1. Post About Your Business

Another great benefit of GMB is that it allows you to post about any recent event your business is holding or you can post about some extremely great deals and discounts you are offering. The posts will appear on Google right in front of your audience. Imagine how much traffic you can attract with just a single post.

These are some of the best steps to make the most of your GMB, if you are uncertain of doing everything yourself, you can ask your SEO agency in Australia to help you out with complete GMB optimization


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